You Will Hardly Believe What East Point, Georgia did About Smoking

east poing did about smoking
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This Wednesday, May 31st , is World No Tobacco Day. To mark this occasion, the City Council and mayor of East Point, Georgia, held a vote on smoking in their municipality. As a result, they have voted in favor of a smoking ban. What does this mean for the residents of this suburb of Atlanta?

Organizers Point at Risks of Smoking

The mission of World No Tobacco Day is to emphasize the importance of a tobacco free society. The organizers of the day wants to point out the various risks of smoking. With that in mind, East Point’s lawmakers are working to pass a new law prior to this day. As of September last year, there is a law prohibiting the residents from smoking in public areas. This includes parks and recreation areas in Fulton County, including the city of East Point.

The amendment to the ordinance regarding parks and recreational facilities will ensure the health and well-being of our citizens from the harmful and negative effects of secondhand smoke.John H. Eaves, Chairman of Fulton County Board of Commissioners

Secondhand Smoke Kills Too

That is not all. This law aimed to prohibit smoking once and for all. However, it also aspires towards continuous education, especially on clean air and secondhand smoking. Upon its implementation, scientists tested all the places where people could not smoke. In fact, the results was quite surprising. The air was up to 10 times cleaner than it was when they allowed smoking.

As for the secondhand smoking, it remains an ongoing point of debate. This is because the risk of the act is increasing all the time. “Everyone has the right to breathe clean air. No-one has the right to adversely impact another’s health by exposing them to the secondhand smoke”, Tobacco Control Legal Consortium clearly states.

This was the warning of the Georgia Department of Health on the danger of the secondhand smoking. This is given the fact that nearly a thousand and a half Georgians die annually due to this exposure.

Banning smoking from parks, is similar to the legislation in the city of Austin. East Point hopes to massively reduce smoking.

Are these laws steps to a final countdown? Are the days of smoking in the public numbered? Let us know what you think.

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