MyVapors MyJet Vape Pen Review – Meet the New Pod Vape

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MyVapors MyJet Vape Pen Review

The MyVapors MyJet vape pen is a well designed product. It is a device best suited for beginners who are looking to invest in something beyond disposable e-cigarettes. The development was through a collaboration between Wismec and MyVapors. The basic vape kit comes with a list price of $24.99. However, there are two higher-end versions; a $39.99 Full kit and a $44.99 Deluxe kit. In addition, you can also buy a set of 5 empty pods/cartridges for $19.49. The MyVapors MyJet vape pen is refillable which is a rare feature in this price range. However, it is not perfect and in some ways, is a double-edged sword. While they do pack in a great battery, it is unable to deliver high vapor density. Furthermore, the pod and atomizer attachments are not well designed and will last for 10-20 refills. Overall, I would say this product gives value for money. So, let us discuss it more.

Features That Makes MyJet Vape pen a Winner and Drawbacks That Make MyJet Vape pen a Minus


  • Sleek design with a comfortable compactness.
  • Easy to clean and re-wick.
  • The full kit version comes with a portable charger which makes it travel-friendly.
  • Great battery life which outlives the JUUL by two full battery cycles.
  • A Powerful coil which extracts full flavors and gives considerable hits. This is even with low doses of nicotine.
  • Ergonomic design which makes it easy to use.

  • Low-density smoke which needs long drags.
  • Detachable atomizers make assembling a bit complicated.
  • Chances of leaking through the silicone cap increase with use.
  • No heat or voltage customization.

What Comes Inside the MyVapors MyJet Kit?

You get to choose between three different kits in the MyVapors MyJet series. With the Express Kit, you will get:

  • A battery
  • A magnetic USB charger
  • 2 empty pods

  • 2 atomizers
  • An instruction manual
  • A warranty card

The Full MyVapors MyJet kit contains an additional portable charger of 18650 battery. Meanwhile, the Deluxe Kit contains four pre-filled pods but without the portable charger.

A Quick run Through Specifications

MyVapors MyJet Vape Pen comes with a 350 mAh battery, that takes 1 hour to charge from 0 to 100%. The size of the vape pen is relatively small and compact with dimensions of 105mm by 18mm by 9.5mm. The device weighs 85 grams (about 3 oz.). The cartridges have a capacity to 1.2 ml e-liquid and the coil has a resistance of 1.3 ohms. They made the Seven-wrap coil from a 28 Gauge Kanthal. Towards the bottom end of the device, there is a blue LED Light Indicator. It lights up during charging and vaping. The Full kit version contains a portable 18650 battery case which can power up the vape pen up to 40 times.

MyJet Vape pen’s Design and Build Quality


MyVapors MyJet Vape Pen

Compared to the other pod systems out there, the MyJet comes in a smaller form factor. When assembled, the device measures 105mm long, which is roughly the same length as an average cigarette. Compared to other pod systems like the Cync, the MyJet is a bit shorter, but when you put it side-by-side with the Juul, the MyJet is a taller device.

Wismec designers put a lot of work on their devices, and they did the same with the MyJet. The device has nice rounded edges that make it easier to hold in hand, and because it is quite tiny, you can easily put it in your pants pocket and pull it out whenever you need a quick nicotine buzz.

The design of the MyJet is a blend of stealthy and fancy. The black finish on the device is beautiful but does not make the device look as if it is screaming for attention. The device itself is not plain-looking, the diagonal cutouts give it a sophisticated look, but it will not make other people stare at you when you start using it. Thus, makes it the perfect choice if you are looking for a discreet vape device that you can carry around with you when you go out of the house.

Build Quality

The device itself is pretty solid, and there aren’t any loose components that will shake or rattle when you use the device. In fact, it does not even have any moving parts at all. The pods are also surprisingly well built and fit snuggly into the battery every time.

Speaking of the pods, this is the first pod system that I have used that allowed rewicking without having to “hack” the device. You just pull out the coil out of the pod, take out the old cotton, rinse the coils and allow it to dry, and then wick a small strip of cotton into the coil. This means you do not have to buy pods every time it runs out of juice, which makes them last quite a long time.

A Quick Look at the Pods

If you are familiar with rebuildable atomizers, then you might think that the pods of the Wismec MyJet seem awfully familiar. The coils installed in the pods are horizontal and made of seven wraps (spaced) of 28 gauge kanthal wire, which closely resembles how you would install coils in a regular RBA deck, the only difference is that these coils have a small diameter, maybe a millimeter or a millimeter and a half tops.

The juice flow holes that feed juice into the wicks is big enough to keep the cotton saturated, but not so big that it floods the chambers with juice. Refilling the pod with juice is also quite easy because the opening can fit regular unicorn bottles.



Getting Accustomed With the MyJet Vape Pen

If you buy the MyVapors MyJet deluxe kit, you will get four pre-filled pods ready for vaping. You’ll get: classic tobacco, pure menthol, orange cream and tropic blend. The MyJet Express kit comes with two empty pods, which you can fill with your choice of e-liquid. To fill the e-liquid, you will have to take the coil head out of the pod. Then, pour the e-liquid along its sides, up to the neck of the metal pipe inside. Make sure that the liquid doesn’t enter the pipe or it can result in spit-backs. Close the pod with the coil head, and plug it into the battery. It is automatic and is ready to for vaping.

Pulling the atomizer out of the pod, to refill is a bit tricky. You have to use your nails to dig into the edges and pull the atomizer off. This can sometimes result in liquid spilling over onto your fingers, but if you do it gently, all will be well.

My Experience Using the Vape Pen

I have used other pod systems other than the MyJet, and quite honestly, it feels like they performed the same. However, the draw on the MyJet seems tighter than most of the other pod systems except for the Juul, which I think has the same amount of restrictiveness.

Since this kind of delivery system does not allow for a long, deep draw (you can mouth-to-lung, but it will be quite short and very restricted) you will need to use e-juices that contain a higher dose of nicotine if you want to get a good buzz going on; 3mg will not cut it as I discovered.

Even though I mostly have praises for the MyJet, there is one tiny thing that I need to say, and that the pods do tend to leak, but not that much. Every time I refill a pod, a bit of juice will always come out, and even it happens even if I just refill the pod half way. The amount of juice that leaks out is not that bad though, but it is sometimes annoying to always wipe off the pods before you plug it back into the device.

Cleaning and Re-wicking the MyJet Vape Pen

Cleaning the coil is relatively easy as the components of the coil head can be easily detached. To clean the coil, you have to first pull off the silicone gasket to expose the metal chamber. The metal chamber has two hollow fissures, which keep the cotton in contact with the coil. You can easily pull off the cotton and then wiggle out the entire metal chamber with a plier. This will expose the metal coil. First, clean up the coil with a dry cloth. Then, remove the remaining cotton fibers by burning the coil with a lighter, until red hot in color.

To re-wick the coil, you have to twist one end of the cotton wick and insert it into the coil. Then, you can pull it out from the other end. Cut the cotton out til the edge of the gasket. After you insert the upper cap, you are ready to start vaping. If it helps, you can buy additional pods and clean them all at once.

The Final Verdict

MyJet has clearly understood the needs of the market. As a result, they have delivered on user-friendliness and minimal pricing. The features it offers like refillable cartridges, portable charging, easy cleaning, etc. are clearly in tune with the price quoted. However, it is not recommended if you are a heavy user, accustomed to the high-density vapor. Overall, MyVapors MyJet Vape pen can be a perfect gift for beginners.

Published: May 18, 2017


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