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MyJet Express Kit

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  • Pods Capacity
    1.2 mL (refillable)
  • Battery Capacity
    350 mAh
  • Voltage Based Output
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The MyJet Express from MyVapors and Wismec is a pod vape that uses pre-filled and refillable cartridges. A 350 mah battery powers the device, and the pods use 1.3-ohm coils to heat the liquid.

The Wismec MyJet pod holds 1.1 ml of e-liquid. This is a highly capable little mod that functions as well as it vapes. It produces decent excellent flavor, and its small profile makes it one of the most discreet and portable vaporizers out there.

MyVapors - Wismec MyJet Express Kit Review

This vape is a well-designed pen that is good for beginner and experienced vapers who want a product that is longer lasting than a disposable vape.

The key feature that puts it beyond disposable e-cigs is that the pods are refillable. While they are not meant to be re-wicked, and the coils are not supposed to be replaced, doing these things is possible with practice and the right set of instructions.


All of these features combine to make the pods much more cost-effective than the initial price tag makes them seem.

Other reasons to get this device are its appearance and low vapor production. The pen has a sleek body that is long and slim, making it easy to carry around without attracting attention.

The exterior design, combined with the low amount of vapor it produces, makes this vape perfect for people who want a portable and stealthy vape.

Performance Rating Review

The difference between this vape and others is that it has a tighter draw. The cigarette-like draw is perfect for ex-smokers. But, since the draw is so restricted, it might be a good idea to get a higher nicotine concentration to get a good buzz going.

Regardless of what strength is chosen, the flavor is excellent. The only thing that lowers the pen’s performance rating is that the pods leak. They do not leak that much, but it is still not very pleasant having to deal with this problem.

Unpacking the MyVapors - Wismec MyJet Starter Kit

The vape comes with everything the user needs to start vaping. First, there is the battery stick, as well as two 1.2 ml pods. A charger is also included with the starter kit.


Battery Performance Review

The battery is only 380 mah, but it can still get someone through most of the day if it is used moderately. Still, it is a good idea to bring along a charger just in case.


The best thing about the battery is that it has pass-through charging. If the user vapes heavily, he or she will not have to postpone a vaping session because of a dead battery. The full kit comes with a 18650 portable battery charger, which will charge the pen up to 40 times.

Using the Pods

The pods are easy to refill and hold 1.2 ml of e-liquid. When refilling the pods, bring the liquid almost level with the chimney. Any higher and the pod will leak.

Fluid levels can be checked by looking through the e-liquid window. The only problem with the window is that it does not show the inside of the entire pod, making it hard to guess the juice levels.

How Long do the Pods Last?

Giving a definite answer on the longevity of the pods is difficult because there are a lot of variables to take into consideration.


The most important variable is the frequency of use.

Vapers who seldom use their vape kits can expect to get three or four weeks out of their pods. Frequently using the pod means having to replace it every one to two weeks.

How to Use the MyJet Express Pod Starter Kit System

Like most pen and pod mods, this device is easy to use. To refill these kits, open the pods by pulling off the base. Refill the pods by pouring the juice down the side carefully. Avoid overfilling because the juice will leak through the airflow chimney.

MyJet refillable pod mods can be re-wicked:

  • Take the connection off the pod, pull the old cotton out, and replace it with new cotton
  • When this process is complete, place the connection back on the pod.
  • The pod snaps back onto the battery.
  • To vape, take a drag off the device.
  • There is no button to push because it is draw activated.

Be sure to clean the connection between the pod and the battery every few uses because the pods tend to leak.

Frequently Asked Questions about These Products

How Do You Refill the Pod?

Open up the pod and refill it by pouring the juice down the side. Avoid overfilling the pod because the e-liquid will leak through the chimney.

What Nic Percent Should I Vape?

The choice of the nicotine concentration to use in these mods is solely up to the user.

Ex-smokers and experienced vapers can get high levels of nicotine in their e-liquid. Since the drags are tight, high concentrations for these mods are recommended.

But, people who have never vaped should get juice with a low percentage of nicotine, or they can buy some with zero nicotine.

Why is My MyJet Not Firing?

There are two likely reasons why the vape is not firing.

One, it could have a low battery. If this is the case, plug it in and let it fully charge. There could also be a battery short. If there is a short in the battery, replace the device.

How is the Coil Removed?

The coils in these pods are not meant to be removed and replaced. Doing so will void the warranty. They can be replaced, though.

  • Push down on the posts until the posts stick out of the bottom of the pod and pull them out.
  • Next, pull out the coil.
  • Attach the new coil to the post and push the post into the pod.
  • Use a thin metal pole to wrap the coil, and then secure it to the second post and insert it into the cartridge.
  • Once the new coil is in, re-wick it with new cotton.

How Fast Do the Coils Burn Out?

The coils burn out in 10 to 20 refills, depending on how often they are used. The more the cartridge is used, the sooner the coils will burn out.

How Many Times Can You Refill Pod Kits?

Most pods can be refilled up to 20 times before the flavor starts to change. When the flavor begins to worsen, change the pod, re-wick, or change the coils.

How Do You Tell When the Vape is Charged?

When the device is charging, a blue light will burn at the end of the battery. Once an hour has passed, the device is fully charged. With each drag, the light glows blue.

MyVapors - Wismec MyJet’s Competing Products Review

MyVapors – Wismec MyJet Express Kit vs. Juul

The Juul is a pioneering product, but they are starting to get overshadowed by better vape products, and the MyJet is one of them.


The Juul only 0.7 ml of liquid, the pods are not refillable, and there are a limited number of flavors. MyJet kit users get larger capacity cartridges that are refillable, which means more puffs and more flavor options.

iCare vs. MyVapors – Wismec MyJet Express Kit

The iCare has several features that rank it slightly higher than the MyJet. It has a 650 mah battery that is good for four hours of vaping at least.

Eleaf iCare Mini red

It also holds 2 ml of e-juice as opposed to 1.2 ml. The battery indicator light is also more informative, with different color codes for the power levels. The indicator light on the MyJet only glows blue.

Final Thoughts on the MyJet Express Starter Kit

The MyVapors – Wismec MyJet vape is an excellent and cost-effective device that is user-friendly. The cartridges are refillable, and it is possible to re-wick and replace the coils if that is what the user wants to do.

The battery life is ok, so long as it is not overused, but there is pass-through charging and the portable charger, all of which significantly improve the vaping experience. This vape is a definite must-buy for beginner and advanced vapers alike.

Please feel free to leave a comment telling us what you think about this new product from Wismec and MyVapors. Write whatever is on your mind, or highlight anything you think we left out about these products.

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Refillable cartridges
  • Easy-to-use
  • Portable chargers available
  • Stealthy
  • Pass-through charging
  • The pods leak
  • Not for cloud chasers
  • Juice window needs to be larger

MyJet Kit Specifications

MyJet Express Kit
Pods Capacity 1.2 mL (refillable)
Voltage Based Output Yes
Battery Capacity 350 mAh
Atomizer and short circuit protection Yes
Low voltage and resistance detection Yes

Where to buy the MyJet Kit?


Buy the MyJet Kit directly from the Breazy website.


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