Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC Review


by James Bickford

Updated: October 21, 2022

The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC desktop

Review Score: 72/100

Price range:
Black, Purple, Bronze Yellow
Temperature range:
40 x 24 x 80mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Solid device with premium finish
  • The battery cover locks back in both ways
  • Temp. Control


  • The mod and tank set-up is top heavy
  • Complicated interface

Pioneer4you has crowded the market with a number of iPV mods, and the D4 is just another run-of-the-mill machine from the company. It doesn’t feature anything remarkable and is almost similar to its predecessor, the Pioneer4you iPV D3. The D4 is a tad sensual with a nice bronze brush texture and curved edges. It is also a very versatile device and can safely be used with Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel and TCR.

The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC desktop

The mod allows sub-ohm vaping, and that is quite a charm for this price range. With sub-ohm vaping, temperature control and wattage control, you can explore quite a range of functions with this one single device. If you are new to the world of vaping and want to start out with temperature control, then this can give you your bang for the buck. The vaping experience is just above-average, and it can fire up your vaping juice up to a temperature range of 212 to 572 Fahrenheit. You can also get up to 80w of power through this device. The 18650 battery is also reliable and can last for 150-200 puffs on a full charge. The mod comes in three colors; Black, Bronze Yellow, and Bronze Purple. Overall, a neat and clean mod but nothing off the mainstream. Let’s check out the pros and cons before getting started with the main review.

The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC Flaunts a Futuristic Design With Graceful Ergonomics

Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC Design Review

The most striking feature of the Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC is its awesome design. It comes with a bronze metallic body, with a brushed texture. This feels very premium in hand and certainly above its own price tag. The device also has a premium weight to it, and it feels very compact and absolutely solid inside your palm. However, with a length of 79 mm, it is a really tiny mod, and this is a big impediment to its overall ergonomics. Though it feels compact and durable as just a mod, the addition of the tank makes the whole device top-heavy and it tends to tip over. The company has engraved its logo on the metallic frame, while the buttons are tactfully placed for maximum convivence. Given its futuristic design, the buttons look a bit backdated but serve the purpose very well.

Which Rta Will Best Fit in The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC?

The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC has a thickness of 25mm, but due to its curved edges, the thickness shrinks a bit towards the top end. This makes it unviable for the 24mm+ tanks. However, any tank below the 23mm mark, with 510 threading, can fit the bill perfectly. Some suggestions are 22mm Griffin, Ehpro Bachelor, and the Hotcig Fl-Va V3.

Creating Heavenly Clouds

Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC Creating Review

The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC is a beast when it comes to functionality. You can rotate between various vapor types by changing the various parameters like temperature, power, and resistance. You can do a lot of cloud chasing with this if you choose an equally versatile RTA with proper airflow channels and coil set-ups. The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC is designed to vaporize any e-liquid, whether its Propylene glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG). As it breaches the 500 Fahrenheit, it vaporizes almost every flavor compound in your vaping juice. With titanium and nickel, you can experience a new depth in sub-ohm vaping as the mod supports resistances as low as 0.05 ohm. For flavorful hits, use the wattage mod and vape at 30w to get the best vapor density and flavor.

How Is the Battery in the Device?

The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC has space for a 18650 battery. The mod doesn’t come with the battery and is sold separately. We recommend fitting it with a 3000 mAh, which can power up your entire day’s vaping needs. The mod does not have pass-through charging, and hence we recommend carrying two batteries for all-day vaping.

Operating the Box Mod

Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC Operating Review

The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC is a simple device even though it flaunts several features. The device has a 510 gold-plated, spring-loaded negative port, with stainless steel wiring. As mentioned earlier, you can use any RTA with a diameter less than 23mm. The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC has two modes, the joule mode, for temp. control and the power mode, for power control. The mod uses a YiHi SX130H chipset for power and temperature control, and it works very precisely. If you can master the temperature control, you can say goodbye to all the dry and corrosive hits at the end of your vaping session. To start the device, click the fire button 5 times, and you will be asked to choose the joule mode or the power mode. Once you select the modes, you will then be asked to choose from the four main coil types; Ni200, Ti 01, SS304, TCR. The mod cannot detect the coil material on its own, and hence you have to notify this before you start vaping. The operating experience is a bit complicated but gets simple with use. To increase your temperature or wattage, you have to click on the up and down button twice and then increase/decrease the parameters. You will see a 0.5 increment with every click, and if you hold it down, it will scroll very fast. The battery chamber is located behind the screen, and the cover comes off easily. The cover is bi-directional, and you can put the battery lid back in any way. It fits in with amazing precision and tightly holds on to the body.

Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC Specifications

Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC
Weight: 126g
Resistance range: 0.15 - 3.0 Ω
Power Range: 7 - 80W
Battery: 18650
Thread: 510



  • Solid device with premium finish
  • The battery cover locks back in both ways
  • Temp. Control


  • The mod and tank set-up is top heavy
  • Complicated interface

The Final Thoughts on The Pioneer4you iPV D4 80W TC

We are quite happy with this futuristic device, mainly for its versatility and superior looks. The bronze models come with a classy brushed metal design and that sets this out as a unique product. However, there is nothing much exceptional in its performance, and it can be treated as a good backup device at the most, for experienced vapers. For new beginners, this can be a powerful device to play with and create clouds of varying density and flavor.

Published: January 2, 2018Updated: October 21, 2022

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