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Lost Vape Therion 166


Lost Vape Therion Box Mod

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  • Wattage Range:
    1-167 W
  • Resistance Range:
    0.1-2.0 ohm
  • Battery:
    Dual 18650
  • Works with:
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The Lost Vape Therion 166w is one of the latest Lost Vape mods. It has several improvements over its predecessor, the Therion DNA75. Users get 167 watts out of the Therion 166, making it much more powerful than the previous model of this line.

It has the DNA 250 chipset from EVOLV, which is fully customizable, improving the vaping experience by many leagues. Because of these features, the vape experience is outstanding no matter what settings or juice is used.

Lost Vape Therion Review

The Lost Vape Therion DNA166 TC vape mod is the newest vape from the Therion line. This design uses the DNA 250 dual chipset, one of the most advanced and sophisticated chipsets on the market. The result is a vape that is highly responsive and accurate.

The vape has a wattage range of one to 167 watts, and it has temperature control output and several more heating options, including several for different kinds of coils. For some reason, it is marketed as a 166-watt box mod, but users can get an extra watt out of it.

Lost Vape Therion 166

One of the areas in which the Therion 166 stands out is its design. Beautiful and elegant, the Therion 166 has a striking form and appearance that finds the right balance between portability, style, and practicality. Users of this box mod will especially like that there are multiple options for choosing battery doors with different designs. In addition to the vape’s appearance, it is built to an incredibly high standard.

The Therion 166 is powered by twin 18650s that can power the box mod for a respectable amount of time. The battery door slides in and out, and it is magnetized to ensure that the cells stay in place. Incorporated into this vape are multiple safety features that prevent accidents from occurring.

Most importantly, though, the Therion 166 vapes excellently no matter what kind of atomizer or juice is being used. The settings built into these mods help to bring out the full flavor of whatever liquids hit the coils. Feel free to use single coil tanks or exotic builds, especially for ultra low sub-ohm builds. Whatever tanks or atomizers are put on this mod, expect to get draws that are genuinely reflective of the wattage and temperature settings.

What Comes with the Product?

First off, this mod is very lightweight. Too lightweight. But, once the batteries are put in, the mod feels more solid. Besides the mod, the package comes with a 24 mm inner diameter 510 ring, a micro USB cable, and an English language manual. The manual is well written, informative, and it is very helpful.

Lost Vape Therion 166 kit

The EVOLV DNA 250 Chipset

This chip from EVOLV has gotten a lot of positive attention as of late, and after using this vape, it is no wonder why so many people are excited about it. First off, it is excellent for vaping on temperature control, allowing the user to make sub-ohm coil builds as low as 0.1 ohms! Since it detects resistance levels automatically, the user does not have to set them manually.

The chip also enables customization. The screen can be customized, preheating settings can be adjusted, and wattages and temperature settings can be saved. This chipset is the main reason why the Therion 166 offers one of the most complete and enjoyable vaping experiences.

Internal Building Quality and Design of These Kits

There are several reasons why this mod’s build and design quality is outstanding, and the 510 connection is one of them. The 510 pin is spring-loaded and is secured with three hex screws, allowing tanks to fit firmly on the box mod. The tanks and the vape juice will always stay where they are supposed to.

Lost Vape Therion 166 x2

The OLED screen is another thing to like about these box mods. It displays all the information needed to run and monitor the vape. Above it is a firing button that is very clicky and responsive, and beneath it are two adjustment buttons that are just as responsive. They do not get stuck, nor do they wiggle.

The battery covers on these mods have gotten a lot of attention for several good reasons. The batteries fit very well in the compartment, and the battery wraps never cut or peel. Inside the bay is a leather battery strap that makes it easy to remove the batteries. The battery cover always stays in place because it is secured with powerful magnets.

Lost Vape Battery Performance

Two 18650 batteries power the Theorin 166. The batteries can be charged externally or while they are in the vape, and they have 2A charging. This significantly improves charge time. A bonus is that the vape has reverse battery protection.

Using the Atomizer

When putting in an atomizer, the screen will prompt the user to confirm that a new atomizer is in the box mod by asking: “New Coil? UP YES – DOWN NO.” If the atomizer is new, select yes. If it is the one used previously, choose no.

Because the DNA chip uses atomizer resistance to figure out the temperature of the coil, the chip is always checking to make sure that the new atomizer is connecting. If the vape is functioning in temperature protection, only use atomizers that are at room temperature. If this step is not taken, the temperature protection feature will not work correctly.

How to Use Therion 166 Starter Kits

Temperature protection is one of the best features this vape uses, which allows the chip to limit the temperature of the coils. The temperature limit can be changed.

Start by locking the vape by pressing the firing button three times, and then hold the up and down arrows for two seconds. When two seconds have elapsed, the maximum temperature will be shown. Release the up and arrows and then choose the temperature limit. Choose between 200 and 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Lost Vape Therion 166 battery

Temperature protection can be disabled entirely. To do this, bring the temperature up to 600 degrees, and then press the up arrow one more time. Doing this will turn off temperature protection.

The vape can work in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. To change from Fahrenheit to Celsius, take the temperature down to 200 degrees. Press the down arrow once more when 200 degrees is reached. This will switch the vape to Celsius.

Lost Vape Box Mod Menu Instructions

Figuring out the way the menu system on these mods works is easy. Clicking the firing button five times turns the vape on. Clicking it five times also locks the box mod. To unlock it, hold the plus and minus buttons simultaneously. Use the plus and minus buttons for cycling through the eight presets. Pressing the plus and minus buttons simultaneously to change the wattage in temperature control mode.

The Lost Vape Therion’s Competitors

Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75c vs Lost Vape Therion DNA 166 Kits

Both of these Lost Vape box mods are superb, and many people are no doubt happy with the Therion DNA75. But, once the Therion 166 is tried, its predecessor will seem weak in comparison.

Lost Vape Therion DNA75C

The Therion 166 is a mod for vapers who want to use 100 plus wattage coils to superheat the liquids, while the Therion DNA75 is for people who want a cooler vape. Other than that, these Lost Vape box mods are basically the same, incorporating similar features that make for an excellent vaping experience either way.

Lost Vape Paranormal vs Therion 166 Kits

The Paranormal from Lost Vape is a phenomenal vape that can reach higher wattage levels (200 watts) than the Therion 166.

Lost Vape Paranormal

However, what makes it really stand out is its “replay” mode, which allows the user to save the settings and get the best flavor out of the liquids when TC coils are being used. But, this feature makes the Paranormal thirty to forty dollars more expensive than the Therion 166.

Final Words about Therion 166 Starter Kits

People who want a stylish box mod that is well built and performs well every puff should buy the Therion 166. The wattage levels are higher than the Therion DNA75, and it incorporates all of the same familiar features. The 510 connection holds tanks and atomizers steady, plus, it vapes with every vape juice tried in it on every setting.

The only problem is that it is a very expensive vape, and there are cheaper options out there that perform well, too. But, with the extra money used to get this box mod, the user gets an improved chipset, high wattage levels, and excellent flavor from all liquids thanks to the number of atomizers this vape is compatible with.

Lost Vape Therion 166W Specifications

Lost Vape Therion 166W
Wattage Range 1-167 W
Voltage Range 1-7.4 V
Kanthal Resistance Range 0.1-2.0 ohm
Temperature Sensing Range 0.08 to 1.0 ohm
Fahrenheit Range 200 to 600 degrees

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Outstanding chipset
  • Excellent battery doors
  • 510 contact holds tanks and atomizers firmly
  • 2 amp charging
  • Highly customizable
  • Expensive

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