Innokin Electronic Cigarettes and Mods Review


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: October 21, 2022

Innokin Electronic Cigarettes and Mods Review

Review Score: 95/100

Price Range:
$31.00 - $63.95
Battery Capacity:
2000mAh - 4500mAh
Wattage Range:
14W - 100W
White, Black, Silver, Blue, Gold, Pink
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon

Innokin has gained much popularity among the vaping public mostly due to its uncomplicated yet reliable e-cigarettes and mods. In the past few years, they have succeeded in manufacturing quality products for beginners in the e-cig industry and mod vaping scene. For new, intermediate, and advanced vapers, Innokin offers options that are one step ahead of the others in terms of convenience, build, design, and performance, with an open mind towards constant innovation based on customer feedback. We believe there is a good chance for this brand to rise to our top list shortly, so long as it continues to deliver quality vapes.

Innokin, founded in 2011, has no less than a 10,000 square-meter factory in Shenzhen, China. Despite the overseas mass production of their vaping products, this brand makes sure they pass the highest standards made for the international vaping community. Aside from having multiple certifications, Innokin boasts of a Service and Repair Center in California, USA, where their customers’ needs are primarily addressed. Do all of these transpire through their products? Let us take a look at how their devices perform.

Innokin Coolfire IV Mod Overview

The Coolfire IV iSub 40W immediately impressed us just by looking at its sleek and convenient design. It is small and sexy at 3.93 inches tall, with curved edges that make this box mod reflective of modern and ergonomic style. It comes in six different colors, is easy to carry around, and looks extremely high quality.

It is remarkable not only aesthetically but also in build and quality, as it feels durable and long lasting due to its aluminum finish. The buttons are well-placed and feel nice to the touch, without any rattling sound, unlike the previous Coolfire models. Innokin has made sure that the overall build of the Coolfire IV is likewise improved, adding a spring loaded pin, an ego adapter, and a durable threading made of stainless steel. This mod surely has a long way to go.

Innokin Coolfire IV Mod Colors

When you purchase a Coolfire IV, you will get a USB charging cable, an ego adapter, Innokin stickers, a battery disposal guide, and an instruction leaflet with it. It does not come with a tank, which you will have to buy separately, as well as an e-liquid to use.

Using this mod is very easy and feels liberating due to the absence of too many complex features. Operating it involves three buttons, and you can be a wiz at the different navigation shortcuts in no time. Switching the device on and off can be done by pushing the power button thrice or using the manual switch that is found at the bottom.

The voltage on this mod can be adjusted by .1v increments while the wattage can be changed by .5w increments. For those who are not too meticulous in setting their wattage levels, the higher increments for wattage adjustment can be an advantage. On the other hand, sub ohm vapers and those who are very particular in the voltage levels that they vape at will find this device amazing.

Innokin Coolfire IV Mod Colors

Although Innokin recognizes the need for sufficient knowledge regarding e-cigs before anyone should move up to mod vaping, they included several effective protection features. They programmed the Coolfire IV to prevent overheating, over discharging, and short circuits and spare any user, including beginners, from unwanted circumstances.

The OLED screen is a bit small and may be an issue for anyone with a poor eyesight, but it is bright, flips according to how you hold your device, and shows everything that you need to see while vaping. The Coolfire IV also has a low voltage warning feature, and the power button light changes according to the amount of power left in the battery.

To date, it is the best mod that Innokin offers, featuring a variable voltage option that allows you to vape anywhere from 3-7.5V.

It fires up to 40W and is powered by a 2000mah battery that can last you a whole day of moderate to heavy vaping without having to recharge the unit. Although in case the need arises, its ‘vape while charging’ pass-through feature makes this a perfect “vape away” device. Innokin is a good brand for those who just cannot wait until the battery becomes fully charged. They placed the charging port on the side instead of the bottom, which we found convenient, as it enables you to put it down in an upright position, without fear of any leaking e-liquid.

Innokin Coolfire IV Mod Starter Kit

The vapor production is superb with the Coolfire IV. It can fire down to as low as 0.2ohm, but the recommended clearomizer resistance to use is 0.3ohms. Of course, using sub ohm tanks, this device creates massive clouds of vapor. The flavor in our chosen e-liquid came out great, and the throat hit was a blast even at a low nicotine level. That makes the Coolfire IV an ideal device for helping in quitting analog cigarettes and nicotine altogether.

Innokin Coolfire IV Mod Tank

To conclude, the Coolfire IV can be a newbie’s vape, with emphasis on careful handling and strict adherence to the product’s recommended settings. On the other hand, it is no doubt a top choice for those who want to switch from vape pens to mods and is a perfect portable back-up for cloud chasers at an affordable price.

Innokin Endura T22 Starter Kit

The Endura T22 Starter Kit from Innokin is just as striking as the Coolfire IV. An improved version of the Endura T18, the T22 Starter Kit is a one-button box mod with a high-capacity tank and improved battery power for beginners and intermediate users.

Innokin Endura T22 Starter Kit

The Endura T22 sports the beauty of an advanced box mod instead of a vape pen. On the inside, it is a simple mod that is crafted especially for mouth-to-lung inhales. Needless to say, it can be an ex-smoker’s best friend when trying to quit the deed.

Innokin has chosen a sporty look on this one, with a powdered matte finish and three stripes on both sides. The Endura T22 is available in three colors: blue, black, and silver. It is nothing fancy, but it is bold and daring—something that men would prefer over too much trimming.

Innokin Endura T22 Colors

This box mod not only looks portable but feels compact and strong enough to withstand a couple of drops and blows. The size, which easily fits in your hand, was intended for easy transportation. You can hear a little rattle on the fire button, but it still feels solid and long-lasting. Like the Coolfire IV, the Endura T22 has its USB port on the side.

There is much more than looks and build on this mod, as the T22 Prism tank that is included in the kit holds up to 4.5ml of e-liquid. It is a low-resistance tank that is designed to match the slim and compact build of the mod. It comes with 100% cotton coils, stainless steel caps, and an insulating Delrin drip tip. Aside from being hard-wearing, the Prism tank produces clean and pure vapor.

Innokin Endura T22 Tank

The battery power has been increased to 2000mah in this model. When combined, the battery and tank features satisfy the need for longer-lasting vape sessions that do not require frequent refills and recharging. It also has a pass-through feature that is almost obligatory for those who want to vape all day; otherwise, a removable battery that can be replaced with a back-up will be a better choice.

Innokin Endura T22

Using the Endura T22 is more than trouble-free. It involves simply pushing a single button to reach the appropriate wattage according to your coil. This beauty can fire down to 1.5ohms and produce amazing clouds of vapor with just the right hit and flavor. We enjoyed blowing clouds out of this device, especially when using a 50-50 PG-VG ratio from the top e-liquid producers.

Since this is a ‘beginner’s mod’, there are safety features included in the device, which makes it all the more convincing for newbies to move up from plain and dull cig-a-likes to a much better device such as the Endura T22.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro 60W Express Kit Review

As a follow through to their 2.0 and 3.0, Innokin released the MVP 3.0 Pro 60W as a further improvement to this already amazing line-up of advanced yet affordable box mods.

Design: Solid, Compact, and Built to Last

The design of the MVP 3.0 Pro 60W is nothing too far from its predecessors. When compared to a 2.0, it is slightly taller, with the same solid build and rippled exterior for better grip. The weight of this device guarantees that it is compact and high quality, unlike other mods that feel plasticky and easy to break.

The OLED display is still situated on the side, with the + and – buttons beside it. You can flip the display on the screen—a minor yet significant feature that left-handed users will totally admire.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Colors

Innokin moved the fire button to the same side as the OLED display, which we think is more convenient and strategic for easier use when vaping.

Using the Device: An Enjoyable Experience Made Better

Setting up the MVP 3.0 Pro 60W was a breeze from step one to finish. One of the most important improvements to note is the ability to scroll up and down when changing the voltage or wattage settings. At last, Innokin realized that cycling through the whole thing before being able to lower your settings is a downside.

The + and – buttons, together with the fire button, are programmed to accommodate all the commands that you need to regulate and get the device going. Press and hold both buttons and you invert the display on the screen. Click the fire button thrice and you turn on/off the device. A few other combinations allow you to switch from voltage to wattage adjustment. The device also remembers the last setting before turning it off.

Once set, you can start vaping away by holding the fire button as you inhale. The informative screen display enabled us to monitor the device closely.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro Gold

Another major enhancement you can find in the 3.0 Pro is a wider range of voltage and wattage settings. You can choose to set it anywhere from 3.0v-9.0v. Alternatively, you can select a wattage setting from 6.0-60.0w. The MVP 3.0 Pro used with a 0.2ohm coil and a high-VG e-liquid made clouds of vapor that left us in admiration. There was a distinguishable consistency in the quality of the vapor, which we believe is partly due to the vRMS DC current technology that Innokin integrated into this mod.

Power, Battery Life, and Charging of iTaste MVP 3.0

A 4500mah battery in the MVP 3.0 60W delivers more than enough power to let you vape all day. Charging time takes about 4 hours, but you can still vape while this happens. There is a pass-through charging feature in this model, which will extend your vaping sessions beyond the capacity of this already-potent juice.

The MVP 3.0 Pro 60W is still a dual purpose device, like the 2.0 and 3.0, which can be used as a mini power bank for charging other devices. Although it will not be enough to give you a fully-charged Android phone, this particular feature is great for quick recharges especially during emergencies and urgent situations. The output port and integrated micro USB cable are located at the base of the body.

Last but not the least among the many developments in the MVP 3.0 Pro is the safety protection features. Since you will be dealing with low resistance coils and relatively high wattage settings when using the device, it is essential to know how you will be protected from unwanted auto-firing, overheating, short circuits, and the like.

Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro

We have been witnesses to how these things easily happen to low-end mods and having safety features is a convincing matter that makes the 3.0 Pro an even better option for mod vapers.

One thing we found really helpful was the 15-second shut-off mechanism, which automatically turns off the device in case you accidentally press the power button even when it is not in use.

Innokin Products Specifications

Innokin Coolfire IV Innokin Endura T22 Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Pro
Price: $54.99 - $63.95 $31.00 - $39.99 $47.99 - $61.99
Dimensions: 23.8mm * 44.5mm 22mm * 85mm * 32 mm 02mm * 48mm * 23mm
Battery Capacity: 3300mAh 2000mAh 4500mAh
Maximum Output Wattage: 100W 14W 60W
Tank Capacity: 4mL 4.5mL 4.5mL
Resistance Range: 0.3ohm - 2.5ohms 1.2ohm - 2.5ohm 0.2ohm - 3.1ohm
Colors: Red, Blue, Black, White Blue, Black, Silver White, Black, Silver, Blue, Gold

Our Conclusion: The Innokin MVP 3.0 Pro 60W is a Good (but not the best) Mod for New and Experienced Vapers

The Innokin MVP 3.0 Pro 60W Kit includes the iTaste MVP 3 Pro, one USB charging cable, one eGo threading adapter, and one user manual. Although it lacks the common rounded-edge design and adheres to a more brick-like structure, this mod comes in seven different colors to give you options in terms of aesthetics.Considering the build, performance, power, consistency, and value in the MVP 3.0, we have arrived at a conclusion that this mod is an excellent vape for sub-ohm vapers, coil rebuilders, and even those who are new to low resistant vaping. It has advanced features such as high wattage options for experienced vapers. On the other hand, it has the necessary protection features for newbies.

Considering the build, performance, power, consistency, and value in the MVP 3.0, we have arrived at a conclusion that this mod is an excellent vape for sub-ohm vapers, coil rebuilders, and even those who are new to low resistant vaping. It has advanced features such as high wattage options for experienced vapers. On the other hand, it has the necessary protection features for newbies.

Published: January 21, 2016Updated: October 21, 2022

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  • Michael Drakakis

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    Hi I have the Innokin T 20 and the T20S I am very pleased with both of them my only problem is very difficult to fine the starting button which is the same coulor with the case special during the evening. Can they do something about it.

  • James O'Riley

    October 2, 2018 at 5:20 pm

    I realize the Innokin TC 100 has been out a while, does Innokin plan to make, improve, or maybe redesign the Coolfire,IV. It in my opinion is the best vaporizer I have used to date.