Innokin EQ — Ultra Portable Pod Kit Review


by James Bickford

Updated: December 17, 2020

Innokin EQ desktop

Review Score: 75/100

Price Range:
90mm x 35mm x 15mmk
Battery Capacity:
E-Juice Capacity:
2 mL
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Easy to use
  • Sleek, compact and lightweight
  • Long lasting, quality coils


  • Small tank
  • May not have much power

Starting Price: $ 30

Innokin EQ — refillable pod vape with Plexus 0.5-ohm MTL mesh-type coils and 800 mAh battery. This vape supports vaping while charging, and thanks to rapid heat diffusion, has increased coil life.

Innokin EQ desktop

This refillable 2mL e-juice capacity pod provides the smooth vapor that you need to enjoy a stronger, better flavor vape and an easier time.

The quality coils, easy to use one-button operation allows everyone to get the vape they want by simply pressing a button. Heats up and cools down faster than the other models on the market, making it one of the best and most loved pod on the market. Safety precautions meet you, while the one-button operation ensures that everyone is able to use this pod.

Innokin EQ Overview

The device is simple to fill up, to charge, to vape with, and even to clean out. The sleek, lightweight appeal is something that you cannot deny when it comes to bringing a refillable pod around to vape with.

The Innokin EQ has quick heating up and cooling down in. This is something that many of the other devices are unable to keep up with. The lock on the device ensures that it doesn’t heat up while it is in your pocket, while also keeping it safe around children.


The Plexus coils inside give a deeper, more flavorful experience. This is ideal for vapers that perhaps have used cheaper models on the market, but do not have to worry about the use of the product that reduces the flavor or the burn.

The Electroplated finishes shine bright, and they provide a smooth look. The sleek finish on these replacement pods are beautiful and in many different colors, anyone can check out which prefer the most. The twist top keeps the mouthpiece clean and it keeps it debris free.

Innokin black EQ

Easily slip the top of the system and slip the top off of there to add the e-liquid inside the pod to provide the even burn. This burn is something that provides the e-liquid with a way to easily and evenly burn with ease while providing a thick vapor that doesn’t harm your throat and continues to pack flavor. The Innokin EQ is a highly recommended choice to start vaping.

Internal Building Quality and Design

The quality and design of this system are higher than many of the others on the market. With the Innokin EQ, you can ensure that you are getting a strongly built system that burns evenly and outlasts the competition in the market. Plexus mesh and ceramic come together for excellence.


The 800 mAh battery provides the user with a way to get long-lasting use from a product that burns evenly and smoothly. The battery provides the user with a way to continue to vape wherever, whenever they choose. It comes with safety protection to protect it against the liquid and coils.

Innokin EQ battery image

How Long to Charge the Innokin EQ

The Innokin EQ charges for about an hour. And the light turns off when it’s fully charged.

Charge it to the maximum when you first get it to ensure that the battery has a full charge. The battery lasts mostly all day with modest use of 15 minutes per hour, giving you the ability to vape without having to charge halfway through.

Innokin EQ Pods

The pods that are easy to refill again and again. You just need to twist the cap and open up the top of the pod to fill it up from the top.

This prevents spills from happening, as you can pour the liquid in right from the top. The mouthpiece is at the top of the unit so you can place the cap over the mouthpiece to prevent debris from touching this piece, while also reducing the chances of having the liquid drip out if the unit turns a specific way.

Replacement Pod

The pods inside the vape are easily able to be replaced when you want to use a different one, or if you have different flavors with different pods.

Innokin EQ pods image

This can easily be done simply by turning the cap off and removing the top of the pod. The pod then slips out and a new one can be placed in. Purchasing a replacement pod is ideal for this.

How Long Do the Pods Last?

The pods are able to last around a half a day to a day depending on the level of vaping you do. The 2ml capacity is a decent amount of space for those that want a decent vape. However, this might not be big for those that do a lot of vaping and require a large Innokin EQ pod for vaping.

How to Fill

Filling the pod vape is easy to do. You can follow the instructions below to fill up the pod and get the best vape once you do

Innokin EQ filling image

  1. Pop off the mouthguard on the mouthpiece on the top
  2. Twist off the mouthpiece that is over the pod
  3. Pour the e-liquid into the pod area of the system
  4. Place the mouthpiece back on completely
  5. Flip the mouthguard back over the mouthpiece

How to Use EQ Innokin

The Innokin EQ is easy to use, and it is recommended for newbie vapers as it is so easy to use. It does have a smaller capacity than some of the other vape pods on the market. This vape kit comes with the ability to vape with ease. Use these directions below to use the EQ vape to your advantage.

  1. Charge the system up fully
  2. Follow the instructions above to fill the pod with e-liquid
  3. Once filled, press the button on the front
  4. Once the button is green, take an even, deep puff in from the device

The system easily and quickly heats up and then cools down when you are using it. This is one of the best parts of the system and one of the reasons many look to using it because you can vape easier and more efficiently with the speed it provides.

Innokin EQ Flashing LED When Vaping

When the light on the Innokin EQ kit flashes, it means that the battery is running low. In order to keep the battery full, it is recommended to charge it for the full time before using the system.

  • A red light means the battery is completely dead.
  • A white light means the battery is full.
  • Flashing white means a dirty connector or the pod isn’t fully in

Innokin EQ img

Innokin EQs

Innokin has released an updated version of the EQ with some slight differences from the original. The new New Innokin EQs retains the internal 800mAh battery, but it now features three different power settings, which is different from the single power setting on the first EQ. The first EQ only outputted 13.5W, with a 15W boost feature.

The new EQs boasts three power settings, 11.5W (green), 13.5W (blue), 15.5W (purple). There is also a small LED on the front of the unit that shows the current power level based on those colors. The new EQ is also smaller, and thinner than the first device.

Innokin EQ light image

Along the Same Line with Innokin EQ

Innokin EQ vs Renova Zero

The Renova Zero is a product that many vapers enjoy using. With the smooth vape and the large capacity tank, it is a dream for everyone. When comparing it to the use of the Innokin EQ, many think that the tank on the EQ is much too small in comparison and the battery life is a bit less. However, the EQ kit is made for beginners while the Renova is made for those that are experts in the field of vaping.

The Renova Zero img

If you’re searching for something that is an update from the Innokin EQ, then the Renova might be a good move to make. It upgrades the battery, the coils, the tank, and the flavors but it might be a bit more powerful for those that are new to vaping, making it something that a moderate vaper might use over a beginner.

Innokin EQ vs Aspire Breeze 2

The Innokin EQ is a beginner vape and so is the Aspire Breeze 2. Both provide the user with an even vape that loads from the top, but the Breeze might not provide a long-lasting battery and many state that the coils die out easily after some time of use. This may or may not be an issue, as the coils can be replaced.

Aspire-Breeze-2 image

The coils in the EQ are replaceable and they do heat up rather quickly, providing more power with each push of the button. You can enjoy the benefits of the EQ over the Breeze because it is more affordable, comes with better, well-constructed coils, and it has a better look and feel to it. The mouthpiece is comfortable on the EQ, unlike the Aspire.

Those that want to change out the way they are vaping might try the Breeze, but the Innokin EQ reviews all point to a positive experience over the Aspire Breeze.

Innokin EQ Specifications

Battery Capacity 800mAh
Dimensions 90mm x 35mm x 15mmk
E-Juice Capacity 2mL
Regular Mode 13.5 Watts
Boost Mode 15.5 Watts
Coil 0.5ohm

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Sleek, compact and lightweight
  • Long lasting, quality coils
  • Many colors to choose from
  • Awesome look and appeal
  • Refillable pod
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Plexus EQ coil technology


  • May have a smaller tank than what is wanted
  • May not have much power
  • Not ideal for those that are not beginners

In a Nutshell

The Innokin EQ might be the best choice for so many to go with if you want something easy to use, sleek and efficient.

The vape is a highly desirable vape system that comes with everything that you need inside the entire kit. It is easy to set up and easy to use, making it a great first choice.

As for power, it might not be the best choice to go with, but that is generally not the focus that first-time vapers are going for when it comes to using a system that was built for them and is easy to use and inhale from.

Have you tried this first pod mod by Innokin? Is it worth the money? What have we missed reviewing the device? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below to help us make better reviews for you.

Published: May 15, 2019Updated: December 17, 2020

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