Squid Industries Double Barrel V3 Mod: Strong and Intuitive


by James Bickford

Updated: September 7, 2021

Double Barrel V3 Mod desktop

Review Score: 85/100

Price Range:
Dual 18650
Champagne Grey, Obsidian Black, Army Green, Navy Blue, Arctic Camo
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Battery life is ok if the wattage is not too high
  • Excellent flavor and cloud production
  • Bright and easy to read screen


  • Eats up battery wraps

The Double Barrel V3 is a new mod made by Squid Industries, featuring a durable chassis, high wattage output, and an LCD screen. The LCD screen displays all the information pertinent to running the mod.

The device is ergonomically designed, supports several coil configurations, and is leak-resistant. There are no settings to worry about, unlike similar vapes. The user can only change the wattage settings using a dial. This aspect of the mod makes it incredibly intuitive.

Squid Industries Double Barrel Mod Review

The Double Barrel V3 is the latest incarnation from Squid Industries. It has a “double-barrel” chassis constructed from stainless steel, 150 watts of output, and a 0.47 inch LCD screen. The wattage output is not as powerful as that of Squid Industries’ TAC 21, but it still packs quite a wallop.

This vape also has an ergonomic form factor that makes it comfortable to hold and transport. Additionally, this device is powered by twin 18650s that are secured by a tight locking battery door. This box mod Squid can support multiple coil configurations, and it has a flat top that prevents juice from leaking inside. This vape is also harder-hitting than its predecessor.

Double Barrel V3 Mod desktop

The colors available for the Double Barrel mod are quite a choice, and some of them reflect the military background of the owner of Squid Industries. Veterans will like the solid colors such as navy blue, obsidian black, army green, and champagne grey. There are also more exotic colors to choose from, including Arctic camo, samurai, and chieftain. Additionally, it looks like the business end of a shotgun, so it definitely is the unique mod out there in terms of looks. The color, together with the overall appearance and design, make this mod stylish and eye appealing.

The best thing about vape is that it packs a big punch, and it produces excellent quality vapor and flavor. This box mod Squid does not fall short in any of those categories. Overall, this is an incredible mod, and it is worth every penny. People who want something affordable and easy to use will fall in love with this outstanding vape.

Unboxing the Package

The Double Barrel mod definitely gets an A+ for presentation. The best thing about the package is that it has an anchor chain, anchor, and a skull. It is a creative logo that lets the customer know the story of this vape’s creator. As a Navy veteran writing this review, this is much appreciated. Thank you for your service, shipmate.

Double Barrel V3

The package comes with the Double Barrel V3 mod, which has a sturdy and weighty feel to it. Yes, it is heavy, but not so much so that it is uncomfortable. Even with the batteries, it is not cumbersome. There is also an atomizer spacer, which looks like a small washer, and the user manual is included.

There are accessories available, including a silicone case. The site says that it is for the V2, but it should still fit the new model.


The battery life is not bad when vaping on low wattages, but on high wattages, the batteries can deplete quickly. Using Sony VTC5a batteries at over 100 watts, the V3 mod only lasted an hour and a half. After toning down the wattage, the battery life improved significantly. When used on moderate wattage levels, this vape should last most of the day.

The Double Barrel mod does not have a USB cable, so be sure to buy a charger for the batteries. This does not affect the vaping experience much, but having a USB cable would have made using this box mod a little easier.

Double Barrel V3

Another thing to be aware of is that the battery bay can eat up the wraps because it is not insulated. Make sure those 18650s are wrapped well and check them for tears when taking them out. But, do not worry about an arc or short. The batteries do not touch. There is also reverse polarity, overheating, and short circuit protection.


The Double Barrel mod is 25 mm in diameter, and it has a 510 leak-proof connection. The package does not come with a tank, but an excellent tank to choose is the Wotofo Profile 25 mm mesh RTA. This tank has 3.5 ml of juice capacity, but with the extension glass, that can be bumped up to 5 ml. It is constructed from stainless steel, and it is top filled, making it resistant to leaking. This RTA uses a nexMesh OFRF heating element that heats quickly and produces the excellent flavor and respectable levels of vapor.

Wotofo Profile RDA

Besides the Profile, several other tanks work well with this vape, including the Uwell Crown 4, GeekVape Zeus, and the Smok TFV16. All of these tanks are available at fair prices, and they produce decent levels of flavor and vapor.

How to Clean the Coil

Mesh coils are cleaned the same as any other coil. Remove all the cotton and then soak it in warm water for an extended period. Next, brush off the residue of the juice and old cotton. When these steps are completed, wick and prime the coil, allowing several minutes for the liquid to soak in.

How Long Do the Coils Last?

Coils typically last one to four weeks, depending on a variety of factors such as frequency of usage and how well they are broken-in. Coils that are broken-in properly usually last a week or two longer than they would otherwise. Replacement coils used continuously throughout the day on high wattages will last one to two weeks. They can last longer if used on low power settings.

How to Use the Squid Industries Double Barrel Mod

Using this box mod is very straightforward. First, insert the batteries, making sure they are inserted how the orientation marks on the door say. Next, place the washer on the connection and screw on the tank. Five clicks of the firing button turn the device on and off. Clicking it four more times locks and unlocks the wattage, and three clicks flip the screen.

Double Barrel V3

There is no temperature control or any other setting. Only wattage control. Adjust the wattage by twisting the dial marked with the 12s. Choose anything between 5 and 150 watts. The dial does not round-robin. The LCD screen shows the wattage level, as well as the battery life, volts, and coil ohms.


Be sure to read the instruction manual thoroughly before operating the box mod. Most accidents with box mods occur because they were misused. Watching a demonstration video on YouTube or reading this or any other review is no substitute for studying the manual. The user manual has directions written in multiple languages.

How Well Does the Squid Industries Double Barrel Mod Vape?

This device is excellent when used with the Profile tank. Together, they make a fantastic pair for flavor lovers and cloud chasers alike. The only trick is finding the right wattage. The best place to start with this box mod is at around 50 watts. Here the flavor begins to improve, and the vapor starts to get warm.

Double Barrel V3

The best balance between flavor and vapor is between 80 and 100 watts, but anything over 100 watts significantly decreases the life of the batteries. For those wanting nothing but clouds, push it to 120 watts. At this wattage, the vape will fill a room with thick clouds of vapor. Anything higher than 120 watts is scorching hot and consumes the life of the 18650 batteries. For the best vaping experience, stay between 50 and 120 watts.

Competing Mods

Squid Industries Double Barrel Mod V3 vs. the Double Barrel Mod V2

These box mods are almost identical, and they have many of the same features. However, the V2 seemed to be a bit underpowered at times, and with the V3, that is no longer a problem. If the wattage dial on the new model is set to 100 watts, it will feel like 100 watts, not 90 or 95.

Double Barrel V2

The Double Barrel V3 is an excellent upgrade, and it is worth buying. Also, it is not going to be easy to find the V2 now that it is being phased out. Buyers might as well get the new model.

Squid Industries Double Barrel Mod V3 Specifications

Dimensions : 92x43x25 mm
Battery: Dual 18650
Construction : Stainless Steel
Screen: 0.47 Inch LCD
Power Output: 5-150 W

Positives and Negatives

The Positives

  • Excellent build quality
  • Battery life is ok if the wattage is not too high
  • Excellent flavor and cloud production
  • Easy to use
  • Bright and easy to read screen

The Negatives

  • Eats up battery wraps

Final Thoughts About the Squid Industries Double Barrel Mod

Everyone should be satisfied with Double Barrel Mod because it excels in cloud production and flavor quality when paired with a good tank. Other reasons to like it is because of its durability, design, and appearance. It is also refreshing to find a vape that does not have a million settings to worry about.

This device only has wattage, making it an excellent choice for vapers who just want to hit their mods without having to fiddle with the settings. The only problem with this vape is that it tears up battery wraps. However, considering all the benefits this vape has to offer, that is a pretty good trade-off.

What do you think of this vape? Share your thoughts with us! Send us a comment and let your words be read.

Published: December 2, 2020Updated: September 7, 2021

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