Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Mod Review

I don’t think I’ve had the good fortune of reviewing a Vandy Vape product before, let alone a Vandy Vape squonk mod. And let alone a Vandy Vape squonk mod designed in collaboration with one of the more popular vape reviewers out there, Tony B, from the Vapor Trail Channel.

So taking into account its progenitor, the Vandy Vape Pulse BF squonk mod should feature a lot of user-friendly touches that you usually find on devices designed by popular vape reviewers. These are the things that only a person with a breadth of experience with many different devices would include or not include when developing their idyllic mod.

Vandy Vape Pulse BF Review

The Pulse BF squonk mod is an unregulated, mech-style, RDA mod. It does come as a stand-alone, so you can attach whatever RDA or compatible squonk tank you want onto the 510 connector.

The Vandy Vape Pulse BF takes only one battery, either a 21700 or, thanks to the adapter included in this kit, a 18650 battery. It has one prominent, and chrome finished firing button that looks a lot like the button on the Athena squonk mod.

The Pulse BF also has two removable side panels, which come in a variety of colors, that let you access all the internal elements like the battery, the squonk bottle and the locking mechanism to prevent accidental misfires.

On the Inside of the Pulse BF

When you receive your Vandy Vapes Pulse BF squonk mod here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • One Pulse BF squonk box mod
  • One 18650 battery adapter
  • One spare safety lock spring
  • Two spare panel magnets

The Pulse BF Squonk Mod: Up Close

Squonk mods are nothing to be afraid of. Despite their newness, when you look at one up close you can see all the parts that make it up, which then can also assuage any anxiety you might have about using one.

In fact, it is because most unregulated squonk mods can easily come apart that people will not be so put-off by them. But, then again, the fact that unregulated mods have nothing more than a battery and a button does not make them easy-to-use or straightforward for beginners.

As with all unregulated mods, it’s important you understand all there is to know about batteries and conductivity as well as Ohm’s law before safely using a mech squonk mod. But, getting back to the Pulse BF, it is quite light since the majority of the device is made from a high-quality, heat-resistant plastic and nylon combination.

Even with a battery and an RDA attached, the device’s weight feels negligible. The side panels can be removed easily but are kept in place with magnetic connectors. But although the side panels can be removed, once they are only one side of the mod is entirely exposed.

I believe that this was to prevent one side panel from being pushed out from the other side when you squeeze the squonk bottle. I think that’s what it’s for, although I could be wrong. The battery connector is made from copper, and the firing switch has a locking mechanism that you can throw from the inside to prevent misfires.

The 510 connector pin sits on top of the device, and the top frame can fit any tank with a diameter of 25mm. And apart from a few design flourishes like a pulse icon engraved onto the plastic panels, there’s not much else to the Pulse BF squonk mod.

The Pulse BF Squonk Mod: Getting Around It

The setup and usage of the Pulse BF squonk mod couldn’t get any easier. You just remove the side panels to access the battery and squonk bottle, which can also be easily pushed out from the other side if you remove the second panel.

The squonk bottle itself feels a little softer than most commercial squeeze bottles. I was worried that even the slightest depression on the bottle would result in an explosion of e-juice, but I was careful, right until I realized I had not yet attached my RDA.

So make sure you have your RDA attached before attaching a full squonk bottle and that you grip the container from the top cap rather than the super-mushy body.

You fill your bottle, which on this mod can take 8ml of e-juice and you reinsert it back into the mod by replacing the cap and straw. Installing your battery is also quite straightforward. Depending on your preference you can either connect a 18650 battery using the adapter or install a longer-lasting more powerful 21700.

The Vandy Vape Pulse BF Squonk Mod: Vaping It

As far as vaping with the Pulse BF, I decided to throw on the last RDA I had built on from the last squonk mod I reviewed, the Athena squonk mod from Geek Vapes. I believe I used a pretty basic, Clapton coil build on the Athena with a resistance of 0.3ohms.

Since this is an unregulated mod the firing button responded immediately, but I did have to press it in a little more than I normally would, which was great since you really have to put some pressure on the button for it to fire.

Once the firing button fired, I got very flavorful and thick vapor clouds. I did notice, however, there wasn’t much throat hit action with my inhales, which was disappointing, because I thought my throat would at least get a little scratchy.

The Pulse BF Squonk Mod vs. The iJoy Capo Squonk Mod

The iJoy Capo Squonk mod is the best looking vape mods in 2019. It is regulated mod that came with several different bottle options (the Pulse BF only has one bottle option). Since it came with the Combo RDA that had an interchangeable 510 connector pin that you could also use with regular box mods.

These were great add-ons to the device to make its parts more versatile, but its performance had issues given that the stated 100W maximum underperformed. So, all though there was a lot of personalization you could perform on the iJoy Capo, the shortage of any attachable components did not diminish the exceptional performance of the Pulse BF squonk mod.

The setup of the Pulse is simple and straightforward (the structure, remember, not your battery choice or the build on whatever RDA you decide to use). It is a well-made device, even with the selection of a lightweight, heat-resistant plastic that might have felt cheap, but was an excellent choice to use with an affordable, reviewer-designed squonk mod.

I think just for its ease-of-use, the quality of its components and ultimately, its performance, the Pulse BF squonk mod does take it over the iJoy Capo Squonk mod.

The BF Goods


The Pulse BF doesn’t look like much, but you have to remember that everything on it was specifically chosen for a reason. The choice of a lightweight, heat-resistant plastic for the mod’s build, as well as a squishy silicon for the squonk bottle was a design highlight.


Mech mods are deceptively simple, but you can’t just throw any old coil or battery type into your build, so remember not to be fooled by the lack of adjustable settings. But, aside from that, there is no complication with using or putting together the Pulse BF.


I was happy with the clouds and plumage coming off of the Pulse BF using the Athena RDA I got a very well-saturated coil build and wick with the extra deep juice well.

The BF Bads

Side panels

I was glad that the side panels did not come off easily, but I was not happy that they were a little too difficult to remove.

Safety switch

I’m not complaining about the existence of the safety switch just its location. I wish it could’ve been activated from some outside switch that didn’t necessitate taking off the side panels.

The Last Call

This was my first time reviewing a Vandy Vape device, and in pairing with Tony B, they seem to have been motivated by creating a quality, but an affordable squonking mod that pretty much anyone can use.

While this is most assuredly not a device for beginner vapers, anyone with experiencing in using unregulated mods and has a working knowledge of Ohm’s law and conductivity will find this device a breeze to use.

There’s not much on the Pulse BF to differentiate it visually, but it has many different colored side panels that can be interchanged to spruce up its otherwise uniform appearance.

I give the Vandy Vape Pulse BF squonk mod a 7/10.

Vandy Vape Pulse BF
Vape Rating: 73/100 by


Published: January 8, 2018


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