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Smok Fit Ultra-Portable Pod System

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The Fit kit is a pod mod that is built and designed to be portable and durable. It is made from sturdy materials to ensure that it can be used for a long time, and it is short and slim enough to be carried around comfortably no matter where you venture.

It has high-grade technical features and kits that make it a worthy purchase, such as automatic draw activation and 2 ml e-liquid bottle. The Smoke Fit has a 250 mAh battery that charges quickly, high power output, and many other things that will be explored in this review. This ultra vape performs remarkably well, coils delivering excellent flavor and a robust nicotine hit, too.

First Impressions of the SMOK Fit

The Smok Fit is an all in one system that is portable, elegant, and easy to use. It is lightweight and small (107.5mm by 18.4mm by 8mm), making it ideal for traveling and days out and about. Its elegant design makes it not only portable but attractive. There are three solid colors to choose from: red, blue, and black. Its draw activated firing system and its plug and play construction makes it quick and simple to use, and an excellent choice for experienced and novice vapers alike.


This unit is well built and has outstanding technical specifications, including coils that give incredible flavour. The Fit is incredibly durable because it is made from high-grade aluminum alloy and polycarbonate. You will not have to worry about it breaking if it is dropped occasionally.

The pod slides into the vape perfectly, and it will snap in place for a secure, snug fit. Smok Fit Pods can carry up to two 2 ml of vape juice. The kit comes with two extra pods. Additionally, the Fit can generate from 10 to 16 watts, and from 3.3 to 4.2 volts of input. There is also the 250 mAh battery with a USB charging cable included in the kit.

This vape pen and the coils can go anywhere the road of life takes you while providing flavorful, powerful hits that are satisfying and aromatic. Its design not only gives it a high level of practicality, but it also makes it comfortable and convenient. While there are few colors to choose from, those that they have are popular and complement the Smok Fit stick’s utilitarian design. Because of these benefits, and its outstanding technical features, this is an excellent choice for every vaper.

Kit Contents

The Smok Fit is a simple, easy-to-use device so the kit doesn’t come with a lot of accessories, like other vape starter kits. The addition of an injection bottle was a nice touch, as it makes it easier to fill the pods. Opening the box, users will find the following:


  • 1 Smok Fit
  • 2 x 2ml pods
  • 1 Injection bottle
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • User manual.

The Look and Feel of the SMOK Fit

The Smok Fit kit is constructed from aluminum alloy and polycarbonate, so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. The pods also seal tightly to the pen so that it can be carried around in your luggage, purse, or pocket without having to worry about leakage.


Battery Life and Operation

The battery functions fairly well, and you should be able to get plenty of puffs before the power runs down. For those wondering how long does it takes to charge a Smok Fit, it takes 30 minutes to charge, so if you are on the go, you can stop somewhere for a brief breather while it powers back up. The battery fits to the ultra vape magnetically.

Refilling and Maintaining the Pods

The Fit’s pods hold the standard kit of 2 ml of vape juice, and they are refillable and easily replaceable. The pod uses a horizontal coil atomizer to heat the liquid, organic cotton is used in the wicking, and it is held in place with a gold plated, proprietary connection. There are some salt nicotine juices available from distributors that sell this unit, such as grapefruit gust, pineapple, mango, ice melon, and ice strawberry.


It will take around five pulls to break in the cotton, but afterward, the pod and the coils will produce amazing flavor, and it will deliver an excellent throat and lung hit. One YouTube reviewer even went so far as to say it vapes like a sub-ohm.

The pod can be refilled through a tiny port covered by a rubber stopper that is easily found. At first glance, some might think the size of the port will be an inconvenience, but the small size makes the pod less prone to leak. The needle nose dropper on the injection bottle makes filling it up hassle-free.

Do I have to Clean the Pods?

Because the pods are disposable, you should not have to clean them. The best way to keep it clean as you use it is by wiping off excess fluid each time it is refilled. Use a q-tip or a damp cloth to keep the connector clean, as well. To clean the Fit itself, you need to know how to take Smok Fit apart. Push from the inside of where the pod is inserted, and the internal parts will come out. Clean around the battery and the pod connectors. Reassemble when finished.

How long do the pods last?

People often wonder how long do Smok fit pods last. The pods kits should last around five to six refills. The replacement pods are reasonably priced, so you will not have to worry about them burning a hole in your pocket. Pods for other vaping devices that are similar to the Fit can be very expensive.

Usage and Performance

Using the Smok Fit is incredibly easy as it is a draw-activated device and has no buttons on it. Users need only fill their pods with the injector bottle provided and then insert the pods into the battery. They can also let the juice seep into the cotton wicks for a few minutes before using the pods.


The pods may take a few pulls – 4 or 5 – to break-in or to get to the ideal flavor level, but it gets there. The device uses a 250mAh battery, so it should last at least a day or two with light to moderate use.

Getting Started

The Fit comes with a user manual complete with instructions, technical specifications, and other useful information that will help you to use the device properly. Be sure to read it, look at the reviews, and watch instructional videos so you can develop a fuller understanding of the unit.

The Competition


Juul is an electronic cigarette company that sells a starter kit that is similar to the Fit.

VD juul kit

It has features such as portability and style, and the pods are easy to replace. There are, however, a few key differences you should know. First off, the Juul is $49.99 while the Fit is $14.99, and the Fit has a higher wattage than the Juul’s eight watts. A reviewer on this Juul vs Smok Fit Reddit review noted that the Fit gives a much better throat hit. The Fit also holds more vape juice than that Juul, which holds .7 ml of liquid noted that the Fit hits a much better lung.

Smok Infinix

Smok also sells other highly sought-after starter kits that are well made and popular, such as the Smok Infinix. The Infinix is also a portable pod system that is reasonably priced with the same wattage and voltage ranges.


They are also both draw-activated, and they hold equal amounts of e-juice. The Smok Fit stick is around two dollars cheaper, though, but the Infinix is a little better appearance-wise because the edges are a little more rounded, making it a bit more comfortable to hold. These two devices kits are both very good for vaping, and you really cannot go wrong with either one.

The Last Word on the Smok Fit

The quality of the Fit highly impressed this team of reviewers. It is an extremely useful device for people who are very active in their daily lives. It can be taken almost anywhere, and if a portable charger is brought along, it can go even further. This makes it a highly versatile device. It is also good for vapers who are just getting started with this hobby, or for people who dislike fooling around with airflow or voltage settings. It is a simple, straightforward device.

All the features combine to create a nearly flawless device. The battery can charge in 30 minutes, it is draw activated, the pods fit nice and snug into the port. The pods are easy to refill and do not cause a mess and taking it apart and putting it back together again is easy. Once the cotton is broken in after a few drags, it vapes wonderfully, producing great drags, and thanks to coils the flavor is to die for.

The only drawback to this device is the sharp edges that might feel uncomfortable to some, but considering its impressive features, those edges are not that big of a deal.

Please let us know what you think about this device by leaving your comments below. Tell us what you like or dislike about the device. Your thoughts are more than welcome in the discussion session on our site!

Smok Fit Specifications

Smok Fit
Battery Capacity 250mAh
Dimensions 107.5 x 18.4 x 8mm
Pod Capacity 2mL
Watt Output 10 to 16
Voltage Input 3.3V to 4.2

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Portable
  • Well made
  • Little leakage
  • Charges quickly
  • Extra pod includes
  • Sharp edges
  • Not free nicotine liquid

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