Mig Vapor TRAP POD System: Refillable, Reusable, Reimagined


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: July 23, 2021

Mig Vapor TRAP POD desktop

Review Score: 93/100

Price Range:
Battery Capacity:
4 × 2 in
Works with:
  • Oil icon


  • Affordable
  • Small size
  • Battery life


  • Only comes in one color
  • The pods might be a bit pricey

The TRAP POD from Mig Vapor fills a niche and bridges the gap for beginners who want to get into vaping but do not want to break the bank. With excellent vapor production, serious vaping at an affordable price, this vape pod system is perfect for all vapers to consider.

The TRAP POD is a pleasure to use, and ideal for day-to-day vaping. Its lightweight and discreet body make it great for popping out during a vape break or sneaking off a few draws at a family event. Having everything contained in the all-in-one package means maximum convenience for everyday vaping.

Mig Vapor TRAP POD desktop

Mig Vapor has built a reputation for selling products that provide a great balance of quality and affordability for its customers. The TRAP POD is no exception when held against a range of excellent vaping equipment that includes the WTF Target Mini and the portable dry herb vaporizer product they called the Dray.

The Trap Pod Design

Similar in size and shape to a USB drive, the Trap is rectangular and modern. At its core, the Mig Vapor TRAP POD is all about giving vapers everything they need in one easy-to-use product. With a 350mAh battery, it packs quite the punch while providing plenty of power to last through a whole day of vaping.

Mig Vapor TRAP POD System Box Design image

At the top of the battery unit, pods slip into place to complete the device. They contain the wick and vaporizer coil, so vapers do not need to worry about the complicated task of matching coils with different batteries, power outputs, and other advanced vaping concepts. With no buttons to press, vapers need only to draw on the pod with a quick inhalation to activate the vaporizer.

How Trap Pod Works

The pods are a 2.0 ml capacity of juice or oil and are compatible with nic salt based e-liquids. They can be bought already filled with juice and vaped right away and then refilled up to five times. They are also available empty to be able to vape any kind of juice that is preferred.

Mig Vapor TRAP POD Pods image

The pods click right into the battery body and are ready to use at this point. In normal use, vapers can expect to find the vape to work perfectly for vaporizing nicotine salts and e-liquids, the staple of vaping for many. It performs the task well and can get beginner vapers started in no time. The flavors available include tobacco, menthol, mango, and berries, which vapers can choose from and blend using Mig Vapor’s Vape Juice Bar.

Mig Vapor Nic Salt pod-juice-50mg image
They can vape thick or thin juices ranging from 50/50 PG/VG blends up to 60/40 VG to PG blends. It charges with an included USB cable and can fully charge in roughly an hour. A full charge can generally last the full day of casual vaping.

Vaping on the Go With Trap

The TRAP POD is small and portable. Despite its size, it produces some serious clouds. The small size of the pen allows it to fit quite comfortably in any pocket, and vapers can carry it around discretely during a workday or family event. This is a pen that offers a large and satisfying cloud with good vapor production, especially for an all-in-one portable. To provide this at a reasonable price is a testament to improvements in technology and manufacturing that Mig Vapor continues to offer in all its products.

Mig Vapor TRAP POD pack image

To keep vapers informed, LED lights on the battery display information about the status of its charge throughout daily use and while it is plugged into a USB charging socket. That USB-charging capability also contributes to making it great for use on the go, since vapers can charge the unit up by plugging it into a laptop or smartphone charger. The TRAP POD uses a sleek design. This certainly adds to its coolness factor when vaping with other vapers around.

What Are Trap Pod Alternatives?

KandyPens Rubi

For vapers who enjoy pod mods like the TRAP POD, KandyPens Rubi might be a good option. The Rubi stands out among other pod mods because it offers refillable pods, just like the TRAP pen. Like the TRAP pen, vapers can use their own customized solution and save money with the Rubi, making it a more-than-suitable alternative. Additionally, the KandyPens Rubi comes in a selection of colors and has a stunning sleek look, which means it costs a little more than the TRAP.

Kandypens Rubi Review Image

Suorin Drop

The Suorin Drop has a unique, ergonomic shape that fits snug in the hand. It features a 310mAh battery, and its refillable pods have a 2ml capacity. It is a draw-activated device, something it shares with the TRAP. Only, while the Drop supports nicotine salts and different ratios of e-juice, it does not vape oils, unlike the TRAP, which vapes both and costs less.

suorin drop bundle min

Trap Pod Specifications

Trap Pod
Brand: Mig vapor
Category: Vape Pens
Weight : 4 g
Battery Capacity: 350 mAh
Dimensions : 4 × 2 in
Built Material: Metal (general)

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Great vapor production
  • Affordable
  • Small size
  • Battery life
  • USB charging capability
  • Discreet design
  • Refillable

The Negatives

  • Only comes in one color
  • Lacks advanced options for experienced vapers
  • The pods might be a bit pricey

The Final Verdict on the Trap Pod

The TRAP POD is a great gift for anyone just starting out with vaping. It does not offer the level of customization vapers can get with more advanced pens or mods, but it does provide a great entry into the world of vaping at a reasonable price.

It provides excellent flavor and good vapor production. It never hangs heavy in the pocket or sticks out of jeans awkwardly. It is convenient all the time, performing its stated task with style and effectiveness. Customizable, versatile and powerful, the Trap satisfies on many levels.

Published: November 7, 2017Updated: July 23, 2021

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