The Mechlyfe Ratel Rebuildable Pod Kit



Mechlyfe Ratel Rebuildable Pod Kit

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  • Material:
  • Capacity:
    4 ml e-juice
  • Wattage:
    5 to 80 W
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Overview of the Mechlyfe Ratel

The Ratel is called a rebuildable pod kit, but it is an all-in-one system. It is an advanced kit that is not meant for beginners. Only experienced users or beginners willing to devote a lot of time to learn how to use it, should buy this kit.

The mod is powered by a single 18650 battery that helps the system fire up to 80w. It has several operating modes. Choose among variable wattage, temperature control, variable voltage, or bypass mode. A wide range of temperatures is available. Select anywhere from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit (100 to 315 degrees Celsius). The voltage range is 0.5 to 8 volts, and the resistance range is 0.05 to 3.5 ohms. The vape kit features an OLED display screen and two adjustment buttons. This new vape is activated with a highly intuitive firing button.


The vape gets its juice from a 4 ml rebuildable pod that is refilled from the side. An “L” shaped silicone stopper prevents the liquid from coming out. The easily slides into the mod. The pod performs moderately well, but there are a few issues with it the company should address.

The Ratel is suitable for direct-to-lung vaping, and by tightening the airflow, it can be an excellent mouth-to-lung vape, too. It produces a lot of vapor, and the flavor coming from the coils is unique.

It is an excellent vape appearance-wise. The resin panels come in several colors: carbon black and resin green, white, blue, and red. It is on the high end, but it is still comfortable to hold, feeling a bit like a box mod.

What Comes with the Mechlyfe Ratel Kit?

The kit comes with a full set of accessories and parts. There are one rebuildable pod and two 0.65-ohm mouth-to-lung MTL Clapton coils. It has a micro-USB cable. Also included are a screwdriver and four extra screws. Customers will also be pleased to find a bag of o-rings and a bag of organic cotton for wicking.


Internal Building Quality and Design

The Mechlyfe Ratel weighs 175 grams with the battery inside, giving it the weight of a box mod. The surface is covered by magnetized resin panels that are interchangeable. Removing them is hassle-free, and they stick to the mod. The chassis is constructed from aluminum, and it is quite sturdy. The overall quality of the design and construction is excellent. The only downside is that the edges of the mod are sharp. Also, the rebuildable pod could have been constructed better considering the issues with the silicone and the spit back problems.

Mechlyfe Ratel Battery Performance

The Mechlyfe Ratel uses a single 18650 battery that is held inside a plastic compartment. The life of the battery depends on its quality and the vaping mode. Vaping at high wattages or temperatures will run down any battery quickly. For the best results, use the Sony VTC4 (2,500 mAh) or go with the Samsung INR18650-20S (2,000 mAh).

The Mechlyfe Ratel’s Pods

The rebuildable pod holds 4 ml of e-juice, which is a pretty sizeable amount. The downside to these pods is that the silicone plug is too long and can get underneath the pod, making it harder to handle the deck. Another issue is that the air gets trapped inside when it is refilled. Other than this, the cartridge works very well, but for a vape that costs over fifty dollars, these issues should not happen. Mechlyfe should redesign the pod so it is easier to use. It is an issue they should address if they build a second version. Another problem is that if the cartridge is refilled without the resin panel attached, the spillage could get on the battery and affect its performance.


There is a lot to like about this rebuildable pod, but the issues with spit back and the plug significantly detract from the vaping experience.

How to Fill and Refill

Remove the plug and refill the pod slowly and carefully, tilting it slightly to avoid problems with spit back later on. It should be refilled so that the liquid fills in the lowest corner of the cartridge. Also, when refilling the rebuildable pod, do not remove the resin panels because they protect the battery from spilled e-juice.

How Long do the Coils Last?

The Clapton coils last around three weeks give or take a few days. With the extra coil in the kit, the user should get six weeks of vaping before having to buy new coils. When the metal loses its sheen, it is time to replace the coil.

How to Use the Mechlyfe Ratel

The Mechlyfe Ratel comes with an easy-to-read instruction manual, and the user should read it before operating the vape. Studying the manual before using the mod will give the buyer a better understanding of the mod’s capabilities and limitations, allowing him to avoid breaking or damaging it.

Competitors of the Mechlyfe Ratel

Mechlyfe Ratel vs. LostVape Orion Q

There are several differences between the Ratel and the Orion Q. The two primary differences are in the batteries and the wattage. The Orion Q has an internal 950 mAh battery that can last a day and a half, and it goes up to 40 watts.

It also does not have as large a pod capacity as the Ratel, holding only 2 ml of e-liquid.

Final Thoughts about the Mechlyfe Ratel

This new vape has a lot of features to be excited about in a review. The pods hold a lot of e-juice, and it vapes as high as 80w. If the right batteries are chosen, the mod can be used most of the day, as well. It also is a cool looking mod with creatively designed resin panels that can be detached – a similar option other devices sometimes lack. However, the design issues with the cartridges make it more difficult to vape than it should be. In spite of the problems with the pods, this vape is good for on the go vaping thanks to its respectable e-juice capacity.

If you have used this vape, please let us know what you think about it and our review. Your insightful comments help other readers to make informed purchasing decisions.

Mechlyfe Ratel Rebuildable Pod Specification

Mechlyfe Ratel Rebuildable Pod
Material of Body Aluminum
Clapton Coils Two 0.65-ohm MTL
Resistance Range 0.05 to 3.5-ohms
Height 104 mm
Width 26 mm
Depth 42 mm

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • 4 ml of e-juice capacity
  • Colorfully designed resin panels
  • Produces a lot of vapor
  • Great flavor
  • Sturdy build
  • Silicone plug is oddly placed
  • Issues with spit back

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