The Lost Vape Orion Plus Review: A Much-Needed Upgrade of the Orion DNA Go


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: September 7, 2021

Lost Vape Orion Plus desktop

Review Score: 90/100

Price Range:
Battery Capacity:
950 mAh
93 x 37 x 13.5mm
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Great flavor on its 0.25-ohm mesh coil
  • Versatile wattage setting options


  • Long-time to replace the coils

Starting Price: $ 53.99

The Lost Vape Orion Plus is an upgrade of the Orion DNA Go. It’s a setup with a powerful 950mAh battery. The pod is as versatile as it’s stylish, showcasing a swiftly switching 5-level power adjustment button and adjustable airflow. With puff replay, the optimal experience is guaranteed. The pod kit also incorporates an interchangeable 0.5ohm regular coil and a 0.25ohm mesh coil.

The pod comes with a more refined DNA Go Chip and has a wattage range of 10W-22W (which peaks at 40W through its Boost Modefeature). It 2 ml juice capacity.Switching between the wattage presets of the pod can be done easily by pressing the adjustment button to shift between their color codes. Once the desired power setting is chosen, it can be locked for the consistent, desirable vaping experience. Simple usage and seamless adaptability to vapers’ needs underscore the Lost Vape Orion Plus’s quality.

Overview of Orion DNA Plus’s Features and What Stands Out

The Lost Orion pod vape is lightweight (only 87g), and it is just the right heft for most vapers. Being able to switch coils is half of what makes the pod great, and it’s well-complemented by the Boost mode for faster vapor production and flavor lock. The coils in this setup provide better vaping than what the original DNA Go can achieve. The 0.25-ohm coil, in particular, provides a tastier draw every time. Smooth swapping between MTL and DTL vaping is excellent as well and opens up a lot of experimentation opportunities for vapers to try out.

Lost Vape Orion Plus desktop

The Lost Vape Orion Plus’s upgraded DNA Go Chip also uses smart temperature control technology. It lasts longer than most pod kits because of its robust, fast-charging 950mAh Li-po battery, which is housed inside its zinc alloy chassis. The Lost Vape Orion Plus’s stellar design, set on a panel made of stab wood/resin and abalone, is praiseworthy. Its design is aesthetics, which captures a unique aspect of vaping culture.

Items Included in the Kit

The new Orion Plus DNA Pod kit only comes with all the necessities, no bonuses. The entire pod kit will have a 0.25 mesh coil and a refillable pod installed in every package. There is the regular 0.5-ohm coil and the Orion Plus lanyard.

lost vape orion plus starter kit

Also, the kit includes a micro USB cable, as well as a warranty card and user manual.

What Makes the Lost Vape Orion Plus DNA Experience Unique

How it vapes?

As far the vaping experience is concerned, the Orion Plus DNA kit knows how to deliver the wattage presets that can give any vaper a satisfying hit. The five wattage options provide enough variability for vapers to discover what suits their taste. With the Lost Pod Vape coil on, DTL (which is the recommended airflow setting for this pod kit), and at the maximum 22W preset, long draws can deliver amazing, more potent flavor.

lost vape orion plus x3

And it сan do this consistently because of the flavor lock feature they included. With the 0.5-ohm regular coil on, MTL, and with the power level set at 14W, the pod can still deliver great flavor, but the MTL performance is average.

Battery Performance

How long does the Lost Vape Orion Plus’s battery last, though? Well, with a 950mAh power source, you can expect this to exceed expectations how long it would last. It has been confirmed that it can function for up to a day and a half. The battery level can be checked by clicking the firing button twice.

Ease of Use

The new Orion Plus DNA kit is also straightforward to use, and this is obvious in its pure, stable setup. Vapers need only to remember the color codes of the wattage settings, and they can be switched in seconds with a single click. It is assumed that users will not have to change frequently presets, in the first place, as evidenced by the flavor lock. The same can be said for the airflow control of the pod. Coils can be replaced with little difficulty.

Flavor Quality

It’s recommended to use the 0.25-ohm coil and high wattage settings to get the most flavor out of this pod kit. It’s just tastier overall, and this is one primary aspect of the Lost Pod Vape that makes it worth getting.

Regarding the Orion Plus DNA Pod Kit


While the wattage presets can already provide adequate heating for substantial vapor production, the Boost function allows faster heat and even more vapor with every hit. As a whole, the heating element of the pods is satisfactory and not at all limiting these factors considered.

Installing and Replacing the Coils

The two coils of the new pod were not termed as “interchangeable” for nothing. It is effortless to set them in the pod. Any coil only needs to be pushed down the appropriate slot for it in the pod until the threaded shank protrudes on the other side. Afterward, the drip tip only needs to be screwed on tightly to make sure it has a firm hold on the coil.

lost vape orion plus replacement coils

It is hard to detach the coil once it is tightly in place. Therefore, it is best to push down the drip tip first after unscrewing it a bit to push quickly the coil out should you want to replace it.

How Long Does the Pod Last?

In terms of the longevity of the new Lost Vape Orion Plus’s pod, the time for vaping the refillable pod can provide depends on vaping habits. Since it is transparent, the amount of juice is always visible.

lost vape orion plus pod with coil

It is not economic in juice consumption. It is also not precisely stated what the pod is made of, but it appears stable enough for long-term use.

How to Use?

With your desired pod coil in place, preferred airflow (MTL or DTL) can be easily set by twisting the drip tip. Afterward, open the cap of the fill port to fill it with juice. Click the firing button five times to turn it on or off. With this done, set the power level of the vape by pressing the button (aka the Replay button) below its light indicator. Then lock it by holding down the same button for three seconds. A green light shows replay mode. Hold it down again for the same time to disable it. Finally, fire it up; use Boost Mode for faster heating. The pod gets vapers what they want ASAP.

Orion Plus vs. Orion Go and Q – What is the Difference?

Since the Orion Plus is an upgraded version of the Orion Go and Q, it’s a given that there are noticeable differences between it and those two other incarnations of the Orion pod. Versatility-wise and the mesh coil considered, the pod asserts its superiority over Go and Q. Orion Go was upgraded to Orion Plus precisely because of the subpar flavors produced by its pods.

Lost Orion Go pod

That said, the coils of the pod are compatible with the Orion Q and Go’s pods, making gaining the coils an option for owners of the latter pod kits. The Orion Q integrates dual adjustable airflow settings only, which pale compared to the vape and Go’s MTL and DTL switching capability.

Lost Orion Q pod

Lack of wattage setting options are also clear in Go and Q. But the Orion Go already has most of the Orion Plus’s features besides the game-changing mesh coil. The design of the Go and Q are lackluster as well compared to the eye-catching visuals painted on the Orion Plus’s panels. All three use the same 950mAh battery. Of the three, the Orion Q is the most obsolete with all these facts considered.

The Competition

Lost Vape Orion Plus vs. GeekVape Frenzy

The GeekVape Frenzy uses the 950mAh battery, and the same battery uses Lost Vape, but the Frenzy dies out faster, so it cannot even guarantee a day of vaping.

Geek Vape Frenzy 950mAh Vape Pod Kit img

But, this still depends on the vaper’s habit. The Frenzy also has a mesh coil (0.7ohm) as a better option, but the Orion Plus’s mesh coil is far more excellent in delivering flavors. The Frenzy only has 3 power level options, and it does not have MTL and DTL options. The Frenzy’s kit is also stingier because it only has the standard coils, pod, battery setup (plus USB). E-liquid usage is more economical in the Frenzy.

Lost Vape Orion Plus vs. Smok Trinity Alpha

The Smok Trinity Alpha has a more powerful 1000 mAh battery than what is found in the Orion Plus. Even if this is the case, it is not too impressive in terms of battery life as it also can’t guarantee a day’s worth of vaping. This depends on the coil and mode used, and it can still provide lengthy, adequate vaping time with any setting.

smok trinity alpha pod silver image

The Smok Trinity Alpha has MTL and DTL switching options, but its mesh coil, can’t compare with the Lost Vape Orion Plus one. The kits of the Smok Trinity and Vape Orion are almost similar.

The Lost Vape Orion Plus Specifications

The Lost Vape Orion Plus
Dimensions: 93 x 37 x 13.5mm
Output Wattage: 10-22 W
Weight: 87g
Battery: 950 mAh
Power Level Modes: 5
Panel Options: Stainless Steel and Stabwood, Resin, Abalone and Carbon Fiber
PodCapacity: 2 mL
Mesh Coil Resistance: 0.25 ohm
Regular Coil Resistance: 0.5 ohm

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Great flavor on its 0.25-ohm mesh coil
  • Versatile wattage setting options
  • MTL and DTL switching is a boon to airflow control
  • Flavor lock and replay features ensure consistent satisfaction
  • Lengthy battery, which charges quickly too (less than an hour)
  • Stunning designs on set on high-quality wood panels
  • A bargain for its price

The Negatives

  • Long-time to replace the coils
  • Coil’s flavor can be bland in specific settings

Final Thoughts

The Lost Vape Orion Plus is recommended for everyone because of its easy operability, which does not require too much intervention to achieve high-quality vaping.

The Orion Plus is well-designed, as evidenced by its solid build and versatile functionalities, with a battery life that can accommodate even the most extreme vapers out there. Design-wise, this pod kit’s panel dazzles. Unique chromatic concepts that make the pod kit stand out more. The Orion Plus more than earns the “Plus” in its name.

If you have tried this new setup yourself, mind telling us what you think about it? Do you agree with our opinion on its mesh coil? We want to know the thoughts of other vapers too, especially with a pod kit as stunning as the Lost Vape Orion Plus.

Published: March 2, 2020Updated: September 7, 2021

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