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  • Price
    ~ $5.40 per 30ml
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    from tobacco, and menthol, to custards and candy
  • Сombination options
    salt nic. e-juices, devices, pods, disposables, etc
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VapeBox is an American online subscription service for e-juices, vapes, and more. Begun in December of 2013, VapeBox users receive a monthly package of their favorite e-juices. These monthly boxes can also contain vaping devices, and other products if a user orders them. VapeBox also delivers specially-curated boxes for subscribers.

VapeBox Subscription in action

Becoming a Vape Box subscriber is very easy. The Vape Box site is easy to follow, and the four plans are all laid out in great detail. Users choose whichever of the four plans appeals to them. Once someone chooses their plan, the next page lets users fine-tune their choice.

The company curates each box according to the flavor options chosen by a subscriber. There are a total of eleven flavor profiles to select. The choices range from tobacco, and menthol, to custards and candy.

Users need to choose at least three flavors for the best results, and they can even select all eleven. Vape Box recommends that vapers pick as many different profiles as possible. This way their curators have a broader range to choose a flavor that someone will enjoy.

For even more customization, the menu also prompts users to select flavors they dislike. Knowing a person’s dislikes helps the curating team pick the right e-juices profiles for every subscriber.

Nicotine strengths are the next step in the ordering process. There are four options, in total, from zero nicotine to 3mg, to 6mg and a special 6mg “high” option. These options apply only to the regular nicotine e-liquids. The Nic Salt package has two nicotine ranges, and the first is from 30mg to 44mg, the second is 45mg and 60mg.

Last, but not least, users have the option to write any special requests or preferences they have. This space allows anyone to narrow-down their selection if there is not already a filter for that choice. If someone should choose the Enthusiast package, there are two added menus.

Enthusiast subscribers can choose from a tank and mod option. The tanks range from sub-ohm tanks to rebuildable tank or rebuildable dripping atomizers. Unlike the VapingDaily’s box mods range there is only one mod option, which is for variable wattage box mods.

VapeBox Gives a Choice Between Four Different Plans

VapeBox subscribers can choose from different flavor profiles when signing up for a monthly plan. Visitors to the VapeBox site can also buy other vape gear. Their main focus is the vape subscription service where users can sign-up for a plan to receive a selection of e-juices every month.

  1. Sampler — This initial plan is their cheapest option, and it consists of a total of 90ml of e-juice that comes in three 30ml bottles.
  2. Juice Lovers — This package includes a total of 180ml of e-juice, with varying bottle sizes, and four nicotine strengths.
  3. Salt Nic — This offer focuses on nicotine salt e-juice, and has the option of coming with a special pod device. The total quantity of e-juice is 90ml, and it costs a little more than the Sampler option.
  4. Enthusiast — The most popular of VapeBox packages, this set includes 210 ml of e-juice (in different bottle size combinations) and an option to choose a tank and mod for the juices.

Our the Juice Lovers and Enthusiast options, the latter of which comes with a box mod device. There are other products on offer from VapeBox as well. No one needs to sign up for a monthly plan to get something different than e-juices from VapeBox. Users can buy individual e-juices, vape starter kits, and vape accessories, like coils or batteries.

VapeBox #1 — “Enthusiast” E-Juice and Hardware Review

The Enthusiast kit from VapeBox comes with a total of 210ml of e-juice. This particular variation came with three 60ml bottles, and a single 30ml bottle. Nicotine strength for each of the flavors was 3mg, and they were all 70/30, VG/PG blends.
VapeBox Enthusiast Subscription

The e-juices in the kit are as follows:

Apple by Reds:This refreshing take on an apple has a powerful, sugary aroma. On the inhale, the juice magnifies its tart apple flavor. On the exhale, vapers can expect a refreshing, crisp juicy aftertaste. It is a high VG e-juice, with 0-6mg nicotine content options, so it creates amazing clouds and delivers a satisfying hit of nicotine.

Blueberry Pomegranate by the USA Vape Lab: This mix of blueberries and pomegranates provides both the lush, savory flavor of blueberry and slight bitterness of a pomegranate. The inhale is a blast of rich, melt-in-your-mouth goodness. After the exhale, the sweet, and fulfilling notes of blueberry crust linger in the mouth. This was another high VG e-juice (70/30) and had a nicotine content options of 0-6mg.

Flowerdale: This mix of 3 flavors: strawberry, coconut, and watermelon, has an overwhelming coconut aroma; maybe a little too over-powering. Taste-wise, this high-VG e-juice, comes up short regarding versatility, as the overly sweet strawberry notes give little room to anything else in the flavor profile. This e-juice came in a 60ml bottle, with a 0-6mg nicotine content options.

Cookie Butter: Of the four e-juices in this collection, Cookie Butter generated the most excitement. Opening the bottle is like fresh baking aroma going straight up into your nose. The taste profile does not disappoint either, as each inhale delivers a creamy blend of smooth, sherbert and cookie crumbs. This e-juice is high-VG, has a 0 or 3mg nicotine content, and comes in a 120ml bottle.

Mod Review: AugVape Vx200

AugVape-Vx200 Vape Box
The package also came with a dual-18650, 200W box mod, the AugVape Vx200 (batteries and a tank were not included for the mod). The mod itself is very lightweight, as its primary build materials are plastic.

The device has a built-in, 1.3-inch color screen on its front. The front-facing screen, along with the two rocker-style selector buttons underneath consist of the mod’s user interface. There is a side-firing bar that clicks well, but it does not work below the mid-way point. Clicking at the top of the bar is the only way to get the device to fire.

A micro USB charging port sits under the selector buttons. The back of the device is empty, although it features the same, black, plastic surface as the front. Either side of the Vx200 is a fingerprint magnet, as taking the device out of the box caused it to be covered by finger impressions.

The mod is a dual-18650. The battery bay is in the rear and has a magnetized battery cover. The door comes off with little effort and snaps back into place when put back. Even with the cells in place, the device has little heft and is quite portable.

Internally, the device has four vaping outputs, from variable wattage and voltage to temperature control and bypass mode. Users can change the color of the screen’s resolution. The internal menu is displayed in a dashboard configuration, so the read-outs are easy to read. The menus are also easy to navigate.

The device has a 510-thread up top and can fit any tank under 1.14 inches in diameter. As all the juices that came with the device were high-VG, the high-powered mod was the right choice. Users need only attach any compatible sub-ohm tank to the mod, and vape either in wattage or temperature control mode.

The device can output a maximum 200W, but that reading may be closer to 150W. The device works at only a 94% efficiency, which is not bad, but it struggles to get to those levels. Staying below 100W was more than enough to extract all those flavor combinations in the e-juices, while also producing sizeable clouds.

Vapebox #2 — “Salt Nicotine plan” E-Juice Review

The second package from VapeBox is strictly an e-juice package that focuses on nicotine salt and leans toward, sweet, fruity flavors. There were four 30ml bottles (one of them, all-glass), with child-proof caps, and different dropper styles.
VapeBox Salt Nicotine Plan

The four e-liquids are as follows:

  • Maui Waui by Smoozie – When users pop off the top cap of this tropics-inspired, 35mg nicotine salt, e-juice they will feel a lot closer to the islands. The main pillars of the flavor profile are right there on the bottle, strawberry, pineapple, and mango. They all blend perfectly on the first inhale and remain that way on the aftertaste.
  • Mango Salt Nic by CRFT – This nicotine salt/mango blend has one flavor profile, and that profile it captures beautifully. Right from the first whiff, the distinctive mango aroma rises to the occasion and delivers one of the truest mango flavors ever. This nicotine salt e-juice has a 40mg nicotine content, and comes in a 30ml glass bottle, with a dropper spout.
  • Churrios by the Milkman: A cinnamon-based delicacy, this 40mg nicotine salt e-juice from the Milkman hits all the right notes for vapers with a sweet tooth. From the cinnamon glow of the first inhale to the refreshing flood of creamy milk at the end, the brilliance of this blend is that every flavor works together.
  • Lemon Cheesecake by Salt King: The soft, savory crust of a slice of cheesecake is what hits the senses first with this dessert-based, nicotine salt e-juice. This vape juice has a 36mg nicotine content, but vapers will first notice its robust and lemony sweetness. After, the exhale delivers a sugary aftertaste to round out the experience.

The Competitors: VapeBox vs. ZampleBox vs. Mig Vapor

ZampleBox is another online e-juice subscription service that curates monthly packages. They have three plans available, and also let users pick their favorite flavors, as well as the flavors they do not like. ZampleBox, however, does not offer any accompanying devices to their packages, just e-juice.

Mig Vapor
Mig Vapor also has a convenient and obligation-free e-juice subscription service. Users can sign-up for the weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service whenever they buy a Mig Vapor e-juice. Vapers who want to stop the service need only turn it off from their subscription page.

Is VapeBox The Right Service for Any Vaper?

VapeBox offers vapers the element of surprise. Subscribers do not know what e-juices they will receive. They only pick their favorite, and their not-so-favorite flavors, nicotine strength level and then wait.

Users can take an extra step and even order an appropriate device that matches their styles and preferences. Aside from the four different plans, VapeBox also has a wide selection of e-juices, devices, and accessories that are available for order without having to sign up.

VapeBox offers convenience, speedy delivery, and a never-ending selection of e-juices. Signing-up for any one of their four plans, or just buying a one-off item ensures that any vaper will be up-to-date on all the best e-juice flavors and accessories.

VapeBox Specifications

Sampler Plan Vapebox Subscription Plan At least 90ml of e-juice $6.60 per 30 ml $20/mo
Juice Lovers Plan Vapebox Subscription Plan At least 180ml of e-juice $5.40 per 30 ml $32/mo
Enthusiast Plan Vapebox Subscription Plan (MOST POPULAR) At least 210ml of e-juice & 1-2 pieces of hardware $4.50 per 30 ml + hardware $60/mo
Salt Nicotine Plan Vapebox Subscription Plan At least 90ml of salt nicotine e-juice $11.40 per 30 ml of salt $35/mo
Salt Nicotine Plus Plan Vapebox Subscription Plan (HOT & NEW) Combination of 4 salt nicotine products: salt nic. e-juices, devices, pods, disposables, etc. $50/mo

  • PROS:
  • CONS:
  • The Enthusiasts box contains a few pieces of hardware which otherwise may be pricier. (Most people are subscribed to this box)
  • Recognizable and reputed e-liquid brands
  • Interesting hardware and/or accessories that isn’t flimsy or cheap
  • Accurate flavor profiling
  • Sign-up is really easy and filtering your flavor profile and preferences is also simple
  • Unsubscribing is also easily done
  • Customers rate e-juices that they receive so the next boxes are better personalized
  • An online store is available for buying individual hardware, accessories and e-juices
  • International shipping cost is costly
  • Overall slightly pricier than other vape subscription services

VapeBox Subscription

vape box Review

Buy Vape Box directly from the VapeBox website.


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