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In the words of co-founder Tim Miranda:

“VGOD was born when seven college kids came together because we shared the same interest and wanted to create something much more significant, beyond vape tricks.”

The company VGOD is a continuation of that spirit. VGOD has a limited product line, but they are limitless in their performance. Since it started as a haven for cloud-chasers, VGOD products all skew toward the cloud-chasing crowd.

This means they emphasize high-powered, high-wattage devices. VGOD has three product lines:

  • The Elite series – Features a variable voltage box mod, an unregulated mech mod, an RDA, and an RTDA
  • The Pro series – Features two variable voltage vape mods, two unregulated mech mods, and three tank types, an RDA, sub-ohm, and an RDTA
  • The Stig series – A new product that is the opposite of everything they have done up until now, a pod mod with pre-filled pods that come with VGOD brand e-liquid and nicotine salts

One thing that unites these products besides all sharing the same brand is their appearance. VGOD has staked out a unique position among vape companies, as they have adopted a signature aesthetic style that applies to all their devices.

From their mech mods down to their pod units, VGOD devices have a toughness about them, like they were vapes made by the military. They have strong, outwardly appearances, like Delrin sleeves around all-copper tubes that look more like armor, even though they give the device a better grip.

The manufacturing and machining of the devices aside, VGOD also never forgets to throw their logo on all their products in big, all-gold lettering. The materials they use, like copper, brass, and stainless steel, also project a defiant, no-nonsense attitude toward vaping.

The manufacturing and machining of the devices aside, VGOD also never forgets to throw their logo on all their products in big, all-gold lettering. The materials they use, like copper, brass, and stainless steel, also project a defiant, no-nonsense attitude toward vaping.

The VGOD Product Line

VGOD specializes in hardcore vaping gear for the cloud-chasing and vaping tricks crowd. Their line consists of high-power mech and vape mods, although they have added a pod mod to the mix. To go along with their high-wattage devices, VGOD also has l aine of RDAs and RBAs.

The Best Mech Mod

VGOD carries a total of three mech mods in their roster; two in the Pro line, and one in the Elite line. They are all compatible with VGOD’s line of rebuildable atomizers.

#1 Pro-Mech 2 Kit

A Sturdy Mech and RDA Combo

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The Pro Mech 2 kit is an update to an earlier version of the Pro-Mech Mod that comes with the Elite RDA. It is a single 18650 device. The Pro Mech 2 features two removable Delrin sleeves at the top and the bottom for comfort and grip.

The mech tube itself is all copper. Inside the tube, there is an insulating sleeve for ripped or torn batteries. There is a hybrid 510 connection up top. The switch itself is carbon-fiber, and there are three copper contacts.

Three battery contacts for a mech mod is unique, and VGOD is the first to use such a setup. There is another adjustable, spring-loaded Delrin ring around the connections to reduce battery rattle. The Elite RDA has a two-post, build-deck, with Kennedy-style airflow slots on either side.


  • Solid, well-built construction of the kit
  • High-quality build materials
  • Insulating battery sleeve for added protection
  • Hybrid 510 connection


  • No adjustable airflow
  • Juice residue collects on the mouthpiece

Best Box Mod

VGOD has three box mods in their line-up, two in the Pro line, and one Elite mod. The mods are all high-powered and have hard-hitting technology.

#1 Pro 200W Box Mod Kit

An Elegant, but Tough New Box Mod Kit

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The VGOD Pro 200 is a dual-18650 box mod with various vaping outputs loaded into its chipset. The device itself stands at over 3.3 inches and is close to 2.2 inches wide.

The build of the Pro 200 mod consists of three materials. The mod has zinc alloy, stainless steel and rubber elements built into all its separate parts. The body is zinc and steel, while the outer rubberized panels offer a better grip.

The device is a variable wattage mod, so it has a 0.96 inch OLED screen on its side for any adjustments. There are two control buttons under the screen and a mini USB port for charging batteries on the base.

The ATOM V.200B internal chip offers users not only variable wattage, and temp control, but the curve and bypass mode as well. The Pro 200 vape mod kit has a 200W maximum power output and various safety features like overheating and short-circuit protections.


  • Intelligent, versatile ATOM V.200B chipset
  • Well-built kit from quality materials
  • Carbon-fiber grips
  • Easy-access battery bay
  • Many different vaping outputs


  • Readings poorly displayed

Best Disposable Pods

The STIG pods from VGOD are disposable pod devices with a nic salt e-liquid inside. They are a recent addition to the VGOD line-up as they are simple, easy-to-use, pens with no buttons. The pods come filled with various flavors.

#1 STIG Disposable Pods

New Easy-to-Use Pod Devic

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The STIG pod mod is a pod device that uses pre-filled pods and vapes nicotine salts. The device itself is free from buttons, and it uses a draw-activated system to create vapor.

The device comes in four different flavors – Mighty Mint, Tropical Mango, Cubano and Lush Ice.

Each STIG pod or device carries almost 1.2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid. A total of three integrated pod and battery units come in each box. Users need only open each individually-wrapped device, remove the rubber stopper from the mouthpiece and start vaping.

There is a small LED light on the base of the unit. Users can take about 270 puffs from each device. The devices are not rechargeable, and users can dispose of them when finished.


  • Ready-to-vape right out of the box
  • Draw-activated, no-button design system to create vapor
  • Easy-to-use
  • Strong nicotine hit from nicotine salts formulation
  • One pod contains the equivalent of 20 cigarettes


  • Limited flavor selection


The Elite RDA from VGOD is one of several rebuildables in the VGOD line. The VGOD roster of tanks and RBAs includes five products in total; four RBA tanks and one sub-ohm device.

#1 The VGOD Elite RDTA

A Well-Built, User-Friendly RDTA

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The VGOD Elite RDTA is a rebuildable dripping tank atomizer with a two-post build deck. The tank features a black matte metal finish and two bottom airflow slots. It features all-stainless steel construction.

The build-deck sits atop the glass tank section. To fill the tank, users need only remove the top cap, which reveals a long, fill-spout for easy filling.

The platform for coil-builds is wide and ample. There is no option to make a single-coil, and the Elite supports only dual-coil builds.

The two leads screws lend themselves to easy removal, as they are thick. Users can unscrew them by hand or with Phillips-head screwdriver. The Elite measures 0.9 inches in diameter (or 24mm) which makes it compatible with most regular-size mods. There is a gold-plated hybrid 510 connection at the bottom.


  • Sturdy, all-stainless steel constructio
  • Easy-to-fill glass tank section
  • Easy-to-build deck for all skill levels
  • Hits hard


  • No adjustable airflow
  • Low e-juice capacity

VGOD E-Liquids

VGOD has entered the e-liquid game. They have six different lines, each of them representing all the major e-juice flavors. Since this is VGOD, they have explosive, in-your-face lines like the Bomb and Cigar line. They also carry less aggressive varieties like Dessert and Fruit-inspired collections. These juices cater to flavor junkies as well on VGOD’s coveted following of cloud-chasers.

#1 VGOD E-Liquids

A Versatile Line of Quality E-Juices

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VGOD now also makes e-juices. They have six lines, or collections, each one of them based around a particular flavor. There are the tobacco-inspired offerings in the Cigar line.

These flavors recall strong, tobacco flavor, blended with sweeter, more savory tastes. For example, Cubano combines robust cigar overtones, with a creamy vanilla finish.

The other juices in the Cigar line, Cubano Silver and Cubano Black, also combine tobacco and dessert flavors. Moving on to the Lush line, which emphasizes fruit and menthol combos, VGOD has three entries. They have watermelon as its base, but each of the three has a unique twist like a sour, or sweet aftertaste.

The rest of the lines also offer various flavors, including nicotine salt options. Of the numerous e-juice flavors VGOD has, five of them come in nicotine salt versions. Vapers can choose from either a 25mg or 50mg and only one bottle size, 30ml. The other flavors have regular nicotine strengths that range from 0mg, 3mg, to 6mg. They also come only in 60ml bottles.


  • Versatile, and wide-ranging flavors
  • Nicotine salt options available
  • Interesting and creative flavor combinations
  • Perfect for every style of vaper


  • Limited bottle sizes

VGOD: In the Beginning

VGOD has a unique position in the vaping industry for many reasons. There is one in particular that is special. Unlike most other vape companies, VGOD has a human face; several faces, actually.

The faces are those of its founders of which there are five, Johnny Gromis, Tim Miranda, Issac Perez, Zachary Berge, and Brandon Gullaba. All five have strong ties with VGOD, since all, except for Gullaba, were there at the very beginning.

As Miranda mentioned in the above quote, the core group shared a passion for vaping and vape tricks from very early on. The first four – Gromis, Miranda, Perez, and Berge – all found each other through the video-sharing app Vine.

Vine was where users uploaded six-second clips of whatever they wanted. The six-second limit made the app the perfect medium to record and upload vape trick videos. Each of the four was performing smoke tricks online, using hookahs, even cigarettes to create physics-defying clouds.

Impressed by each other’s ability, they sought each other out and formed an online Vine group. The name of the group? VGOD.
VGOD reward banner

VGOD and Social Media

As a company that started online, VGOD maintains a solid, and always growing social media presence. As of the writing of this review, VGOD has a combined 1.81 million followers across all social media platforms, which includes the individual followers of Gromis, Miranda, and Perez. The visibility of the VGOD team is what drives their popularity.

They make and upload their vape trick videos online, which not only exposes the brand, but acts as a vehicle to market VGOD mods, and tanks, as well. The team is young, none of them over 30, so they have a ton of credibility with young people.

Credibility also comes from the fact that VGOD remains true to vaping culture. They are not a faceless, faraway, profit-driven company that is only interested in making money. Their authenticity is something that very few other major vape companies have.

For Vapers, By Vapers

VGOD is a vaping brand started by vapers, for vapers. Vaping changed the lives of all VGOD’s founders. They did not even know each other, but vaping and vape tricks brought them together.

As it was born from the minds of serious vape tricksters, VGOD vapes lean toward high-power outputs and sub-ohm set-ups. Their mech mods kits, vape mods kits, and rebuildable tanks are all well-built from quality materials that make VGOD units built-to-last.

Their devices do skewer toward the advanced vaping-set, but they recently put out a new pod mod system that users can vape right from the box. The STIG sticks are buttonless and come with pre-filled liquid (either e-juice or nicotine salt).

Apart from their product lines, which also include e-liquids, apparel, and other vape accessories, VGOD is a champion of vaping culture. They have expanded and popularized the sport of cloud-chasing, unlike any other vape company. Only from a brand that takes vaping as seriously as VGOD could a vaper find everything they need, in one place.

Published: February 19, 2019 Updated: August 31, 2021



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