Recyclable E-Cigs from GreenSmartLiving Review: Vape It Smart

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GreenSmartLiving Geo Cigs


GreenSmartLiving: Brand Overview

Geo, an e-cig brand dedicated to promoting a sustainable world for future generations, was created by GreenSmartLiving in 2013. The latter is among the forerunners in the vaping industry, with remarkable records in providing quality services and excellent products for their customers.

Geo Cigs has a relatively narrow selection of products to offer, but their exceptional implementation of green and charitable practices makes them a brand worth remembering. Many people are particularly impressed at how this company allots its resources and efforts in helping save the earth and humanity. We believe that is a great foundation for a company to grow and gain more popularity.

There is nothing extra special about the features that you will find in Geo’s recyclable e-cigarettes and vape pens. We will go deeper into this as we give a review of both devices below.

Their e-liquids, on the other hand, are a fair hit and miss, with a few flavors being too sugary and artificial in taste. The vapor production from both devices that used their juice was average, even with more VG in their e-liquids’ ingredients. An important thing to note is that their e-liquids are available only in 12mg or 18mg nicotine, which is too limited. This may be a little too restricting for those who prefer to lower their nicotine consumption and cut down on the throat hit from these sweet e-liquid flavors.

Nevertheless, the packaging of their e-liquids is superb. They come in 15 ml 40-60 PG-VG bottles. Each bottle is enclosed in a beautiful box that has the same color as the print on the bottle.

Geo Liquid bottles have silver child-lock caps, with silver labels that show a neatly designed print of their logo, an image of water splashing, and information about the product. Geo is a pro when it comes to packaging their products.

Geo Recyclable E-Cigarettes

geo-recyclableThe exceptional packaging on their recyclable e-cigarettes just proves that Geo, indeed, excels in how they present all of their products. Out of the mail, you will get a white cylindrical container made of recycled paper, where you will find your recyclable e-cig with an instruction manual. For a single e-cig that is as small as an analog cigarette, the packaging is a bit large, but Geo did that on purpose.

The rationale behind the cylindrical packaging is to provide their customers with a container to fill with used disposable e-cigs. Once the container is filled with ten e-cigs, it must be sent back to Geo to be recycled.

As with performance, the recyclable e-cigs from Geo gives around 400 puffs, depending on the type of drag that you take. Vapor production is similar to a real cigarette’s, which serves its purpose right. With high nicotine flavors, the throat hit from these disposables is undeniably strong. As mentioned above, the flavor out of their e-cigs is good.

Geo SlimPro Vapor Pen

slim-pro-vapor-penAt $29.99, Geo sells its SlimPro Vapor Pen with two tanks and a USB charger. The most prominent quality of this vape pen is its portability and slim design. It is practically made to meet the needs of new vapers who want to transition to vaping discreetly.

For a small and inexpensive device, one will love the SlimPro for its sleek and light build, as well as the remarkable throat hit and flavor that is delivered in every draw. Geo has plenty of room for improvement, though, such as the battery life and the unavailability of replacement batteries on their store.



Published: January 27, 2016


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  • don laing

    August 10, 2018 at 11:31 pm

    Green smart living sell this item? At $29.99, Geo sells its SlimPro Vapor Pen with two tanks and a USB charger Could not find it on their website?