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GreenSmart Living Starter Kits
Green Smart Living Starter Kits
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  • Comes with a fully charged battery
  • USB charger included
  • 18mg nicotine strength

The GreenSmartLiving starter kits come in two varieties based on the flavor cartridges. So vapers can choose from a Tobacco or Menthol-ba...

Green Smart Living Refill Cartridges
GreenSmartLiving Refill Cartridges
  • Nicotine strengths vary with Flavors
  • No-nicotine options available
  • Lasts for 200+ puffs
Green Smart Living Salt Nicotine Refills
GreenSmartLiving Salt Nicotine Refills
  • Comes in a 5-pack
  • Available in a single strength 50mg
  • Lasts for 200+ puffs

Green Smart Living Review

Green Smart Living positions itself as a sustainable vape brand with fully recyclable products. The brand was started in Salt Lake City in 2010. The mission is to provide customers with a viable alternative to smoking while also preserving the nature around them.

Green Smart Living understood early that smoking is a public health threat and an environmental one. That is why the company keeps its product line small. It helps to cut down its carbon footprint and manufacturing waste. The company did not want to also create waste by making non-recyclable cartridges.

To date, the brand has recycled over a million of its proprietary cartridges through its recycling program. Users can access the program through different retail locations. The Green Smart Living agents will collect the batteries and cartridges. Users can even hand in a certain amount of cartridges. Then they receive gifts like batteries and other promotional gifts.

The Best Green Smart Living Products

Green Smart Living is committed to sustainability and eliminating its carbon footprint. This is why it maintains a small product line of only a few products. The types of products include starter kits comprising 510-batteries and pre-filled cartridges.

#1 Regular Tobacco Starter Kit

Green Smart Living Battery and Tobacco Carts

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Here is a way to use tobacco without inhaling acrid smoke.

It comes with a standard battery, two tobacco nicotine liquid cartridges, and a USB charger. The liquid contains 18 mg per ml, and it is very rich and bold.

Former cigarette and cigar smokers will take to these carts like bees to honey.

Reasons to Buy

  • Two carts per pack
  • Excellent flavor
  • High nicotine concentration

#2 Green Smart Living Refill Cartridges

Four Flavors in Long-Lasting Cartridges

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The GreenSmartLiving refill cartridges are compatible with the brand’s 510-threaded batteries. And they come in four different flavors. Green smart living is limited to carrying only tobacco-based flavors. It is because of flavor restrictions in the US. Four different flavors range from Virginia Tobacco and Tobacco Gold, as well as Regular Tobacco and Menthol.


  • Authentic tobacco flavor
  • Easy-to-use
  • Long-lasting
  • Great vapor production


  • Only tobacco-based flavors

#3 Battery Packs

Green Smart Living Rechargeable Batteries

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These rechargeable batteries from Green Smart Living are an affordable and convenient way to vape CBD and THC oils.

The batteries are small, portable, and rechargeable. Better yet, they have 510 connections, making them compatible with various cartridges. Also, they come in single and triple battery packs, and every battery is recyclable.

Reasons to Buy

  • Affordable
  • Recyclable
  • Compatible with various carts

#4 Green Smart Living Salt Nicotine Refills

Refills for Fans of Nicotine Salt

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GreenSmartLiving introduces nicotine salt selections into its line-up for vapers who enjoy a more potent experience. The brand infuses its signature flavors of Tobacco and Menthol with high-quality nicotine salt. It is available in single nicotine strength, 50mg.


  • Potent nicotine sensation
  • Great flavor
  • Good throat hit
  • Great vapor production


  • Limited flavor options and nicotine strengths

Locations and Deals

The GreenSmartLiving brand is an online vape retail shop. However, vapers can find their products in select retail locations. In addition, the company offers its products wholesale. So independent vape shops can offer their products to their customers. Vapers can buy GreenSmartLiving products online. However, because of PACT Act regulations, it cannot sell its products to customers in various states.

The brand maintains a simple product line already priced for budgets. So they do not offer deals or discounts. However, the company does run a Rewards Program. So vapers can sign-up to accumulate rewards. And then points toward future purchases and discounts.

Warranty and Returns

Green Smart Living products are covered by a 30-day warranty. This includes e-cigs, carts, and various accessories. Customers can exchange a defective product for a new one.

Products can be returned up to two weeks after purchase as long as the package is unopened. Opened packages cannot be returned. Returned products must be sent back with the receipt.


Orders placed during Green Smart Living’s business hours are processed and mailed in a day. Orders placed during the weekend will not be sent out until Monday. Green Smart Living’s business hours are Monday to Thursday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm and Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Mountain Standard Time.

The Competition


The BIDI stick is the singular creation of the BIDI brand. They rival Juul for the device’s portability and pre-filled design.
The BIDI stick features an internal 280mAh battery with a pre-filled pod. It is available in several countries from Europe, Asia, and the UK. The company does not do direct-to-customer sales. But the device is available to wholesalers. The company also offers to recycle depleted BIDI devices to reduce the brand’s and device’s overall environmental impact.

Eco Vape

Eco Vape is a UK-based vape retailer. They specialize in disposable or reusable vaping devices. It means the company features a lot of easy-to-use, pod-based vapes. Also, there are more advanced models with refillable tanks and rechargeable batteries. However, the company carries high-tech box mods and regulated devices for the more experienced vaper.

Pros & Cons


  • An ethical company that gives to charities
  • Recycle program cuts down on waste
  • Sustainable business model
  • Great vapor production
  • Nicotine salt options


  • Limited product line

Conclusion: Green Smart Living Review: The Vape Brand That Gives Back

Have you ever shopped at GreenSmartLiving? What was your experience like? Do you think more vape companies should be eco-friendly? Tell us in the comments section.

GreenSmartLiving is all about sustainability and giving back to the environment. The company is a generous supporter of several environmental organizations in the US. They are fighting to protect waterways, forests, and other natural wonders. The company follows through on its mission to be environmentally friendly. Also, while providing its customers with high-quality vaping devices.

GreenSmartLiving is one of the few vape companies that recycle its products rather than letting them end up in landfills and as waste. Users can save up on their depleted cartridges. Then trade them for GSL products like batteries and other accessories. They have a limited product line. But it is still trying its best to work around heavy-handed government regulations to reach as many customers as possible.

Published: January 27, 2016 Updated: July 13, 2022



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