Eonsmoke E-Cigs Review: Small Packs Equal Clouds Of Satisfaction

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Selection: 80%
Vapor Quality: 75%
Battery Life: 75%
Value for Money: 85%
Our Verdict: Eonsmoke has a decent range of products, some stamped with their own name, and others from different brands. They also offer decent vape starter kits for new users. E-juice is available, but with an average selection. They do carry e-liquid from other makers, significantly upping their selection from weak to good.

Eonsmoke’s Best Products:

Ten-Pack of Disposable E-Cigs

BeginnersPrice: $59.99 flavor-ten-packs-of-eonsmoke-disposable-electronic-cigarettes_Eonsmoke’s disposable e-cigarettes come in six tobacco flavors: tobacco menthol, wrangler, president, sands, and frost. The ten-pack allows buyers to choose which flavors they get. E-liquid that’s pre-filled inside the disposables are 30mg in strength, so users are assured of an intense hit similar to traditional cigarettes.

The unit has a built-in atomizer that heats the pre-filled e-liquid to produce vapor. It lasts about 400 puffs, or about two packs of cigarettes, depending on how you vape. It also comes with a flip-top plastic carrying case for easy transport. The ten-pack is great for users who don’t want to mess around with charging cables and refilling.

Eonsmoke Inferno Slim Vaporizer Starter Kit

eonsmoke-inferno-slim-vaporizer-starter-kitBeginnersPrice: $64.95 One of several basic rechargeable kits in Eonsmoke’s product line, the Inferno Slim Vaporizer Starter Kit includes one rechargeable lithium ion battery, one slim e-liquid vape tank, and a USB charger.

It’s a barebones kit, but one that’s great for new users who are just starting out; especially those who are not sure if they will be vaping for long or those who want to satisfy their curiosity. The e-liquid tank is refillable and the battery is rechargeable, which gives it more value over disposable cig-a-likes. It costs less, but not by much.

Economy E-Cig Starter Kit

eonsmoke-economy-electronic-cigarette-starter-kitBeginnersPrice: $12.95 A rechargeable cig-a-like, the Eonsmoke Economy Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit includes one rechargeable lithium ion battery, two flavored cartridges (of your choice), and one USB charger.

Another barebones starter kit similar to the Inferno, but instead of a refillable tank, the Economy kit uses disposable cartridges. It comes with two cartridges, though extras can be purchased separately. This kit is great for users who just want to “plug and play” without having to fiddle with e-liquid bottles or bother themselves with refilling. It’s rechargeable, so once the battery runs out, one simply recharges instead of throwing the unit away.

Eonsmoke Eternity Kit with Liquid Tank

eonsmoke-eternity-kit-electronic-e-cigarette-with-liquid-tankBeginnersPrice: $24.99 The Eonsmoke Eternity Kit with Liquid Tank is a hybrid device that can use either a liquid tank or cartridges. It comes with one rechargeable 650mAh lithium ion battery, one clear liquid tank, and a USB charger.

Larger in size than the Inferno and Economy batteries, the Eternity houses a robust 650mAh battery that can last vapers all day. It’s called a hybrid, because it allows users to attach either a liquid tank or cartridges. It is a great kit for users who want the convenience of using cartridges with the option to refill the tank with whatever juice is desired.

Eonsmoke Millennium Kit

eonsmoke-millennium-kit-e-liquid-vaporizer-mod-dual-coil-tankBeginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $89.99 A unique kind of mod, the Eonsmoke Millennium Kit includes one rechargeable Millennium E-Liquid Vaporizer, one charger, one 18350mAh removable battery, one Millennium Dual Coil Tank, a user manual, and a gift box.

The Millennium is powered by an 18350 removable battery that can last users a day of vaping. Because the battery is removable, users can purchase extra batteries to ensure continued vaping while away from a power source. What makes it unique is that the mod itself has a microprocessor-controlled device that outputs a constant 8.5 watts. Even if the battery is about to die, the device will output the same power as if it was fully charged. The kit also comes with a refillable dual coil tank with a 3ml capacity. Being dual coil, users can expect plumes of vapor with each puff.

A capable mod designed for beginners looking for more power, it is also a great backup for advanced users who need a powerful, stealthy alternative to their bulky devices.

Eonsmoke Nova Battery 2600mAh Pack with Eternity Tank

eonsmoke-nova-battery-2600-mah-pack-with-eternity-tankAdvanced UsersPrice: $49.99 An advanced regulated mod that is both variable voltage and variable wattage, the Eonsmoke Nova Battery 2600mAh Pack with the Eternity Tank is designed for advanced users who need more power in a portable package. Included in the kit are one rechargeable 2600mAh Nova Battery pack, one Eternity Tank, one charger, a user manual, and a gift box.

The Nova Battery is a fully loaded device. Variable voltage and variable wattage, it also has a passthrough function so users can vape while charging. There is an LCD screen that displays information, such as current watts/voltage, battery life, and ohm meter. Its massive 2600mAh battery can last vapers a day or two of usage. It can also act as a power bank to charge other mobile devices.

Variable voltage range is from 3.3 volts to 5 volts and can be adjusted in 0.1 volt increments. As a variable wattage device, it can be adjusted in 0.5 watt increments ranging from 6 watts to 11 watts. There is also a puff counter and a slew of safety features, such as short circuit protection, atomizer protection, and over-discharge protection.

The device is an advanced mod, so some knowledge regarding battery charging, proper usage, ohm readings, and other technical information is required.

Eonsmoke E-Liquid

berry-mist-flavor-eonsmoke-e-liquid-15-ml-bottle-vape-juice-hookah-juiceBeginners and Advanced UsersPrice: $89.99 E-cigarettes and mods make up only half of the vape experience. The other half is what makes it enjoyable: e-liquid. Eonsmoke E-Liquid is affordable and tastes ok. Vapor production is decent, but like the flavor, is nothing great. Flavors are mostly basic, but users who want something more exotic and unique can browse through Eonsmoke’s website for premium e-liquid from other brands.

Eonsmoke’s lines of e-liquids are basically rebadged e-juice from China. Made by Dekang, one of the more popular Chinese brands, users shouldn’t expect top-shelf quality. Given its price and decent performance, Eonsmoke E-liquid is good enough for users, if nothing else is available.

Some More Details

Overall, Eonsmoke is a company that tries its best to catch up with the bigger names in the industry. Its starter kits are of good quality and value and the mods they offer are decent, as well. The company also copies designs from other brands and modders, though no improvements are made. They do have the courtesy to label these products as copies of the original.

For the advanced models, users are better off searching elsewhere. Eon Smoke’s most powerful model is equivalent to the weakest of some brands. This is not to say they are bad, but rather, those who need maximum power and customization are best served elsewhere.

For users who don’t need very much power, who are ok with what Eonsmoke has to offer, the device is a good value for the money. Beginners and advanced users will find something for themselves at Eonsmoke, but hardcore vapers will likely want to look somewhere else.

Published: August 13, 2015 Updated: August 27, 2019



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  • Av

    June 12, 2018 at 9:34 pm

    There’s a update to economy kit with bigger battery and a new Infinity kit. And could u also provide tank capacity of other products?

  • John

    January 7, 2018 at 10:29 pm

    The new JUUL Compatible Pods by Eonsmoke are awesome. I got them for a great price at vapersandpapers.com.