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CBD Oil Tincture
Every Day Optimal CBD Oil Tincture
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  • 2000mg of high-quality CBD
  • Serving size is ½ dropper
  • 33mg of CBD per serving

Every Day Optimal’s CBD tincture is a heavy-dose formulation of full-spectrum cannabidiol. The tincture contains no additives or sweete...

CBD Oil Gummies
Every Day Optimal CBD Gummies
  • Gummies have no fat content
  • Serving size = 1 gummy
  • 15mg of CBD per serving (depending on concentration)
Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture
Every Day Optimal CBD Broad Spectrun Oil Tincture
  • Third-party tested and certified
  • A full-spectrum CBD product
  • No detectable levels of THC

Brand Overview

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Every Day Optimal aims to be the CBD company that brings relief to the millions of consumers who turn to hemp extract to ease their aches and pains. The company positions itself as a medical-based hemp company that also aims to create products that could potentially help its customers find relief through hemp.

For this reason, the company has no e-juice based products. Nor do they sell pre-filled vape cartridges filled with high-quality CBD. It takes a different approach and is more adult-oriented, which means it packages its hemp extract in familiar forms like capsules, tinctures, and balms. But, to show that the company is not all business, it also carries a line of edibles and gummies, as well as CBD treats for pets.
The company started in 2016 and has since grown to have two bases, one in North Carolina and the other in Scotland. The company, however, only sources its hemp from US-based growers. The company also prizes transparency in all its efforts, which is why it tests all of its products in third-party labs to ensure the safety and accuracy of the products.

In its drive to make CBD more readily available, the company also offers several deals and discounts. Those deals will be discussed later, but the company offers them so that everyone can take advantage of premium cannabidiol without breaking the bank. The company also offers fast shipping, and discreet packaging so consumers can be secure in their purchases.

The Every Day Optimal Product Line

Every Day Optimal is a health and wellness-oriented company. This means that they do not make vape cartridges or prefilled pens. Users can choose from a variety of products from the Every Day Optimal line for their CBD needs. The line consists mostly of tinctures, balms, and capsules. They also have a line of edibles. For a better idea of their product line, users should visit the Day Optimal CBD website.

#1 CBD Oil Tincture

A Heavy-Dose, Easy-to-Take Tincture

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Every Day Optimal’s CBD tincture is a heavy-dose formulation of full-spectrum cannabidiol. The tincture contains no additives or sweeteners so it is completely free of any added chemicals. The tincture is also third-party tested so users can take it with peace of mind. The tincture does contain all-natural ingredients including grapeseed oil, as well as organic hemp seed oil. The tincture also features a hint of peppermint oil to make it more appealing to users. The tincture comes in a 30ml bottle with a dropper that allows for precise dosing. Users can take a full dropper or half a dropper, the latter of which is the serving size.

#2 Broad Spectrum CBD Oil Tincture

A Full-Spectrum Tincture With Great Flavor

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The Every Day Optimal Broad Spectrum Tincture is a lower-dose option for people just starting with CBD. The tincture features the same high-quality hemp extract as all EDO products, but it features a wide array of beneficial cannabinoids, excluding THC, which has been extracted out. Users can choose from among three different concentrations including 300mg. 600mg, and 1000mg. There are no artificial sweeteners or additives, except for a hint of natural peppermint flavor to give the oil a pleasing taste. The other ingredients include all-natural hemp and grapeseed oil, which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and other antioxidants.

#3 CBD Oil Gummies

A Tasty, High-Potency Treat for CBD Users

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The Day Optimal CBD gummies are a treat that tastes great and delivers a medium-dose of high-quality CBD. There are varying levels of CBD concentrations for the gummies. Users can start with the low-dose 10mg variety or choose to move up to the 15mg dosage. Finally, there are 25mg strength gummies for those who need an extra boost. The gummies feature a mix of natural and artificial ingredients, as most edible CBD products do. The gummies come in either 30 or 60 individual pieces. Users can take as many gummies as they want to benefit from the CBD inside. The gummies are also convenient and can be taken anywhere, at any time.

#4 CBD Oil For Pets

A Sure-Fire Way to Get Pets to Take CBD

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Brands features a pet-friendly CBD concoction that is sure to make pets love taking their hemp extract. The company has a line of pet-conscious products that range from tinctures, as well as treats. This tincture features high-quality hemp extract and can be given in a variety of ways. Owner can add a few drops to their animal’s food or water. They can also give their pets the oil directly with one or two drops in the mouth. The oil is safe for both cats and dogs. It contains no added or artificial ingredients and is completely vegan. The oil does have an all-natural beef flavoring and contains no traces of THC. Dosage size depends on the size of your pet. Smaller animals need only 1-3 drops, while bigger animals require ½ a dropper full of CBD oil.

Other Products in the Day Optimal CBD Line-Up

The Optimal CBD brand is a health-oriented one so it has many CBD and wellness products that use other natural ingredients. Every Day Optimal even pairs hemp extract with other essential oils and supplements, like their line of capsules that features a blend of CBD with turmeric or moringa. The capsules have dedicated applications such as for sleeping, relaxation.

There is even a formulation that deals specifically with fibromyalgia, which is intended to ease user’s symptoms with an all-natural remedy. But users should always consult their doctor if they want to take CBD as an additional treatment along with any prescribed medication they are taking.

When it comes to pain relief, Day Optimal CBD has you covered. Not only can someone take any of the brand’s products for pain relief, but the brand also offers users a cream especially for joint, back, and muscle pain. The pain cream contains 300mg of all-natural CBD, as well as other ingredients like turmeric and arnica. Even more fascinating is a chewing gum product that the company offers, which contains 10mg of pure hemp extract in every piece.

Deals and Discounts

The brand does not have any explicit discounts for users. It does, however, offer its customers a subscription program where they can earn points as well as discounts. The brand does, of course, run sales on various products that can help people enjoy the benefits of hemp extract without spending too much money.

Users can find products sale all over the company’s website. First-time buyers can also take advantage of the 10% off deal if they subscribe to the company’s newsletter. The company’s subscription program works like this: users can sign-up (there’s no fee for registering) to take advantage of the plan’s free shipping for all subscribed users.

After they have signed up, users can choose from an array of plans that meet their needs and budgets. All subscribed users get free shipping on their orders, on top of the savings that come with each plan.

Where To Buy Every Day Optimal Products

The brand ships its products to retail partners all over the US. Users should check with their local CBD shop or supplier to see if they carry any company’s products. Users can, of course, also order products directly from the website. The brand offers users a 30-day money-back guarantee.

If users are not satisfied with their purchase, they can contact the company directly and send the product back, but it must be within the 30-day limit. Users can also exchange a product for a greater or lesser value. The company will not, however, make up the difference if a customer selects a product of lesser value.

The Competition

Populum CBD


Populum CBD and Every Day Optimal have very similar philosophies regarding hemp extract. The two brands are very health-conscious and market CBD as a useful health supplement for an adult demographic. Neither company sells vape pens or pre-filled tanks with CBD oil. They focus exclusively on easy-to-use, discreet CBD products that are in-line with other popular supplements.

This means Populum has an extensive line of tinctures, balms, creams, and edibles that users can take discreetly and conveniently. Populum also has several retail partners and can be found in various CBD shops as well as health stores. Users can also buy directly from the Populum website.

Bloom CBD


The Bloom brand is very different from either Populum or Day Optimal, as it focuses mostly on vape cartridges and pre-filled tanks. The California-based brand deals exclusively with pre-filled vape cartridges that feature high-quality CBD oil, as well as edible products, also made with natural hemp extract.

Bloom also markets a line of high-quality THC-dominant oils that also come in pre-filled vape cartridges. Users cannot order Bloom products online but must find participating retail stores to purchase Bloom products.

Conclusion: Every Day Optimal Review: CBD For Every Day

Every Day Optimal started with a simple mission to bring CBD to the people. It also started with the goal of sourcing only the highest-quality, naturally-grown hemp, which is the basis for every quality CBD product. The brand has achieved their goals, and then some.

The company has a very specific market that they cater too which includes adults who want to make hemp extract a part of their overall health and wellness regimen. The brand’s products are ideal for those who want to take regular products that are not vape-related and are similar to other health supplements found on the market.


  • Health and wellness-focused
  • A wide variety of products
  • Reasonable prices
  • Free shipping (if you become a subscriber)
  • Pet-friendly products


  • No vape products
Published: January 11, 2021 Updated: January 11, 2021

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