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Bloom Vape Cartridges
Bloom Vape Cartridges
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  • CCELL disposable cartridge containing Bloom Oil
  • Ceramic Heating element for even heat distribution
  • Available in 500mg and 1g sizes

Bloom cartridges are CCELL disposable cartridges that contain the Bloom Oil and can be used with the Bloom Vape Pen. These have large cha...

Bloom Vape Drops
Bloom Vape Drops
  • Portable and Compact
  • Can be used in different ways - dabbing, edibles or food
  • Available in 800ml applicator syringe
Bloom Pod - Pineapple Express
Bloom Vape DART
  • Refreshing, tropical flavor, sweet pineapple notes
  • Compatible with Bloom DART Device
  • Contains 500mg of Oil

Bloom Brand’s Overview


Bloom is a brand that offers Cannabis lifestyle products and is based in Encino, California. It boasts an impressive line of Cannabis Vape Pens, Drops and many interesting flavors to choose from. Their oils and devices are designed to be hassle-free and easy to use. Their catalog includes a Vape Mod, which comes with a Bloom battery, however it is compatible with any standard 510 threaded battery with a range of 3.2 to 3.7 volts.

The vape claims a charging time of 3-4 hours for a full charge. The cartridges come in 2 sizes – 500mg, which lasts for about 150 puffs and 1g, which lasts for about 300 puffs as claimed on their website. They also have an oil applicator called the ‘Bloom Drop’ which is used to infuse dabs, edibles to increase their potency and elongate the time the effects last for.

Their Cannabis extract called ‘Bloom Oil’ is a pure, high potency blend of up to 80% THC and 10% terpenes with various different terpene profiles to choose from. It is free from any other additives like VG, PG and Vitamin E acetate. They use a special ethanol-based extraction method for their oils. The Oil is triple distilled and certified by third-party testing facilities (Capna Labs).

Users can choose from a wide variety of flavors, based on classic strains of Cannabis, such as Champagne Kush, Maui Wowie and Skywalker. Their products are aimed at microdosing enthusiasts who appreciate a smooth and safe vaping experience. Their products are available in brick and mortar stores across 4 states currently – Washington, California, New Mexico and Nevada.

Bloom Vape Review: ACloser Look Into Select Products in 2022

#1 Bloom Vape Cartridges

Pure Cannabis Oil Cartridges In A Range of Classic Flavors

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Bloom cartridges are CCELL disposable cartridges that contain the Bloom Oil and can be used with the Bloom Vape Pen. These have large chambers, and more entry points designed for even distribution of the oil. This ensures a rich vaping experience, and the ceramic heating elements, help produce a smooth vapor and a rich, intense flavor. The cartridges come in 2 sizes, 500mg and 1g.

The cartridges are available in 11 classic flavors. The oil has a high potency with up to 80% THC and 10% Terpene content. The unique blend of cannabinoids and terpenes is based on popular strains of marijuana. Flavors such as the Sativa-based Maui Wowie with its Mango base and notes of Coconut and Citrus, and the Indica-based Skywalker with its herbal tones seem quite popular with vapers.

#2 Bloom Vape Drops

Compact Oil Applicator With Versatile Uses

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The Bloom Drop is an oil applicator syringe that contains the same Bloom Oil used in their other products. It’s compact and ideal for vapers with portable rigs. The syringe contains 800ml of oil that can be used for infusion into food or for dabbing. The THC in this Oil is pre-activated, so there is no need to additionally heat or cook the Oil to enjoy the experience.

The Oil is free from any other ingredients and hence can be used with any food or edible to increase their potency. The Oil is available in 11 flavors such as Super Lemon Haze, Blue Dream (Blueberry base), and King Louie XIII (Woody and Herbal flavor).

#3 Bloom Pod - Pineapple Express

Refreshing Tropical Flavor Blended With Classic Cannabis Oil

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The Pineapple Express DART Pod contains the Bloom Oil but in a compact Pod form. These disposable, leak-proof pods are available in 500mg sizes and fully compatible with the Bloom DART. The strain itself is super sweet with a strong flavor of Pineapple (hence the name) and notes of Cedar, giving it a refreshing tropical vibe.

The flavor, like all other Bloom flavors, contains only cannabinoids and terpenes. It’s free from any additives such as Vitamin E Acetate, VG and PG. This flavor is ideal for vapers who appreciate saccharine, fruity flavors. Also, The DART pod that this flavor comes in offers the same functionality as the vape but with added discreet features and no-touch operation.

Bloom Vape Review: What Is Its Delivery Policy Like?

Bloom products are not sold through their website, and are only available at select brick and mortar shops. However, their website has a convenient shop locator that shows a wide variety of locations across California, Washington state, New Mexico and Las Vegas.

Bloom Vape Review: Does It Offer Discounts?

The website does not appear to have any discount section or otherwise. Discounts may or may not be offered by individual dispensaries. Users can check for stores nearest to them for any deals or offers running on the brand.

Warranty by the Brand

Bloom offers a replacement for all its products in case customers contact them upon receiving a wrong device, oil or anything defective. However, return policies vary from store to store.

Many of them require the original packaging and more than half the oil inside the cartridge for valid returns. Users can contact the brand via the email address mentioned on their website for more information.

Customer Service Reviews

Based on reviews across multiple websites, Bloom enjoys a favorable reputation among its customer base. Many websites show overwhelmingly positive reviews by vape enthusiasts who seem to enjoy these products.

Reviews mention the smooth and consistent vaping experience across all their devices. With up to 80% THC content in the oil, users have reported longer lasting effects and pleasant, flavorful experience. Most brick and mortar shops also have representatives of the Bloom brand to help vapers decide which Bloom product is ideal for them.

The Main Competitors

Bloom Vape vs. Vape Attic


Vape Attic, is a family-owned vaping brand operating out of Kansas. They have a brick and mortar store but no online retail presence. Unlike Bloom, Vape Attic does not retail any marijuana-based products due to regulatory reasons. However, they offer a variety of e-juices, vape devices and vaping accessories.

Their store features a vaping lounge where users and vape and try out different puff bars to see what works for them. While Bloom products are free from any additives, Vape Attic’s e-juices come in different strengths like 80/20 and 70/30 VG/PG.

Bloom Vape vs. Open Vape


Similar to the Bloom Brand, Open Vape also sells Vape devices as well as Marijuana Oil extracts. However, it also ships across the US and in select countries internationally, whereas Bloom products are only available in select brick and mortar stores across California, Nevada, New Mexico and Washington State. While Open Vape uses supercritical CO2 extraction for their oils, Bloom brand relies on ethanol-based Mini Atlas extraction method.

Open Vape mods support 3 different voltage levels, whereas Bloom pens with up to 3.7 volts. Open Vape oils (branded ISH) are available in different flavors and in 500 mg cartridges. Just like Bloom, their offerings are also free from additives.


Are bloom vape pens safe?

Bloom Pens are made by CCELL technologies that ensure a high quality vape pen. Their oils only contain cannabinoids and a blend of terpenes without any harmful additives.

How much is a bloom vape?

Bloom cartridges are available in two sizes that are priced differently. Their 500 mg cartridge retails for $30, while the 1 gm cartridge is priced at $50.

Are bloom cartridges good?

Bloom cartridges are high quality oils with high potency, and rich flavor. The CCELL ceramic element in the cartridge helps to produce a dense and smooth vapor.

How do you use a bloom vape pen?

The Bloom vape pen is draw-activated without any need for apps or buttons. They recommend taking a dry hit from the cartridge before connecting to the battery to ensure that the cotton in the wick absorbs the flavor and avoids burning the wick.

Final Thoughts: Promoting Purity and Quality

Bloom oils and devices are worth exploring for users that want to enjoy marijuana products at their own time, in the privacy of their homes. Their range of pure oil is blended with natural terpenes for maximum effect and potency.

They are third-party lab tested, free of any additives and are available in different unique flavors with classic marijuana strain profiles. The Bloom devices such as Dart, Vape Pen and Drop offer versatile ways to the user for consuming the oils.


  • Pure Cannabis oil with terpenes – Free from any additives and solvents such as VG/PG and Vitamin E acetate.
  • Oil can be consumed in different ways at home in privacy – vaping, dabbing or added to edibles or food.
  • Bloom devices are draw-activated with a no-button operation
  • Variety of unique flavors based on classic strains of cannabis.


  • No online retail presence.
  • Not enough details on the warranty and discount on their website.
Published: June 15, 2020 Updated: July 29, 2021

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