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Full-Spectrum CBD Oil
Populum Full Spectrum Hemp Oil
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  • Full-spectrum extract
  • Rich in antioxidants and cannabinoids
  • Available in three CBD concentrations: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg

Populum’s flagship product, this full-spectrum CBD oil can be taken sublingually (or mixed with food and drink) and features only purif...

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules
Populum Full Spectrum Hemp Capsules
  • Main Ingredients: full-spectrum hemp extract, naturally-occurring cannabinoids, MCT coconut oil
  • THC-Free (only trace amounts)
  • Lab tests available online
Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil
Populum Zen Pets Hemp Oil
  • Available in two CBD concentrations: 100mg (3.3mg per serving) and 250mg (8mg)
  • Made with plant-based, natural ingredients
  • Good for cats and dogs

An Up-Close Look at Populum

Populum founder, Gunhee Park, began the company after realizing the potential of health benefits of hemp extract. It is a safe, organic, non-intoxicating remedy for many common, but also serious, ailments, despite being criminalized for many years. Conscious of the stigma, Park wanted to make sure that people felt assured about taking cannabidiol to treat pains, as well as for cosmetic reasons, or just to relax.

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The brand has, to this end, made sure it sources its hemp plants from certified growers in Colorado. It also submits the extract to a battery of testing performed by third-party operators to make sure the finished product has no harmful or unwanted substances. The company also keeps a focus on health and wellness, as well as beauty products, and their line for four-legged customers.

Users will not find vape pens or e-juices or even edibles on the Populum online store. The brand is centered around a more sophisticated use of the supplement, as it creates and markets an extensive line of health and beauty products like creams, body rubs, face creams, and oils. Users can also find bundle sets, so they can sample a little bit of everything from the Populum line.


The sets are aimed at certain uses like supplements and creams to help with sleep, or a bundle dedicated to pet care. Users can order directly from the company through its website or look for Populum products in hemp specialty shops.

The brand also features a special 30-day trial offer for first-time customers. The satisfaction guarantee applies only to one product, but if users are not satisfied with the product, they can return it for a full refund, within 30-days of receiving it.

Top CBD Products

Populum emphasizes the healthy, restorative aspects of CBD and its product line reflects that focus. Users will find a limited product line that places a premium on cosmetic products, wellness items for the body, and, of course, a selection of products for furry CBD-users.

#1 Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

A Starter Product for the CBD-Curious

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Populum’s flagship product, this full-spectrum CBD oil can be taken sublingually (or mixed with food and drink) and features only purified hemp extract with no additional isolates or by-products. Lab-tests confirm this, as well as showing the CBD oil is free of heavy metals, solvents, and pesticides. Users will also find helpful cannabinoids like CBG, and CBN, while the levels of terpenes like limonene are as high as 25mg/g (which is good). Populum also infuses orange essence into all their pure CBD oil to make ingestion more flavorful, which is a trademark of the brand.

#2 Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

Convenient and Mess-Free

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Populum’s CBD capsules offer users a simple, convenient ingestion method of the brand’s extra-refined, full-spectrum hemp extract. Users can take one in the morning, or at night when they are going to sleep to experience the full benefits of the pure cannabidiol inside. The soft-gel capsules are easy to take and are accurately dosed, so there is no need to measure out a dosage. Users have two concentration options. They can choose from a 450mg serving or a 750mg option, the latter of which is now 100% vegan. Each bottle holds thirty capsules, with a dose of 15mg per capsule for the 450mg variety, and 25mg per capsule for the 750mg option.

#3 Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil

Only the Best Ingredients for Pets

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The Zen Pets Calming Hemp Oil from Populum is a specially formulated tincture for use with pets, both cats and dogs. The CBD oil helps calm frayed nerves and relieves pets from other non-serious ailments like stress, anxiety, and minor aches and pains. This tincture comprises Populum’s full-spectrum hemp extract but at lower concentrations for their regular CBD oils. This formulation also features healthy, all-natural ingredients like cold-pressed hemp seed oil and extra virgin coconut oil. Users can give their pet the appropriate dose either orally or mixed in with their food.

#4 Beginner CBD Set

A Taste of Everything Populum

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The Beginner CBD set is for those starting with hemp extract and curious to experience the potential benefits. The set comprises the full-spectrum tincture, a cold-therapy hemp rub, and the Zen Pets calming oil. The tincture is the 250mg variety that has 8mg of CBD per serving. The cold-therapy hemp rub is a soothing balm for aching muscles and joints that features 100mg of hemp extract. The Calming CBD Oil is specially formulated for pets and can be given with a few drops on the tongue or mixed in with your pet’s food.

Using Populum Products

Each CBD product has different ingestion methods depending on the category. The products listed here do not represent the entire Populum line, but the same ingestion methods apply to each category regardless of the brand. The tincture, for example, can be taken sublingually, that is with a few drops held under the tongue (for about 30 seconds for full effect) or mixed in with food and beverages like tea or coffee.

The same applies to the tincture for pets, as the company recommends the same delivery method. The cream can be applied to any affected areas like muscles and joints, while the capsules are the most convenient ingestion method as it is accurately-dosed and ready to consume by swallowing one or two a day.

Shipping Policies

The brand offers free shipping for its bundle packages, like the Beginner CBD Set, but shipping costs for other products are determined at the checkout. Users can upgrade to Priority Shipping for an additional 7$ to receive their product within 3-5 business days.

The brand only ships via the USPS and only to customers in the US; it does not offer international shipping. Users can also refer to the brand’s website for a list of retail stores that carry Populum products.

Lab Testing

The company triple-tests all their products to ensure they are not only free of unwanted substances but that they also contain the stated concentration of cannabinoids. The company ships a paper copy of each product’s lab results with the product so users can see for themselves. They also publish the results online in an easy-to-read format.

The test results show the lengths that the company goes to make sure its products are safe and honest. Users will find test results that look for heavy metals, solvents, and harmful bacteria along with cannabinoid and terpene quantities.

Subscription Policy

The company offers all customers a subscription option that lets them save 20% off the initial price of any Populum product. Users are prompted at check-out or they can sign-up outright from the special subscription section.

A subscription comes with free shipping to anywhere in the US, as well as free rewards and gifts only for subscribers. Users can cancel at any time, and the brand’s 30-day free trial still applies for products bought with a subscription.

Competing Brands

Green Roads CBD


Green Roads CBD is a South-Florida-based maker of cannabidiol products that come straight from American-grown hemp plants. The company employs C02-extraction to obtain full-spectrum hemp extract, which they then use to create a wide variety of CBD products from oils, rubs, and edibles to coffee, tea, and bath bombs. The company sells directly via its website, but Green Roads products can also be found in local CBD retailers.

CBD Genesis


CBD Genesis is an aggregator site that offers a wide range of CBD products from several different makers and manufacturers. The site offers users a wider range of products than either Green Roads or Populum.

The company offers users the chance to try different CBD-infused vape juices, as well as vape pens pre-filled with hemp extract. The brand also offers vape accessories like batteries and tanks, but it also carries CBD-dominant dry herb for use with vaporizers.


  • Small product line emphasizes quality
  • Full transparency (lab tests, ingredients list)
  • Accurate labeling
  • 20% off all products with a subscription
  • 30-day free trial on all products (except for bundles)


  • Not a lot of variety

Conclusion: Populum CBD Review: A Company Committed to Quality

Populum has staked a claim as a CBD company with a face. The company makes no secret about who they are or who works there, as that visibility is in step with the brand’s commitment to full transparency.

As they show customers everything about its products, it also shows everything about themselves. The product line is small, but small-batch products are always prized for their high-quality and all-natural ingredients.

The brand keeps a focus on health and wellness while staying out of other CBD formats like edibles (although they have pet treats), vape juices, and pre-filled tanks. The brand keeps it simple, so users have an easier time deciding what they want to try, including the many bundle sets they offer.

Published: June 27, 2020 Updated: January 13, 2021

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