Mighty Vaporizer Review – A New Industry Standard?

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The Mighty Vaporizer is the predecessor of the popular Crafty. They are Storz and Bickel products that specialize herb and concentrates. Mighty has reigned the world of portable vaporizers for several years. The million-dollar question is, is it still one of the very the best vaporizers? This despite its drawbacks and the fact that many new vapes have been launched after it. Let’s try to find the answer.

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Mighty Vaporizer Review


I’ve been using this for quite a while, and it truly is a Storz & Bickel product. All the focus is on the performance, better vapors, and hassle-free vaping, and none on the design.

If I had to compare it to a desktop vaporizer, I’d say it’s closest to the monstrosity, the Volcano. You can immediately see that it’s one of the bigger handheld vaporizers on the market at the moment. You could easily share this with your friends like the Volcano, and it will get the job done.

Just like the Volcano, there is no hiding this beast of a vaporizer. If you’re in public, you need to be loud and proud. Otherwise, it will look quite odd trying to hide a massive vaporizer in your coat pocket. The Mighty is not compatible with the Crafty Remote Control. But it works perfectly for when you want to remember your perfect session for later at those settings.

So, it is a more portable, a little less powerful version of the Volcano.

Plastic isn’t Always Cheap

The Mighty is made of a thick plastic but doesn’t feel cheap at all. I’d like to think that this isn’t a cost-cutting measure as much as it is to make it more durable. Cleaning the Mighty Vaporizer is also fairly easy. The herb chamber is going to be the main point of contention when cleaning. This is because that’s where all the buildup is causing your pull strength to go up.

When looking at the Mighty vaporizer, your first thought immediately goes to one word: Powerful. It looks like a home vaporizer where someone cut the cord off and it acts like it too. The dual battery slots allow for you to get around 90 minutes of use before the vaporizer dies. It’s okay because most times you’re going to be using this at home. Those two batteries allow for you to have a very powerful vapor production. It can rival the Plenty, but in a more handheld form.

The LED screen on the front allows for you to be very precise. This is when you’re picking your temperature and get that perfect session and save it for next time. This vaporizer, while big and bulky, is for everyone to use. After a couple of seconds, you will know how it works. Additionally, after a couple of sessions, you will be a pro at it. It’s that simple and easy.

But Wait, There’s More!

The Mighty comes with a truckload of accessories that heighten the experience by a good $50. It first comes with an oil pad. It’s for use with concentrates. However, you can also use in place of herb in case you don’t want to pack it all the way. But since Mighty is a conduction-based vaporizer, you have to pack it well. And even with enough herbs in the chamber, I’d suggest putting the oil pad on top. It snugly fills the chamber which can ensure better, smoother vaporization.

Speaking of packing, it also comes with a grinder that has a packing tool attached. This way, you can get a fine pack and a coarse grind on the herb. As I mentioned before, the cleaning of the product is really easy. The cleaning brush that comes with it helps that process.

The heat up time of the Mighty vaporizer is also very impressive. It takes around 2 minutes for it heat up. While that is a bit high for a portable vaporizer, given its size, it’s still quite remarkable. Its temperature to vapor production is also great, the higher the heat, the denser the cloud. However, at highest temperature levels, the taste starts to diminish a little.

Drawbacks of Mighty Vaporizer

There are always a few downsides of any product, even the very best ones. Nothing is perfect. As you can see when holding, the Mighty vaporizer is just that, Mighty. It is a large device. Therefore, you won’t be able to stick it in your pocket, especially if you wear skinny jeans.

Mighty VaporizerFor some people, myself included, holding it with a solid grip is difficult because I have rather small hands. The battery is also a bit of a nuisance. It’s fine to use it at home. However, if don’t have the charger with you, don’t plan on going out for too long. This is because that 90 minutes will go very fast.

The main reason I bring up the battery is this. For a $399 vaporizer, I shouldn’t have to worry if my battery will die in less than two hours. However, it has pass-through charging so you can vape even when the unit is charging.

Now, just because there is some bad doesn’t mean there is no good. The vapor quality is amazing in this as I said earlier. The battery meter and digital thermometer are helpful. The Mighty vaporizer works best with concentrates but also works very well with herbs. The vapor flavor is also very good, and you’ll never have a pull where you’re lacking.

Pros and Cons of the Mighty Vaporizer


  • Excellent Vapor Quality
  • Ease of Use
  • Long Battery Life
  • Top Shelf Build Quality

  • Not Really Pocketable
  • No Dedicated App

Is Mighty Vaporizer a Winner?

Overall, yes, I love the Mighty vaporizer. If you are looking to upgrade from a lower tier vape then it is great. However, if portability is more important than functionality for you, look elsewhere. The Mighty is mostly targeted towards people who want a (semi) handheld version of the Volcano.

The $400 price tag is a bit steep, but you’re paying for what you get, which is a quality product. You’re most likely going to use this as a small desktop vaporizer. As it’s only benefited by the fact that it has pass-through charging. You never have to unplug it. The Mighty vaporizer is defiantly a winner and deserves two thumbs up.


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  • Tony
    January 11, 2020 at 4:16 am

    rubbish machine dont buy

  • Anthony
    December 7, 2018 at 7:08 am

    Actually the batteries can be replaced but they do not recommend you doing so and it will void your warranty however with that being said stores in Bickel has absolutely the best customer service on planet earth and are quick to send out replacement parts and or the entire unit if need be. One of the best companies I’ve ever dealt with in my entire life .

  • frank teodosio
    December 18, 2017 at 2:36 am

    When the battery dies for good like in dead, can the battery be replaced ?

    • Ken
      December 19, 2017 at 12:19 am

      Yes,if the mighty is completely dead you can plug and use. Batteries can’t be replaced. I use it on a daily use several times a day for a year now still working like it’s day 1.