5 Vaping Apps — The Most Popular Vapor Apps for Mobiles


by James Bickford

Updated: February 2, 2021

vapor apps for mobiles

With the vaping industry exploding with popularity, what help is there for a vaper looking to optimize their setup or create a flavor? Well, various vapor and quit smoking apps have popped up to offer help. With so many apps to choose from which ones should you care about?

Top-Rated Vaping Apps

1. Vaffle

An innovative app, Vaffle integrates vaping with social networking – allowing you to share all your cool vape moments, follow other vapers (or your friends) to see what they are up to, discover vapers from around the world that are sharing things you both love, meet vape friends, share vape tips, share vape photos and/or videos, use vape tools, find nearby stores, and much more.

vaffle app screen

Aside from its cool features, it also allows users to obtain goods free of charge as they offer gifts, including kits, corresponding to the points that users earn by posting, liking, or commenting. It also has some of the most useful vapor apps and tools like coil calculator, battery life, e-liquid DIY, mod direction, vapor apps diary, and Ohm’s law.

Vaffle is free to download and use and is available on both Android and iOS devices.


  • It has everything a vaper could possibly ever need;
  • You can connect with other users – it is basically Facebook for vapers


  • It still has some bugs and it glitches or crashes sometimes

2. Pocket Vapor Calculator

Pocket Vapor Calculator does what it is supposed to do – calculating the coil for e-cig vapor. It has several features such as materials helix 9, showing and/or calculating the different number of coils and the different number of wires in micro-coil, determining the optimal voltage to vape on, calculating the coil resistance, calculating the surface power, calculating the length of the wire, and input voltage with a range of 1 to 20 volts. It also calculates Clapton well and accurately.

Pocket Vapor Calculator app screen

Pocket Vapor Calculator is a free application and could be installed on Android devices.


  • It works great and provides accurate information;
  • YIt could really help one who is starting to build coils;/li>
  • It is far better to understand than other vapor calculators available


  • There is no help section or FAQ

3. Vape Tool

Vape Tool saves vapers’ time and money by helping them make only the perfect coils and e-liquids. It lets you calculate your coil and also supports multi-coil setups like parallel coil, Clapton coil, and twister coil. It also shows you the ideal wattage (Sweet Spot Finder feature) for your coil setup and helps you prepare your own e-liquid with its Liquid Blender Calculator feature. The Pro version, on the other hand, integrates more features like additional coil types, advanced Sweet Spot Finder, flavors consume system, batteries chart, minimum batter resistance, Ohm’s law widget, wires lobby, and wires length. The Pro version also has no ads.

Vape Tool app screen

Vape Tool is available as a free app on Android and has a Pro version that costs $3.49. This vaping app is also available on the Apple store but with a different name – Coil Builder.


  • It is a great app for those who are into mech mods, RTAs, and RDAs;
  • The free version has surprisingly low ads;
  • Has an amazing interface, information, and tools


  • It could use a forum where questions can be asked

4. E-liquid Recipes

E-liquid Recipes helps you make your own e-liquid with its expanding database of e-liquid recipes. This app allows you to select and mix a delicious e-liquid for your vape. It also allows you to add recipes to your Favorite Recipes and comment on and rate the recipes and flavors. With this app, you can share your own (or not) recipe with your friends and keep a record of your flavors.

E-liquid Recipes app screen

You can also view information about the manufacturers and flavors and subscribe to other users. Adding a recipe lets you enter the amount in mL, the PG / VG content, your desired strength, and the nicotine strength.

E-liquid recipes is available for free on the Google Play Store.


  • You get a lot of freedom as it allows you to manipulate your recipe all you want;
  • The calculations are accurate;
  • The sharing recipes feature is quite a rewarding experience


  • It could use a forum where questions can be asked

5. Vapertrack

Simply put, Vapertrack is an application that calculates how many cigarettes you have not smoked since you quit smoking and how much money you’ve saved as a result. It provides a few rough guesses at how much healthier you’ve become since you switched to vaping, too. It also allows you to record your expenses on vapor apps, stuff and add/edit e-liquid recipes of your liking.

Vapertrack app screen

For added convenience, it could be added as a widget to your home screen so you could see, without opening the app, the number of cigarettes that you have not smoked. It also shows you various achievements as a motivator to vape rather than smoke.

Vapertrack is available for free on the Google Play Store.


  • Motivates you to stay cigarette-free;
  • Has tons of functionality and useful features


  • An additional feature like logging puffs each day or week would be a great improvement

Top APPs to Control Vapes

1. DaVinci Vaporizer

DaVinci’s mobile app lets you craft your own experience by allowing you to explore new capabilities of your DaVinci IQ – like real time tracking, precision temperature control, and provided information resources. The app and your vaporizer is connected via Bluetooth. With this mobile app, you can turn on your vaporizer with your mobile phone and customize its Smart Path and toggle vibration alerts, Stealth Mode, and temperature unit. With the provided information resources, the support portal could be accessed to answer the most common and important questions about your vaporizer and its accessories. The app also lets you record and track your vapor path.

davinci app screen

The DAVINCI Vaporizer is available on both Android and iOS devices for free.


  • Recent updates have made the app better than ever;
  • It is convenient, amazing, and user-friendly;
  • It syncs quickly and is super easy to set up


  • The app still isn’t as stable as you’d want it to be – it sometimes crashes

2. Pax Mobile

Pax Mobile lets you turbocharge and take control of your Pax experience by offering you a lot of customization options – allowing you to craft tailor-made sessions and access flavor and temperature options that are not accessible on the device alone. It allows you to control the temperature to a precise degree and lock your device to control unwanted use. The app also automatically updates the firmware of your device to keep it current.

pax era app screen

One of the awesome things that the app lets you do to the Pax Era is setting the session size to your liking and choosing from micro to large. For the Pax 3, on the other hand, there are 5 dynamic modes: standard (for use-activated temperature control), stealth (for ultimate discretion), boost (to keep your device in high gear), flavor, and efficiency.

Pax Mobile is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.


  • It gives you a rather amazing experience;
  • Everything is pretty much controllable;
  • Everything is pretty much controllable


  • Connectivity is kind of poor – it sometimes syncs and sometimes doesn’t

3. Firefly Vapor

Firefly Vapor has a lot of amazing features. First, it has 31 pre-set temperatures ranging from 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. It also has a streamlined app experience – allowing you to connect your Firefly 2 to the app more quickly than before. With a simplified “ready” indicator, the LED pulses twice and turns into a green color after a 3 second pre-heat – offering a consistent performance. Inhalation time, with this app, only takes about 7 to 8 seconds as the power of the pre-heating stage is increased. You can also change your Firefly 2’s temperature directly with the device just by tapping the left button thrice, then tap it again to change the temperature (there are 7 temperature settings).

Firefly’s Firefly Vapor app is available for free on both Android and iOS devices.


  • It is a perfect balance of form and function;
  • It looks clean and is very well laid out;
  • It automatically updates the Firefly’s firmware


  • Connection is a bit of an issue
Published: July 25, 2017Updated: February 2, 2021

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