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Vaping Apps What Are They?

With the vaping industry exploding with popularity, what help is there for a vaper looking to optimize their setup or create a flavor? Well, various vaping apps have popped up to offer help. With so many apps to choose from which ones should you care about?

Vape Tool

Free with ads$3.49 for ProAndroid There are plenty of coil calculators out and about, but none seem to offer what Vape Tool does. This app can tell you the resistance of a coil, or how to prepare your own E-Liquid. Also, you can estimate the runtime of your mod with a battery life calculator. On Top of a coil calculator, there is an Ohm law calculator which will calculate, Voltage, Resistance. Current, and Power.


FreeAndroid If you need a smart app for keeping track of pretty much everything, then you should take a look at “Vape.” Are you over spending on certain things? You can keep track of your purchases through the app, or if you need some useful statistics about how much money you have saved, you can do that too. Another nice feature is the achievements you can unlock for completing various milestones.

E-Liquid Recipes

FreeContains AdsAndroid A useful app for creating E-Liquids. This app contains a large database of recipes that you can either create or use as a base for your own creations. Furthermore, you can share your recipes with your friends, comment on them, rate them and even follow your favorite creators.

Ohm’s Law

Free with ads$0.99 to remove adsiOS The Ohm’s law is something all vapers should understand, and for someone building their own coil, it is a must. With Ohm’s Law, you will be able to calculate what you need – though some basic math skills are required.

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Vape Boss

Free with adsAndroidiOS Vape Boss could very well be your go-to-app. If you are looking for a Social Media platform for vaping this is for you. Vape boss also has huge amounts of information on everything vaping along with a juice finder to make searching for what you need a breeze.

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