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We Jar Vacuum Container
We Jar Vacuum Container
10/10 icon-question
  • 5, 7, and 22 ml capacity
  • Beautiful artwork on the surface
  • Portable

MigVapor has combined beauty and functionality into one product. This wax container is available in three sizes in their store. Its silic...

MigVapor Wax Concentrate Jar
MigVapor Wax Concentrate Jar
  • Vacuum seal
  • Smell-proof concealment
  • Push-button lid
KandyPens Silicone Storage Ball
KandyPens Silicone Storage Ball
  • Ball-shaped
  • BPA-free
  • Ergonomic design

Top Dab Containers in the Market

#1 We Jar Vacuum Container

Colorful and Durable

10/10 icon-question Review score

MigVapor has combined beauty and functionality into one product. This wax container is available in three sizes in their store. Its silicone composition allows it to be transported safely. Their super large dab containers hold 22 ml. Additionally, they are easy to open and are affordable.

#2 MigVapor Wax Concentrate Jar

Odor Proof Dab Container

9.5/10 icon-question Review score

This jar is unique because it keeps the smell of the concentrate inside. The air inside is forced out when closed by pressing a button on the lid, thus creating a vacuum. Pushing the button a second time releases the vacuum and allows it to be opened. The vacuum not only prevents the odor from escaping, but it keeps the waxes fresher for longer.

#3 KandyPens Silicone Storage Ball

Sturdy Ball Container

9/10 icon-question Review score

This jar is one of the unique products out there. Rather than being shaped like a hockey puck-like most wax jar, this one is ball-shaped. It is super ergonomic, meets all storage needs, and it is BPA-free.

#4 CVault Storage Dab Container

Stainless Steel Dab Jar

8.5/10 icon-question Review score

CVault storage containers have an airtight seal that ensures a perfect humidity level inside. The maintenance of the wax’s ideal humidity level ensures that it does not get too dry or moist. This seal is achieved using Boveda® humidity control technology and a lid that snaps in place tightly.

Why is Having the Right Dab Container So Important?

Having the right container is essential. Because some are made of better materials than others. The best containers are made from glass or silicone. These materials are less likely to cause the waxes to stick. Non-stick dab container surfaces allow for a mess-free and more convenient dabbing experience.

How Does One Choose the Right Dab Container?

There are three factors to be taken into consideration: the brand, durability, and size. Always choose from a reputable brand and shop. The items reviewed earlier are excellent choices. Durability is crucial because the container has to last a long time. Jars made of shoddy materials will break easily. As for the size, that preference depends on the customer. Something that will go in a pocket should be small and made of silicone. At the same time, a jar that will go in a backpack or suitcase can be larger and made of glass or silicone.

Choices can be narrowed down to three types of containers: silicone, glass, and multi-slots.


These products are made out of silicone, which is durable and will not beak. Their durability makes them very portable because they can be kept in a pocket. Additionally, the wax does not stick to the side, and they are highly affordable.


Glass containers are also non-stick, but they are fragile and can break easily. They are not nearly as portable as their silicone counterparts. If transporting them, keep them in a container or wrap them with soft material. They are best suited for backpacks and carrying cases. Do not store them adjacent to something with a hard surface, like a laptop or hardcover book.


A multi-slot container has more than one compartment. Meaning they can hold many types of concentrates. They are suitable for dabbers who use different concentrates throughout the day.

What Are Dab Containers Called?

Dab containers are also called concentrate containers and dab jars. They are all the same, being made of non-stick material like glass or silicone. They come in several sizes and shapes, and they can be used for shatter, crumble, and other types of dab.

What Are Silicone Dab Containers Used For?

Silicone containers are for transporting dab. The difference between them and other jars is that they are less resistant to damage. This characteristic makes them suitable for dabbers who want something that can go into a shirt or jeans pocket.

Can You Dab Out of Silicone Containers?

Dabbing should be done out of the vaping device and not the jar. Silicone will melt if it is exposed to heat, and glass will break under the same conditions if it is not tempered. It is inadvisable to vape directly from the container.

What Temperatures Can Silicone Dab Containers Take?

Silicone jars can handle most temperatures but do not hold them over or close to a flame. Doing so will damage the material.

How to Break in Dab Containers

There is no need to break in a wax jar. The dabber only has to start using it.

How to Label Silicone Dab Containers

Labeling is an excellent way to stay organized. Use a black marker to do this, or put a piece of white medical tape on the side and write on that.

Ready to Dab Yet?

Dabbing is one of the most exciting ways to vape, and with a good concentrate jar, it gets even better. Vapers should always remember to get a container that matches up with what they plan on doing. Dabbing on the go requires a silicone container, while the glass is better suited for packs and bags. Also, do not forget to shop from reputable brands.

Published: January 27, 2021 Updated: May 3, 2021

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