Space Case Grinders: Why The High Prices Are Worth It


by James Bickford

Updated: June 8, 2022

space case grinders review

Review Score: 90/100

Price Range:
$19.99 - $159.99
Large, Small, Medium
Black, Polished Aluminum
Works with:
  • Herbs icon


  • Herbs are ground down to a super fine texture
  • Teeth are diamond-shaped, not square or any other shape
  • Pollen catchers included with the four-piece grinders


  • Marijuana residue gets stuck on the sides
  • Pollen catcher not available with every grinder

These devices are an excellent way to improve the experience of vaping dry herbs. They are an excellent fit for people willing to spend more to get a marijuana accessory that is easy to operate, well constructed, and does an excellent job of preparing the herbs for vaping.

The herbs are grounded to a highly fine texture thanks to the diamond-shaped teeth and the smooth rotation. People with arthritis and other medical problems affecting the strength in their hands and wrists will appreciate how easy it is to rotate the pieces. Each grinder is just the right size to be portable and easy to handle.

Space Case Grinder Review

These grinders rank among the best on the market. One of the things that make them so popular is their exterior design. Each grinder is made from anodized aluminum that is coated in titanium. Doing this increases their durability and prevents the weed from sticking to the sides.

Another thing everyone likes about them is that they use Teflon grade rings to make grind smoother and more comfortable. Also, the sides of the top and bottom caps have a rough coating that makes them easier to grip. It would have been better if they had put some indentations there instead as Phoenician Grinders do with theirs, but the rough texture suffices.

The interior design is another thing worth writing home about. The grinders use diamond teeth to grind the dry herbs, not square-shaped teeth. The advantage of using diamond-shaped teeth is that they are less prone to metal fatigue. Since the teeth are sturdier, the metal will not chip and get into the weed, meaning the metal will not get into the lungs. Another advantage is that the four-piece grinders have screens for catching the pollen that collects at the bottom. The smaller two-piece grinders lack this feature, but they are still put together very well.

space case grinders review

The best reason to get one of these devices is that they do an excellent job of grinding down the herb to the consistency needed to fit well in all sorts of vaporizers. They can grind a lot of herbs at once, even the smaller variants, and their smooth action is easy on the hands and wrists.

Even with all these excellent features, there are still a few things to watch out for. One thing customers need to be aware of is that the weed residue tends to stick to the inside of the grinder. As the residue builds up, it becomes more difficult to grind the herbs. This is not a big problem if it is cleaned a few times a week, though.

Also, while it is easy to grip the top and bottom, it would have been nice if they made a knurled top and bottom. Grinding up the herbs might be easy for most people, but for some, it might prove difficult. If they ever make an improved version, they should definitely add more grip to the top and bottom.

While this in no way affects performance, these grinders are expensive. For some people, it might be better to get a less expensive device. However, those willing to fork over some extra cash will not regret it.

Space Case 2-Part Grinder

space case grinders 2 piece

There are large, medium, and small grinders in their inventory available so that users will be able to prepare the appropriate amount of dry herbs. They also come in several colors, including black, silver, blue, and more. The two-piece versions grind dry herbs very well, but they will not do as fine a job as the three and four-piece grinders.

Another thing about them is that they do not have a screen at the bottom for catching the THC rich pollen. Still, they have excellent build quality, and the prices for smaller ones are lower than the four-piece grinders.

Key Features

  • Available in black, sliver, blue, gold, and red
  • Diamond tooth design
  • Aircraft grade aluminum

Space Case Grinder 3 Piece

space case grinders 3 piece

Customers will get the most bang for their buck if they buy a three-piece grinder. They are not nearly as expensive as the four-piece grinders, and they have better features than the two-piece grinders, including a storage compartment for dry herbs. The only downsides are that they only come in two colors (black and silver) and that they only come in one size. There is no option to choose small, medium, or large. But, the size is good enough not to be cumbersome, and it can prepare a good amount of dry herbs.

Key Features

  • Nylon O-rings
  • Anodized metal
  • Powerful rare earth magnets

Space Case 4 Piece Titanium Grinder

space case grinders 4 piece

Like the two-piece grinders, these come in large, medium, and small sizes. The chief advantage of buying these is that they grind the herbs more finely than any of the other accessories on the site. But they are very expensive. The cheapest one is a small, polished four-piece grinder that costs $89.99. The priciest item is the Space Case 4 PC Titanium Grinder, which is going for $149.99.

Even though they have a higher price, they are certainly worth it for those who have money to spend. They have fantastic construction quality, they rotate smoothly, and they come with a pollen scraper.

It would be nice if they had more colors from which to choose. Rasta is available, but the others are pretty dull.

Key Features

  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Smooth and precise rotation
  • Diamond tooth design

How to Spot a Fake Space Case Grinder

Fake vaporizers, liquids, and vaping accessories are one of the biggest problems facing dry herb vapers, and it is very easy to get fooled, especially for those doing online shopping or who are new to vaping. Those who carefully inspect the product, however, can easily spot a fake. Authentic grinders have the following attributes:

  • New and genuine grinders arrive covered in bubble wrap. If it is wrapped in anything else, it is an obvious fake.
  • The magnet on the top cover always sits flush with the grinding teeth. Copies have magnets that protrude.
  • All of their logos are laser etched and are on a translucent field. Fakes usually have logos that have been painted on.
  • O-rings are black and difficult to remove. If the o-ring is loose and easy to remove, the device is not genuine.
  • The sifter is fine and not coarse.
  • The edges in the bottom piece are square and not rounded.
  • The price is lower than what is usually advertised. This is a sure sign of a fake.

If a device does not meet these specifications, do not buy it. Doing so is a waste of money, and having a fake is a potential health hazard. One of the ways companies producing imitations get their prices so low is by skipping quality control.

Space Case Herb Grinder Competitors

Kannastor Grinder vs. Space Case

ryot kannastor grinder brand review

These grinders have a lot in common.

  • First off, the build quality of Kannastor grinders is superb.They make their products out of aerospace aluminum, and they also use diamond-shaped teeth in all of their grinders. Kannastor will grind herbs down to powder.
  • One cool feature the Kannastor has is a glass window that allows the user to see the herbs.
  • The only problem with Kannastor is that the screens are not as easy to remove as the ones in Space Case grinders.
  • This problem is peculiar considering that RYOT, the company that makes these devices, says they are easy to remove.

Phoenician Grinder vs. Space Case

phoeniciangrinders brand review

  • Both of these grinders are of similar build quality, and the prices offered by both of these companies are exorbitantly high.
  • Marijuana users willing to pay extra, though, will really like the Phoenician Grinder.
  • These two devices have many of the same specs in common, but the exterior design of the Phoenician Grinder is better, having a knurled grip.
  • They are much easier to use for this reason alone.

Products Specifications

T-316 Stainless Steel Screen:
Metal Fatigue-Resistant Diamond-Shaped Teeth :
High Strength Aluminum: Yes
360⁰ Tapered locking press:
Sizes: Large, Small, Medium
Colors: Black, Polished Aluminum


The Positives

  • Herbs are ground down to a super fine texture
  • Teeth are diamond-shaped, not square or any other shape
  • The rotating action is smooth and easy to work
  • Pollen catchers included with the four-piece grinders
  • All around good construction quality

The Negatives

  • They are very expensive
  • Marijuana residue gets stuck on the sides
  • Pollen catcher not available with every grinder

Final Thoughts about These Grinders

Space Case is one of those brands that everyone recognizes and for good reasons. They make portable and dependable grinders made from premium materials that grind the herbs down to a fine texture that will go well with any vape.

These grinders are an excellent choice for those who want something easy to use, portable, and well made. While they may be expensive, especially their larger four-piece grinders, the price is well worth it.

We would appreciate it if readers who have used these grinders would share their thoughts with us regarding the quality of these products and how well the herbs do in your vape. Please leave a comment that details anything you like or dislike about these products.

Published: June 11, 2022

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