KandyPens Icon Kit Review: A New Icon to Revere

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When you take a look through KandyPens line of products, there is one that stands out from the others. You may have noticed it when you’ve browsed through their online catalog and have seen row after row of slimmed-down, stick-like contraptions that all look alike.

The only one that stands out from this uniform crowd is something called the Icon Kit, and it is fitting that the Icon Kit stand out from all other KandyPens products because it is a first for KandyPens. The Icon (that can be purchased alone or paired with the Wismec Reuleaux box mod) is KandyPens’ entry into the e-nail or e-rig market.

Kandypens ICON KIT Review

The Icon features the best of all the devices that KandyPens has come out with of late and also carries that unmistakable KandyPens flair and insouciance. Three coil-less atomizers come included in the kit, all of them outfitted with a 510 connection that makes them compatible with any other box mod or pen.

The kit also includes a two-piece water bubbler attachment to filter and cool your wax or dab vapor. The Icon has the bonus of being able to withstand a higher power output, which, at a 50W maximum, is much higher than most other e-rigs out there right now.

What’s Inside the KandyPens Icon Kit

Here’s what you’ll receive in your KandyPens Icon Kit (I got the stand-alone version without the Wismec Reuleaux):

  • One KandyPens Icon e-rig with ceramic nail
  • One magnetic carb cap tool
  • One silicon protector
  • One titanium nail
  • One quartz nail
  • One glass bubbler attachment
  • One user’s card

Getting to Know the KandyPens Icon Kit

Since the Icon kit is made up of various components, there are many things to review. Of course, all of these parts are well-made from quality materials, and the addition of three different atomizers types is such a brilliant move on the part of KandyPens.

The ceramic coil comes already installed on your atomizer, which is white and emblazoned with the “KandyPens” logo. The tube attachment is about the size you would expect for a two-piece bubbler attachment. The Icon is marketed as a portable e-rig device, but I don’t see myself walking out the door with this thing.

Everything goes together like it usually does on e-rigs. I already had a Wismec Reuleaux from a previous review, but I decided to stick to a lower wattage device and settled for the VaporFi V-Grip 75W box mod that seemed to me like a perfect accompaniment to the Icon since it can only take a maximum of 50W.

Putting it Together

The only other e-rig I’ve ever reviewed has been the La Queef from Mig Vapor, which was, I must admit, a lot of fun. The Icon follows the same setup as most other e-rigs. I kept the ceramic coil installed on the atomizer, and I screwed it into the VaporFi V-Grip.

I filled up the bottom half of the bubbler with water; not to its maximum but enough to ensure excellent filtration. I placed the bubbler attachment over the already-loaded-with-dab ceramic coil atomizer.

The KandyPens Icon Kit: The Test Vape

I turned on the VaporFi V-Grip and set it to the maximum wattage needed for most other devices, 20W, and I fired the mod. The coil-less quartz atomizer got hot pretty fast, and the whole bubbler attachment was swirling with white vapor in mere seconds.

I lifted up the magnetic carb cap and took a massive hit. The vapor was smooth, not harsh whatsoever and felt great. I was amazed by how short of a time the device needed to heat up, and I wasn’t even at its maximum!

I did kick up the wattage to 40W, and the vapor production took even less time. I stayed at 40W, but I switched out the ceramic coil for my personal favorite, titanium. The bowl heated up in an instant and the vapor production seemed never-ending.

The vapor was smooth, delicious, and profuse.

How Does it Compare

The La Queef 510 e-nail being the only other e-rig I have ever used (professionally), it seemed like the right (and only) choice to make a comparison to the KandyPens Icon. One significant advantage that the La Queef has right away is the fact that it had both a dry herb and wax attachment.

And if I could just take a moment to editorialize: I appreciate that waxes, and dabs and concentrates are all the rage now, but I’m disappointed at how all these great products are only limited to waxes and concentrates. They are obviously targeted at the people who live in States where these kinds of materials are easily obtainable. And that’s not right.

At least for the people who live in states that are not as progressive or enlightened enough to legalize recreational aromatherapy. I know there are a lot of dry herb vaporizers, but some of the better products, not just from KandyPens but PuffCo and FocusVape, are only for waxes and concentrates, which I find a little disconcerting.

Vape companies, please make more svelte, portable, thinner, and great-looking vaporizers for dry herbs as well as for concentrates. Thank you.

So, getting back to my review, I certainly did appreciate that the La Queef had a dry herb attachment along with its wax and concentrate bowl. The Icon, however, had one ace up its sleeve and that was the potential to vape at higher wattages. Getting to that high of a power output with a material as delicate and meltable as wax means great, big, tasty clouds.

And, while the La Queef did hold its own regarding cloud production, the Icon had it beat because of its overall strength. I’m going to have to give this, grudgingly so, to the Icon, even the La Queef is also a great device.

The Good

Three coil options

It was right of KandyPens to include a little bit of everything in their first e-rig setup. The three coil options were just a smattering of all the great materials and construction that KandyPens puts into (most) of its devices.

Water bubbler attachment

A water pipe attachment is always a great add-on to prevent your lips getting burned by hot vapor. The fact that the bubbler had a water section completely separate from the top piece was an excellent idea.

The Bad

The mod attachment

Although I didn’t get the version of the Icon that came with the Wismec Reuleaux, I didn’t understand why KandyPens placed such a high-powered and complicated device with something as simple and low-tech as an e-rig.

But then again, Mig Vapor paired the La Queef with the Vaporesso Target Mini, which can also get to a maximum of 200W, so this con is ultimately directed to you too, Mig Vapor.

Final Word

For KandyPens’ first outing in the e-rig market, I was very impressed with the Icon. Granted, it doesn’t differ that much from a lot of e-rigs out there, but I think KandyPens knew this and that’s why they included three different coil options.

This inclusion lets you decide which option is best for you and then enables you to choose when it’s time to change your coils. I didn’t have the Icon for that long, so I couldn’t tell you exactly how long these coils last, but they should max out at about two weeks.

The water bubbler was a great addition, and all the other parts and components of the Icon worked super-well.

I give the KandyPens Icon Kit an 8/10.

Published: December 18, 2017 Updated: July 26, 2021



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