HoneyStick HighBrid Wax/Dab Vape Tank Review


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: August 31, 2021

HoneyStick HighBrid Vape Tank desktop

Review Score: 83/100

Price Range:
Endurance Wire:
up to 23 Watts
Thread Type:
Works with:
  • Wax icon


  • Well-made from high-quality materials
  • Unique heating element design


  • The glass piece is very fragile

Starting Price: $ 32.00

The HoneyStick HighBrid tank is for waxes and dabs. It features a glass exterior, and a heating element comprising three different materials. The first is the ceramic bowl that lies under a metal heating cap. The second is the dual quartz rods that sit in the bowl. The third is the titanium coil baked into the ceramic section.

The HighBrid has a 510-connection so it can work with any 510-threaded box mod. Other parts of the atomizer include a removable 510 drip tip, the metal lid, the base of the tank. A stainless steel dab tool comes with the kit as well.

A Well-Designed Tank for Concentrates

The HighBrid tank consists of a high-quality glass section between a metal top and base. There is the 510 drip tip which is plastic, at the top but there is no adjustable airflow control. The glass piece is well-made but delicate. It provides an unmatched vapor quality and purity, but it can break easily.

HoneyStick HighBrid Vape Tank desktop

Newer versions of the HighBrid include a polycarbonate plastic section, along with the glass piece. The plastic part is high-quality and much sturdier. It also provides the same vapor quality as the glass. Vapers need to remove the glass piece, and top cap to access the heating oven inside.

A metal cap covers the heating assembly. The lid keeps the fragile quartz rods protected. It also acts as a pressure chamber of sorts, so the vapor exits with little effort. The heating element(s) is unique for a dab/wax vape.

Two vertical quartz rods stand in the center of the ceramic bowl. The heat from the rods, as well as the titanium coil baked into the dish, vaporizes any material near them.

HoneyStick Mamba dab-wax vape tank desain

This multi-pronged heater is ideal for solid concentrates, dabs, shatters, etc..Oils would vaporize in the tank, but the mess it would make, as well as the waste of material, do not make the HighBrid ideal for essential oils.

Working with the HighBrid

The HighBrid uses a threadless design, so there is no screwing or unscrewing of pieces. Rubber gaskets, or o-rings, hold everything in place, and they are reliable. Vapers need to wiggle off the glass section the first time, but the gaskets will smooth out with use. Refilling, replacing the heater, and cleaning the tank will all become more comfortable.

HoneyStick Mamba dab-wax vape tank

To fill the bowl with a material, users need to access the central heater by unscrewing the metal cap. This piece is the only one that uses threads. Once unscrewed, users need to load their material, in or around the two quartz rods. It does not matter where vapers place their content, as the entire bowl will heat up, along with the rods.

Once loaded, they need to replace the cap, press-fit the glass back onto the base, and screw it onto any 510 mod. The atomizer has a 510 connection, but it has a wattage range of between 9-28W. Any higher than 28W would break the glass, and burn out the coil in the bowl.

Vaping the HighBrid

As the HighBrid features a trio of heating elements working together, the rips are unreal. The vapor is profound, billowing out into the outer section of the tank, ready for vaper’s mouths. The draw is smooth, and the flavor quality is also amazing.

HoneyStick Mamba big

Pushing the tank (or the mod it is on) to the highest possible wattage of 28W does produce a huge cloud. At higher wattages though, the vape loses its smoothness. The lower the power output, the purer the vape became.

Hovering around 20W or 25W gave out smooth, tasty clouds. The heater on the tank does stand up to repeated use quite well. The kit includes a replacement should the original break. The heater, like with all coils, will need replacing eventually, but not for a while.

The Competitors

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger

The Brain Fogger can vape all kinds of solid concentrates. It features a gold-plated 510 connection, so it is compatible with other mods and batteries. It also has a glass body, with a bubble shape for extra cloud production. The Brain Fogger has bottom airflow, as its heater coil attaches to the base.

Mig Vapor Brain Fogger desktop

It uses two coil types both of which use ceramic and stainless steel wire. An “A” coil, which is a single coil, and a “B” which is two stainless steel coils stacked on top of one another. The recommended wattage for both coils is 10W, while the maximum is 20, which is a little less than the HighBrid.

The Atmos Kiln RA

The Atmos Kiln RA is a 510-threaded tank for all solid concentrates, including oils. It has an all-ceramic heating element, and exterior. The ceramic heating element is replaceable and can vape as high as 15W.

Atmos Kiln RA desktop

The Kiln can come as part of a kit, but also works with many different variable wattage mods. Its internal wire can vape at a resistance of 0.7ohms, higher than the HighBrid’s 0.3ohm resistance.

KandyPens Pearl

The Pearl from KandyPens is also for vaping hard, and oily concentrates. It is compatible with many KandyPens concentrate vaporizers, although it also has 510-threading so it can attach to many mods.

kandypens pearl atomizer

It features an all-ceramic heating element that is layered: material melts on the top, and gets vaporized in the lower level. The Pearl also has a maximum wattage of 20W, any higher causes damage to the tank and coil.

HighBrid Wax/Dab Vape Tank Specifications

HighBrid Wax/Dab Vape Tank
Chamber Material: Ceramic
Thread Type : 510
Extra Tools: Stainless Steel, Plastic Glass Replacement, Resins
Endurance Wire: Up to 23W
Atomizer Resistance: 0.5 ohm to 3 ohm

Pros & Cons

The Positives

  • Well-made from high-quality materials
  • Unique heating element design
  • Amazing vapor quality and production
  • Compatible with any 510-threaded mod
  • New versions come with a sturdy plastic piece for the glass section

The Negatives

  • The glass piece is very fragile
  • No adjustable airflow control

A Hard-Hitting, Well-Made Tank For Concentrates

Is there another all-concentrates tank that you think is even better than the HighBrid? Does the HighBrid perform in line with your expectations? Is there anything about it that could be better? Leave a comment below telling us what you think.

The HoneyStick HighBrid is a highlight among all the other concentrates tanks out there. It has a distinct heating style that very few others can match. Some tanks use only ceramic. Others use quartz rods. Still, others use titanium wire. The HighBrid, befitting its name, uses all three, in the same tank.

There is nowhere for any solid concentrate to escape — the rods when in use, heat-up in an instant. The ceramic bowl takes a little longer to warm-up but when it does it only makes the vapor more delicious. The glass section is fragile and prone to breaking. Vapers should take extra care handling it, or swap it at with the high-quality plastic version.

All in all, the HighBrid outperforms many similar units. It has a different heater and can vape at higher wattages than most. As a result, it hits incredibly hard.

Published: April 19, 2019Updated: August 31, 2021

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