Aspire Triton 1 & 2: Mind-Blowing Flavor and Clouds

Aspire Triton 1&2


Aspire Triton 1 & 2

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  • Diameter
    22.5 mm
  • Juice Capacity
    3.0 mL
  • Drip Tip
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Aspire Triton Review

The Triton is a top filled sub ohm tank that can hold up to 3.5 ml of e-liquid and works well on a variety of mods. The tank runs on 0.3, 0.4, and 1.8-ohm coils, and it has a wattage range of 10 to 65 watts. 0.5 and 1.0-ohm coils from the Atlantis 2 can also be used in this vape product. 100 percent organic Japanese cotton is used as the wicking material.


Another thing customers will like is that the deck is interchangeable with an RBA/RTA build deck. As a result, the vaper will be able to use custom made coils instead of the pre-made coils that come with the kits.

The glass is encased in stainless steel, giving it extra protection, but this is a double-edged sword. The glass cannot be removed, which is a major flaw in the design.

Aspire Triton 2 Review

The new Triton 2 is Aspire’s latest upgrade to the original model, having several exciting features and design improvements.

  • It is smaller than the original model, arrives with fewer coils, and is compatible with many mods.
  • A 0.5-ohm coil is pre-installed in the tank, and a 1.8-ohm coil is also in these kits. If those coils are not satisfying, the tank can also use Atlantis and SauceCode coils.
  • E-juice capacity is 3 ml, which is half a milliliter less than what the original held, but it can be fully disassembled, and this includes the glass.
  • The base of the tank has a greater surface area than its predecessor, allowing for better flavor and cloud production.
  • The filling system has also been redesigned to make it easier to top off.

Internal Building Quality and Design

The first Triton was built to a high standard. The tank’s best quality is that the threading is smooth, and it never catches. Another significant aspect of the Aspire is the airflow, which is further enhanced by drip tip airflow that can be easily adjusted.


There are a few problems with the design, though. The biggest problem is that it is impossible to remove the glass on the original model.

  • A new tank has to be bought if the glass breaks. No replacement is available.
  • Another problem is that the coils and airflow holes are too high in the tank. As a result, when the juice gets beneath the coils and airflow holes, the tank dry hits.

The Triton 2 has several design improvements, most notably the glass, which can be removed. The entire tank can be taken apart, unlike with the Triton, making cleaning and maintenance much more straightforward.

What Coils Fit Aspire Tanks?

The Triton uses three kinds of coils.Choose:

  • the 1.8 ohm MTL coil,
  • the 0.4-ohm coil,
  • or the 0.3-ohm coil

All of these coils are interchangeable and are easy to remove. The Aspire coils perform very well at the wattage levels for which they were designed, but not so the 0.3-ohm coil.

Aspire Triton 2 Coils

The Triton 2 uses 0.5 and 1.8-ohm coils. The 0.5-ohm coil arrives pre-installed, and the 1.8-ohm coil is for mouth to lung vaping.

  • The 0.5-ohm coil is kanthal based, and it produces excellent flavor and vapor when used between 38 and 45 watts.
  • The Aspire MTL coil is also excellent, especially at 12 watts. The clouds it produces are immense, making it the preferred choice of the two for people wanting to fog up a room.

How Long Do Aspire Triton Clapton and Kanthal Coils Last?

The longevity of the coils depends on how often they are used. Vapers who hit their vape mods heavily will have to change or clean their coils every one to two weeks.

Those who use their vape mods occasionally can expect to get three or four weeks out of their coils.

How to Clean Aspire Coils

First you need to take it out. The best method for cleaning an Aspire coil is to soak it in alcohol for 24 hours.
Vodka is the preferred alcohol, but water will do in a pinch.


Stir the vodka or water every hour. Doing this will help the liquid to eat through the residue on the coil. Afterward, rinse the coil off in running water and then set it on a hand towel to dry.

How to Use the Aspire Triton

When using the Aspire vape tank, there are some things of which the user should be aware.

  • When using the Aspire MTL coil, the airflow can be open or tightened depending on the user’s likes.
  • Also, it is best to use an e-juice with 70 to 75 percent vegetable glycerin.
  • To get the most out of the 0.4-ohm coils, vape them at 30 to 35 watts. Vaping at these wattage levels produces a cool and flavorful vape.
  • The 0.3 ohm coils are not that great, but of all the wattages for this coil, 60 watts is the best.

How to Fill the Triton

  • To refill the Triton 1,
  • remove the drip tip from the base.
  • Once the drip tip is removed, the user will see two small holes.
  • Put the nozzle of the juice bottle in these holes and then top off the tank.

For the Triton 2,

  • twist from the base and then remove the drip tip.
  • Once the tank is apart, take the juice bottle and then squeeze the contents down the glass to avoid them going into the chimney.
  • When refilling is complete, place the drip tip back.

The Aspire Triton’s Competitors

Aspire Triton vs Nautilus

The Nautilus and Triton tanks are both adjustable airflow tanks. The Nautilus has a higher juice capacity than the Triton I and II. The extra juice capacity is a huge bonus, especially for sub ohm vaping.

Aspire Nautilus Mini

But, there are more coil head options out of the box if the Triton is chosen. The Nautilus only comes with 0.7 and 1.8-ohm coils.

Aspire Triton vs Atlantis

These are both excellent tanks, and each has its advantages. The Atlantis has a higher wattage range, going up to 80 watts.


The Triton’s wattage range is 10 to 65 watts. The original Triton has slightly more juice capacity, however, but not much more. Both products have very low juice capacity.

Final Thoughts about the Aspire Triton Kits

These are both excellent products that perform well, producing tasty vapor, heavy clouds, and superior airflow. These are great tanks for people looking for high-end product and are willing to spend a little extra money. The new Triton 2 is what should be chosen between the two. The main reason for this is that replacement glass is available for the Triton 2, but the original’s glass cannot.

We are interested in reading your thoughts on which of the two Aspire tanks are better. Feel free to give us your feedback.

Aspire Triton 1 & 2 Specifications

Original Triton
Diameter 22.5 mm
0.3 sub ohm coil 55-65W
0.4 sub ohm coil 25-30W
Juice Capacity 3.5 mL
Triton 2
Diameter 22.5 mm
Juice Capacity 3.0 mL
Drip Tip 510
Construction Stainless Steel
Drip Tip 510

  • Pros
  • Cons
  • Both products produce excellent clouds and flavor
  • They are compatible with a variety of coils
  • Interchangeable decks
  • Both have respectable wattage ranges
  • Replacement glass available for the updated version
  • The original model has a non-removable glass
  • Both tanks have issues with leaking

Where to buy Aspire Triton?


Buy The Aspire Triton directly from Vaporfi website


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