5 Ways to Cleanse Your Lungs After Quitting Smoking

The process of cleansing your lungs might not be easy for everyone. Is the thought of drastically changing your lifestyle terrifying to you? If so, don’t worry and just take one step at a time. Here are five ways to cleanse your lungs after quitting smoking. Introduce at least one the following pieces of advice every week. That way you will gradually strengthen your new habits and your body will adapt quicker.

#1 Air Environment


The bottom line is to avoid smoke and toxins altogether. The first thing is to keep fresh air circulating.

Stay in Ventilated areas

  • If possible, try to stay away from smoke and other smokers (while they smoke).
  • Consider investing in home air purifiers to remove allergens and small particles from the air. Pick a device with a HEPA filter; it is more efficient than Ozone air cleaners. Besides, the latter may irritate sensitive lungs.

If you’re not allergic to pollen:

  • At home, open your windows whenever possible. The point is to be surrounded by fresh air, even at your home.
  • Sleeping with open windows will provide access to fresh air for your brain and lungs. If you can’t open the window, open the doors to your bedroom.

Keep your Home Clean

  • If you have carpets, have them cleaned in a dry cleaner if they are dirty. Make sure to use the vacuum cleaner as soon as need be.
  • Remove dust from your shelves, books, objects. Do it every 2-3 days, because dust is accumulating very quickly.
  • Make sure to often clean your home.
  • If you have a wood-burning stove or a fireplace, stop using them for a while. The release toxins in the smoke, which is harmful to your lungs.

Good Plants and Bad Pollen

In daylight, green plants absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants in exchange for oxygen. That leaves us with cleaner and oxygenated air to breathe. Just don’t keep them in your bedroom, because without light, the plants will switch to absorbing oxygen.

But some plants emit pollen, spores and other particles that could be irritating to your lungs. Even if you’re not allergic, go through your household plants and eliminate them.

No problem, many plants are safe, don’t distress lungs and are easy to maintain.

Some examples: Aloe Vera, Spider plant, Snake plants, Chrysanthemum, Seeping Fig, English Ivy, Palm Tree, Peace Lily, and more. Ask for advice at your local flower store.

Use Non-Toxic Household Cleaning Products:

Household toxins

Most of the household cleaning and cosmetic products contain harmful chemicals, providing daily amounts of toxins to your lungs and body. The most commonly present hazardous substance is ammonia. It irritates the respiratory tract and causes shortness of breath and coughing. Switch to nontoxic products instead. If the only step you take is to get rid of ammonia in your home, you already made yourself a service!

Be aware of scam

A label “natural” does not mean that all ingredients are natural. It simply means that there is a minimum amount of natural ingredients, and the rest can be synthetic.

Also, keep in mind that all that is natural is not necessarily non-toxic. What is healthy for someone else might not be beneficial for you, if you’re allergic. In any case, make it a rule to verify ingredients of cleaning products you use.

#2 Diet

Food to Avoid

The reason why you are coughing is the mucus accumulated in your lungs. Therefore you should avoid food that triggers mucus production:

  • Processed meat
  • Frozen convenience food
  • Fast food in general
  • Dairies (milk, cheese, and yogurt)

What to Eat

Smoking is one of the factors that generate an acidic pH in your blood. Too much acid in your body fluids is a condition called acidosis. If it goes too far, this could lead to kidney stones or even kidney failure.

To compensate for this, you should eat more alkaline foods.

  • Vegetables: root vegetables, leafy greens
  • Fruits: apples, bananas, lemons, berries, oranges, watermelons
  • Proteins: almonds, chestnuts
  • Spices: cinnamon, curry, ginger

Toxins contain free radicals that destroy cells everywhere in your body, including your lungs. Antioxidants are substances that neutralize the excess of free radicals and prevent damage to organs. Here are some examples of antioxidant-rich foods:

  • Fruits: Blueberries, cranberries, grapes, blackberries
  • Vegetables: artichokes, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes
  • Other: green tea, fish, pecans, walnuts

To increase oxygen uptake in your body, you could also add chlorophyll to your diet. It also cleanses blood and tissues.

You could find supplements, but the best quality is in food that contains chlorophyll:

  • Juiced wheatgrass
  • Spirulina
  • Blue-green micro-algae
  • Sprouted seeds

#3 Exercise

Staying in good physical shape is essential for providing oxygen to all your organs and your overall health. It helps to deal with your cravings by postponing it even an hour after the physical efforts.

It also releases endorphins, commonly called the feel-good hormones. They relieve pain and generate feelings of pleasure.

The Department of Health and Human Services recommends the following:

  • 150 minutes per week (30 minutes 5 times a week) of moderate aerobic activity. That can be swimming, walking, gardening
  • 75 minutes per week (25 minutes 3 times per week) of vigorous aerobic activity OR strength training. That can be jogging, biking, dancing, or playing soccer.


If you enjoy being surrounded by nature, try doing outdoor sports as much as possible. Football in a park, jogging in woods or swimming in a lake – these are all health improving and relaxing physical activities.


Benefits of yoga are numerous. For ex-smokers, there are two main reasons to choose yoga.

  • You Learn to Breathe Efficiently. You will learn and practice to breathe from your diaphragm. That helps to expand the lung capacity and strengthens belly muscles involved in breathing.
  • Your Posture Will Improve. A straight back position provides optimal space for your lungs and muscles to work on breathing.

Yoga is an excellent choice regardless if you’re in good shape or not. There are different types of yoga, starting with the relaxing, meditative styles to the vigorous Ashtanga style. You should avoid Hot Yoga for a while, which consists in vigorous physical activity in high temperature. Your lungs might not be ready for this.
Visit a local Yoga school and ask them, what form would be ideal for your physical condition.

#4 Alternative Home Made Detox

Raw Honey

Start your day with a spoon of raw honey (without added sugar). You can also drink it dissolved in a glass of water. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties will decrease your coughing already after a week.

And honey contains minerals that promote tissue repair.


  • Use Cayenne pepper in solid food. It relieves irritation from coughs and sore throats.
  • Add 2-3 drops of Oregano oil daily to water, milk or juice. It will stop harmful bacteria (like staphylococcus aureus and pseudomonas aeruginosa) from growing.


Apply Peppermint balm on your chest and back to soothe the respiratory muscles. Menthol is a popular decongestant effective immediately. If you prefer to avoid the smell you can also chew peppermint leaves (but NOT chewing gum).


Add Eucalyptus drops to steam inhalations to remove congestion and mucus. But first, ask your doctor or pharmacist about possible interactions with medications you might take.

#5 Relax

Many people feel stressed after quitting smoking. Relax. You are beginning a challenging journey, be kind to yourself.


Meditation and Mindfulness

Many people turn to meditation to deal with their stress and cravings caused by nicotine withdrawal. There are so many options to practice meditation or yoga that you certainly find something that works for you.

In the short run, meditation will help you to calm down. In the long term, you can work on developing mindfulness, an attitude of kindness towards oneself and awareness of one’s actions.


  • Massages increase the lymph circulation and help your immunity system to fight toxins in your body.
  • During massages, you need to inhale and exhale slowly and deeply, so it’s a great exercise of breathing.
  • If respiratory muscles are tense, they will affect breathing in restricting. Massaging them relaxes the muscles and directly improves respiration.
  • Plus, it’s a treat.

How Can I Make That Easier?

Have a substitute

After quitting smoking, many people say that they have strong cravings, they become nervous, or they need something to do with their hands. You can have a bracelet or bangle on your wrist to play with, or have some relaxing fidget toy at hand.

Remember Your Goals

Why did you quit smoking?

Write down the reasons why you decided to quit. Note everything you will be able to do as a non-smoker. Have a note ready in your pocket, your desk or wherever is the most practical for you. Every time you have a craving, think about the improvements in your life after you’ve quit smoking.

Here are some examples:

  • Maybe you wish to improve your health or be in better shape?
  • You want to get rid of the smell all over your things and your place?
  • Maybe your partner is bothered by you smoking?
  • You don’t want to let your children (or future children) inhale smoke?
  • You will save a lot of money

Quit together with a friend and stay in a supportive, nonsmoking environment.

Ask your family and friends to hold you accountable.

Be proud of the everyday improvements you have already achieved!

  • Vanessa Bazzie

    I stopped two days ago. First smoked at 14 now 41. I was smoking a pack a day and just stopped cold turkey. Honestly I haven’t had any bad craving for them and my husband is still smoking. Looking forward to a healthier me. Now to convince him that he would feel so much better.

    • Saffi Sidhu

      Run 2-3 miles daily you’ll be great

    • Nevada Sykes

      Follow up status request. I’ve started stopped so many times. I’m at 3 days right now. How are you doing with it?

      • Jessie Swan

        The book Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking helped me quite a bit.

        • Debbie Pierson

          me too without physical side effects

    • Lee William Gregory

      still quit

  • Florence Mamone

    I’m 52 and have been smoking a pack a day since age 12. After forty years, I now have COPD and suffer from severe Fibromyalgia pain which is made worse by the inflammation caused by smoking. Finally decided to quit 3 days ago, and with the aid of a nicotine patch…am hopeful and determined to stick with it. I already feel less chest congestion, and am inspired by this article to do even more to help revitalize and repair my damaged lungs and overall health and wellbeing, very useful information.

    • Stoneheart Killblade

      How’s it going? Reading “easy way to stop smoking” by Alan Carr helped me quit while feeling pretty good doing it, as he simply takes the fear away of missing out on something seemingly pleasurable (cigarettes), by explaining that there’s nothing pleasurable about smoking. Maybe it’s of some help to you, if quitting nicotine still seems hard even while quitting tobacco (:

      • Les Rowe

        I also have used the Alan Carr method, I used the book initially but didnt go as well. I have since used the audio book and after a particularly heavy smoking weekend I decided to stop. That was a couple of weeks ago and its great not having the cravings. Literally, remember you are the only one making you smoke. Get that and the rest is easy. I am also 52 and have smoked since I was 12 so believe me when I say it can be done and without the suffering. The cravings are literally a passing moment. Just think “I don’t want a cig actually, ” 🙂 Good luck all

    • Barbara Marshall

      Florence like you I have COPD after 45 years of smoking near 2 pack a day. To get the first help was from my doctor who clearly stated to me, if you’re going to continue smoking there is nothing I can do to help and no point because you are going to die . Simple fact I suppose , what’s the point of medicating when as a smoker I am clearly not helping or letting the Meds do their work. After a 45 minute visit I walked out with a new purpose and very clear understanding quit smoking or die. That’s a month ago, The above article is a good one and most I have already been applying to myself , With the help of 2 inhalers my breathing has improved sadly I will most likely be on them or some type the rest of my life for my abuse of smoking. Good luck everyone trying to quit , do it before what I have happens to you.

  • Maira Sheikh

    Hello i need to share my views regarding lung problems. Castor oil pack
    is one of the great remedies to deal with lung infections.
    Healthylifetips.co.uk has various other remedies to deal cleaning of
    lungs and detoxify lungs.

  • Jacob R

    watched a self-hypnosis video on quitting smoking. It was 8 hours long and it put me to sleep. woke up the next morning and didn’t crave nicotine. It’s been 11 days since I’ve used a nicotine product. Good alternative if you want a nicotine-free cessation aid! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iy6A1IOkIsM

  • roberta

    I have bronchitis that won’t quit. Day 14 today. I quit smoking 15 days ago, but it wasn’t much. Still, doctors won’t give me antibiotics.

    • Rose Gummow

      Buy a bottle of Alpha Omega Lung Flush. Take one tablespoon every morning and night in a bit of pineapple juice. Use it to swallow an Immune 7 capsule (Purica brand). You will be breathing better in a few days!

      • Ladylimes

        Thanks will do

    • Kyle Cooke

      Hi I’m not sure if you’re cured yet but a friend of mine had “bronchitis” and it didn’t go away. He went to the doctor and found out it is actually stage 4 lung cancer. I recommend getting checked out..

  • mel

    Im on day 29 and do not get cravings as I only smoked at work and no weekends. I do however have a bad cough and an extreme heaviness on the chest like im ready for a heart attack..doc gave me antibiotics for the infection in my throat, but he said it would take a while for the cilia(hairs on lungs) to grow back.. guess going cold turkey was not the right choice than cutting back and getting body used to less nicotine intake and then quitting..by the way guys all these flu like symptoms are called quitters flu…just strange that in order for the body to heal and reject all the toxins we have to get this sick…

    • Christine Blair

      I just quit cold turkey after my knee surgery, I’ve been smoke free for 12 days. I didn’t realize getting healthier meant feeling sicker. Never heard of the “quitters flu” thank you I’ll have to check into that.

      • Boris Badenuff

        Breathe deeply

  • Manish Rao

    Hello i would love to quit Smoking.
    M Smoking Everyday. Even in nights also.
    I Decided to quit completely.
    How Should i Start. When i stress and Tention i feel like i need a cigirate Evenon small Issues i get angry n i feel like i need Cigirate.
    I felt that Because of cigirate my health is not good. M so thin i don’t like my body Shape.
    Sometimes I have a feeling that M not giving proper Sex to my partner. Because m Done so fast within 5 mins. I really feel like shame on me.
    Would you please guide me. How i can rid of smoke.

    • jitesh

      i am clear from smoking and all other stuff for more than 20 months . i used to smoke 1 pack a day and weed and alchol too did all this for 3 years then i started this meditation after that i did inner engineering which is advance meditation and never smoked since then https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f1tXLPvkKQo&t=233s

    • Jessie Swan

      Read the book Allan Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking. Helped me a lot. You can order it from Amazon.

      • Debbie Pierson

        worked great for me too!

  • agent k

    i quit 2 weeks ago and now have horrific quitters flu. Also had my first sleep sweating overnight. OMG wtf nobody told me about that. Hopefully will pass soon been drinking a lot green tea and cranberry juice to try help detox.

    • scott01634

      sweating is good in fact as it helps get the bad stuff out of your body i go in a sauna often at the moment anything to help flush the crap out.

      • David Manopla

        That is a fallacy , sweating helps clear the skin, the liver is the only organ that helps cleanse the toxins in your body

    • David Manopla

      Wish I saw this a month ago OJ!!!!, drink a shot glass every 3 hours, the cold sweats are drop in blood sugar levels, it’s long story but it takes about 7-10 days for your body to resume normal secretion of sugar into the bloodstream after you quit, when you smoke the nicotine stimulates the pancreas to release sugar, no smoke no sugar, hence low blood sugar symptoms .

      Spread the word, most people don’t know this little secret

    • David Manopla

      It’s basically the same diabetic experiences when they overdo the insulin, they get cold sweats, dizzy, feel weak, whats the 1st thing they are told to do? drink OJ, it has healthy sugar and is processed by the body almost immediately

  • Muriel DeLuca Pepper

    I quit after 43 of smoking. It wasn’t easy, as I had been trying for 10years to stop. I tried hypnosis, nicotine patches, Wellbutrin and chantix. I started to feel it in my lungs and started to hate the taste and smell but still smoked anyway. I was down to 4-5 cigs a day and eventually just stopped. I don’t miss it but I do miss being able to breathe when exercising. It’s the hardest I ever had to do. It’s been 5 months and I don’t have the desire to smoke. If you drink alcohol, I recommend you don’t have a drink for 1 year. It’s the only time I want a cig so I won’t have a drink. Good luck and don’t give up!

    • dou

      Like an addiction it’s in the mind, and not easily ruled out as you may know from a ten year climb, .. .. .. it has to be replaced with stronger foods such as peppermint squares or cinnamon to rule out the nicotine craving… cigarette chemicals and tar + the toxins and gmo’s from foods your unaware of = a bad structure for a long healthy life

  • Katherine Crockett

    It has been 38 day today since I had a cigarette. I am so glad I finally after so many tries decided to give them up, I thought it would be hard but if you really want to make your life better it is well worth it. I just want to live my life more healthier, I am starting to exercise and eating more healthy all this is to see my grandbabies grow and have their own family

  • Ashish Gautam

    Its been about a month now that I smoked. I am having continuous mucus and excessive saliva these days with some tinkling chest pain near the breast bone. If some one can put some light over it, as what these things are sign of?

    • Lee William Gregory

      heart disease

      • Juanita Juniper

        stop it.

  • Billie

    Drink more water to support the lungs. 8 cups a day should help. Kick up vitamin c, consume pineapple, raw honey, stay with natual foods.. Push greens! Hope this helps!! Keep on swimming! Good luck, i am on a journey as well.

  • dou

    This is a great post and it’s not just for quitting smoking or a lung cleanse, these steps can cleanse your liver, arteries, and fight diseases such as tumors & cancer cells… stop smoking and stop the unhealthy delicious snacks like chips, vending machine candy that’s easy to get and soft drinks and the gmo processed foods sold bulk to fast food restaurants

  • Matěj Nimmerrichter

    I am on my day no.42 after 10yers of smoking at least 20 a day. And I have to say, excercise was way to go for me during 1st 3weeks. Any time sneek up on me a droped down did 20push ups, or just sit against the wall(like squat with support) for 3minutes..helped a lot

  • Mike Ryan

    Quit 7 months ago after smoking for 32 years…totally worth the effort…If I can do it anybody can.