FDA Fines Four Companies For Selling Unapproved Vapes


by Vaping Daily Team

Updated: March 6, 2023


Vaping has become a global trend. The vaping industry grows larger every day. Many jurisdictions have struggled with laws related to it. The use and manufacture of vape products is a widely debated topic. Manufacturers are expected to comply with strict guidelines. But this has not been. And the FDA is responsible for meting out punishment to offenders. Please keep reading to learn about the FDA’s legal action against four companies that failed to comply with its regulations.

FDA Fines Four Vape Product Manufacturers

The Food and Drug Administration has recently fined four companies. This fine comes after they failed to adhere to the regulation. The FDA had previously prohibited the sales of a category of vape products. But these companies refused to stop selling.

This is the latest move of the regulatory body to cut down on the excesses of vape manufacturers. Before now, the Food and Drug Administration has been accused of failing to enforce its laws. This is the second time taking legal action against vape product sellers. Four months ago, the body sued six vape shops for the sale of illegal products.

The Food and Drug Administration wants to prioritize the prohibition of sales of unapproved vape products. According to a statement by the director of the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products, Brian King, the regulatory authority would use the full scope of the law to enforce its regulations. Legal sanctions will be stricter on those who continuously violate the law.

A STAT investigation revealed the Food and Drug Administration had taken a long time to take legal action against offenders. Two of the four companies fined by the FDA were previously part of a list of those that ignored the authority’s orders.

More than half of the 120 companies warned failed to adhere to its regulations. The FDA was questioned as to why it had failed to crack down on companies that had failed to follow its rules.

The FDA is renowned for issuing fines to companies that sell to underage customers. But they have failed to sanction vape manufacturers that sell unapproved products. Recently they were blasted by Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.). He stated that the agency lacked the urgency to tackle these dangerous products. He was surprised the FDA could turn a blind eye to the massive influx of kid-friendly vape products. The Senator expressed his concern about minors getting their hands on these products.

Will the FDA’s Fine Be A Good Deterrent?

They have finally taken decisive action against companies flouting its regulations. However, there are question marks about the worth of the fine. Many are concerned if the penalty will be enough to dissuade larger manufacturers from this offense.

Why Was This Announcement Made?

This announcement was the FDA’s response to recent criticisms about how it handled Vape manufacturers. Dr. Brian King released a statement: “Holding manufacturers accountable for making or selling illegal tobacco products is a top priority for the FDA”. If companies fail to discontinue after the warning fine, the agency may use other legal tools to enforce their regulations.

They can seize the products of offenders and charge them as criminal offenders. Fines are a language that manufacturers understand.

Dr. Brian King also said that e-cigarette is less harmful than smoking.

The Fine Would Only Affect Small Vape Shops

The maximum fine for a single violation of the law is $19,192. It’s considered too small to discourage Chinese vape manufacturers. Chinese vape makers now have a significant presence in the industry. American Vapor Manufacturers said the Food and Drug Administration targeted small-scale domestic manufacturers, Norman, Okla, etc.

What is the Public Reaction?

This news is a positive report for members of the US society. Many are worried about the ill effects of unregulated vaping. It’s become almost as common a problem as cigarette smoking. All eyes are on the FDA’s next moves.


The FDA wants to finally wake from its slumber and halt the activities of unscrupulous vape manufacturers. This fine will be a big step forward in their agenda. The world will watch the reaction of vape manufacturers to these new developments.

Published: March 7, 2023

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