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24 Karat Gold Label
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The 24 Karat Gold Label e-juice is one of Feghali’s best products. In fact, it is almost always the subject if you look for online revi...

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Rico Gold Label
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Feghali Vapor’s Best E-Juices


#1 24 Karat Gold Label

10/10 icon-question Review score

The 24 Karat Gold Label e-juice is one of Feghali’s best products. In fact, it is almost always the subject if you look for online reviews of their flavors. The 24 Karat, as stated on their website, is ‘a blend of bubblegum joined with mouthwatering fruits and candies’. True enough, it holds plenty of flavors that are mixed into one premium blend. As you begin vaping the 24 Karat Gold Label, the flavors will start as a mediocre kicker that gets even better as you vaping more. The most evident flavor was the bubblegum and strawberry that melts together in a sweet and exciting combination for an all-day vape. If you try to discern everything that is included in the taste, you will notice some more fruits such as plums, kiwis, cherries, among others. For medium throat hit, smooth tasting and huge clouds of vape, Feghali Vapor made the 24 Karat Gold Label a 70-30 VG-PG blend.

#2 Eureka

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A berry and mint combo that gives vapers a cool and refreshing inhale, with a sweet, juicy berry exhale. The Eureka from Feghali Vapor’s Gold Label line of e-juices is a great all-day vape for menthol lovers who want a twist of fruity flavor to enhance further their vaping experience. The throat hit is nice and cool, with clouds of vape from the 70% VG blend in this flavor.

#3 Rico Gold Label

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Feghali Vapor mixed some pineapple, lime, and citrus to make a sweet and tangy gummy worm flavor for vapers with a sweet tooth. The citrus and lime is mild on the exhale while a rich and juicy pineapple flavor is distinguishable as you inhale the thick vapor it produces. Consisting of the same 70-30 VG-PG blend, the Rico Gold Label is for the cloud chaser who likes some fruity candy taste on their vape.

#4 Forty-Niner

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Another complex yet stimulating flavor from Feghali Vapor, the Forty-Niner was named after treasure hunters who looked for gold in California some few decades ago. Feghali Vapor describes the Forty-Niner as a combination of ‘key lime with other sweet and unique flavors’. Not everyone loves key lime, but this flavor makes an exemption. The key lime aspect is not too strong that it blends very well with other fruity sweetness. It gives a subtle taste of fruit tart on the exhale, which does not get overwhelming. Fruit flavor lovers will find the Forty-Niner a potential favorite.

Feghali Vapor


Feghali Vapor has been in business for more than a year and a half, during which they have expanded to selling their affordable e-liquids to different parts of the world. While they are based in the US, Feghali Vapor prides in providing the same line of e-liquids to vapers from Asia, South America, Europe, and many more. The brand wanted to create cheaper quality e-liquids that will not make vapers pay $22.99 for every 15ml bottle. Currently, their $15/30ml e-juice is among the most affordable options in the market, which is probably the reason people are turning to this newbie despite the yet established name compared to other big e-liquid brands.

Aside from the Gold Label line that represents their premium e-juice flavors, Feghali Vapor also offers value e-liquids with 17 flavor options at a much lower cost. Their value line consists of basic blends for all-day vaping, made with the same quality ingredients as with the Gold Label.

Bottles and Flavors

Feghali Vapor may not be as renowned as other brands just yet, but they have a promising future with their valuable e-liquids. Furthermore, they know how to present their products in an elegant-looking packaging. Each Gold Label e-juice comes in a black bottle with a small and convenient nozzle for easy refilling. The label is gold and shiny, with the name of the e-juice line, and the flavor. The amount of e-liquid is stated in front of the bottle. Feghali took the time to include warnings, the nicotine amount, and the date it was made.

As for value e-liquids, the bottles are transparent with the same nozzle, and a label that has images portraying the e-liquid flavor as well as warnings and details. All their bottles have childproof caps. When compared to other premium and more expensive e-juices, these bottles would be rated mediocre. However, given the price of these products, one would easily understand that what matters most is the content. Packaging is vital and decisive in building first impressions but is not the ultimate judge for quality e-liquids.

Feghali Vapor e-liquids are available in 70-30 VG-PG blends. As of the moment, they do not offer other ratio blends for those who want less vapor and more flavor, or a balanced combination of both. Nonetheless, for cloud chasers who are after smooth flavored thick vapor, then their standard VG-PG blend is right on target.

Gold Label Line

Their Gold Label line flavors are available in 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg nicotine levels. Value flavors come in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, and 12mg, which is one option wider, and yet still needs improvement for those who want a strong nicotine kick.

Feghali Vapor is on their way to providing vapers with a balanced selection of their flavors. However, they seem to be concentrating on fruity and candy flavors at the moment. Their Gold Label line is comprised of mostly complex flavor blends of various fruits and candies while their value line consists of simpler and more basic options in the same category. For vapers who want the classic tobacco taste in their juice, Feghali Vapor has yet created their version of what is considered a necessity when trying to please ex-smokers.

On the other hand, vapor production is extremely good with Feghali’s e-liquids. This is quite a given since they offer high-VG content blends as the only option in their selection.

Additional Details

Feghali Vapor takes pride in 100% USA-made e-liquids that are manufactured under strict adherence to standards and with high-quality, kosher ingredients. Their VG and PG are both USP certified while flavorings are FDA certified as well. Feghali also only uses 99.9 pure and American made nicotine to ensure safety in their products.

On top of the reasonable prices that make their e-liquids attractive to new and experienced vapers, Feghali Vapor gives out a free surprise bottle of e-liquid for all orders. They also offer free shipping for orders within the US. Additionally, they will give you another free bottle if you share your purchased e-liquid on Facebook or Twitter.

As a conclusion, Feghali Vapor is one e-liquid brand that vapers should try if they are looking for an affordable and premium alternative to other brands. Their selection may be quite limited, but the flavors they offer, especially in their Gold Label line, are unique and top notch. With too much to spend on these days, finding a good vape juice that is easy in your pocket and perfect for your taste is an absolute win.

Published: August 24, 2015 Updated: December 7, 2022

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