Does Your Vape Make Crackling and Popping Sounds?


by Christina Matthews

Updated: August 6, 2020

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If you’re new to vaping, some sounds like crackling and popping coming from your vape might seem strange or annoying for you. But don’t worry, because in most cases vape popping is a normal thing.

However, even the most experienced vapers should pay attention to sudden changes in a vape sound, which can be really frustrating and can cause some major problems. Here are some tips about good and ugly vape noises.

What Causes Vape Popping

A light crackling pop noise is a completely predictable and usual process. This is an e-juice being heated by the coil and vaporizing, and it means a good sign that your e-cig works properly.  When you vape, your e-liquid hits a very hot coil and turns it into a vapor.

This reaction makes you hear a crackling noise. The more or less loud behavior of your vape depends on what kind of device and e-juice you use, or the intensity and strength of the puffs. So let’s clarify the factors that affect the crackling and popping noise:

The Wattage/Voltage Level

Using a sub-ohm vaping setup is the first reason for an instant crackle. An RTA with a fairly open airflow forces air and increases the productivity of the vape. More e-liquid will condensate and less turn to vapor, thus an excess of liquid makes the noise.

E-liquid can’t be vaporized effectively when your vape wattage is too low. You need to increase it for normal heating or try to make longer draws. Otherwise, you may flood your atomizer and e-juice will spit to your mouth. Avoid this by increasing the device’s wattage. Consider vaping at a higher wattage and see if the noises are still the same.

Moreover, try to change the airflow adjustments to reduce the amount of e-liquid. Twist the collar of your sub-ohm tank to loose some air pressure.

Different E-Liquid Ingredients

Feel free to fill in your vape with new e-juices, but remember one thing: thicker one means more vapor. A thinner e-liquid might cause coil flooding and atomizer’s popping and spitting. You may use thicker vegetable glycerin instead of thinner propylene glycol liquid.

Sugar is very much like wood when it is burned. Both contain cellulose which breaks down when burnt. Then the gases vaporize and make a popping sound. It is totally natural that e-juice makes that popping as it gets heated by the coil.

A Coil Design

vape coils image

Twisted and braided coils have more surface area, which helps to produce more vapor and may cause extra popping sounds. Such types of coils have more crannies and nooks, that’s why more e-liquid pops.

We are talking about occasional popping because of twisted coil build, and you can hardly prevent it. Be sure that your coil twists and braids are very tight in your device.

You can also hear a vape popping when your device has a narrow drip tip or chimney. Some condensed vapor remains inside in form of droplets and blocks the flow. Simply use a wider drip tip or switch to an RTC chimney.

Final Word

So all the factors above may affect vape popping, crackling, and spitting. It is mostly related to the interaction of e-liquid and coil wire. The condensation vapor and extra droplets can cause dreadful loud noise and spitting issues. Vape on and enjoy the slight crackling sound of an operating vape, satisfying like a fire in the fireplace. But if it’s really annoying and you feel your ‘electrically charged nerves,’ check your vape mod and fix it if needed.

It is a very good thing to stay aware of any changes in your vape pen or mod as it could be a sign of trouble. Even though it is extremely rare, there have been cases of exploding vape pens. In just about all of these cases, it was a problem with the battery and wouldn’t have alerted the user that something was amiss by any popping sounds, however.

In fact, if the vaporizer isn’t making any noise and is overheating, that is when you should be concerned and stop vaping right away.

Published: January 2, 2018Updated: August 6, 2020

Christina Matthews

I love the written word, and in my career as a journalist, I strive to provide the facts about everything I write about. There are too many false and alarmist stories out there about life and vaping mainly. My mission is to make e-cigarettes less scary to people with informative articles and extensive research on not only the possible evils of cigarettes and Big Tobacco, but the objective side of e-cigs.


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  • Nes

    August 14, 2020 at 7:04 pm

    Thank you for the article. I backed off on the tightness of the cap on my Cerberus tank and that helped the crackle pop issue immensely.

    • James Bickford

      August 17, 2020 at 6:53 am

      Hi Nes, thanks for writing. Great to hear you solved your crackling problem. You can also inhale from the mouthpiece after a fresh refill to clear out the chimney before vaping. Let us know how else we can help. Happy Vaping!

  • Caleb

    May 7, 2020 at 1:56 am

    I found this an excellent guide to write out questions for my vape shop when describing the kind of coil I wanted to switch to.

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    September 30, 2019 at 7:54 am

    Also forgot to mention it is infinix smok

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    September 8, 2019 at 4:25 pm

    You never find the information you need on the first resource pulled up during your initial quest. This time I hit the jackpot! This is an informative but not too technical explanation of the noises associated with vaping AND let’s you know when it is dangerous or what to look out for to avoid harm.

  • Johnathan

    May 3, 2019 at 9:58 pm

    We have a scholar on our hands, folks.

  • willem smith

    June 1, 2018 at 9:19 am

    nowhere on the internet does someone speak about the quality of the cotton. some cotton has only fibers✔️and cheap cotton has fibers and tiny knots❌. since i remove before coilng the knots explosions less occur. my theory is that the juice in tbe knot can not become vape until the knot explodes. greetings, willem