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by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: September 23, 2022

kingpalm brand review

Review Score: 90/100

Price Range:
$1.00 - $960.00
Customer Service:
Works with:
  • Herbs icon


  • Palm leaf pre-rolls - not paper!
  • All-natural and no additives
  • Live customer service


  • No pre-rolled blunts, cigarettes, or cigars

Many smokers do not realize that before cigarette papers, tobacco and cannabis were rolled in palm leaves. The shift to cigarette papers from palm leaves started in the 20th Century because it was cheaper to roll cigarettes, cigars, and blunts with paper than palm leaves.

Cheaper is not always better, though.

Many rolling papers are bleached or use chalk, and many smokers do not want that stuff in their bodies. So King Palm answered the call for an alternative by going back to basics: 100 percent real palm leaf rolls.

What Are King Palm Products Used For?

Looking at the names of their products, one might think they are purely for cannabis smokers. But this is not true.

King Palm wraps come empty, so buyers can stuff them with cannabis to make blunts or with tobacco for old-school cigars and cigarettes. And each of their rolling leaves comes with natural flavored filter tips and bamboo tools for loading the rolls.

King Palm’s Watermelon Diesel

King-Sized Pre-Roll Leaf Cones Pack

king palms watermelon diesel


  • Plenty of wraps per pack
  • Packing sticks included
  • Large packing capacity


  • No pre-filled wraps

Watermelon Diesel cones are one of King Palm’s latest products. These rolls are watermelon flavored and produce a potent taste similar to Watermelon Diesel. The cones also can hold a high amount of herbs and each package contains a lot of wraps. Plus, all the cones come with flavor tips and packing sticks.

Reasons to Buy

  • 2-gram roll capacity
  • 25 to 50 all-natural cones per package
  • Two pre-installed flavor tips
  • 12 to 24 bamboo packing sticks

King Palm Banana Cream Slim Leaf Rollies

With Terpene Filter Tips

king palm banana cream slim leaf rollies


  • Affordable
  • Loading stick included
  • Flavorful


  • No pre-filled rolls

There is more to these rolls than smokers stuffing herbs inside them. They utilize a flavor capsule that contains a full range of terpenes. It is activated by smashing the capsule in the filter tip as smokers do with some menthol cigarettes. Also, these capsules release banana cream flavor when broken.

Reasons to Buy

  • Two pre-rolled cones
  • One bamboo stick
  • Terpene filled capsule

XXL Size King Palm Pre-Rolled Cones

Palm Cones With Humidity Pack

xxl size king palm pre rolled cones


  • Comes with a humidity pack
  • Rolls stay fresh longer
  • Filter tip and packing stick included
  • High packing capacity


  • No pre-filled rolls

These easy-to-use cones do not require users to roll their joints. Instead, they are pre-rolled and last for an extended time. Additionally, the size of the cones allows them to be shared by multiple people.

The cones have corn husk filter tips and bamboo packing tips. Finally, a humidity pack comes with it to ensure the joint stays fresh longer.

Reasons to Buy

  • Large enough for sharing
  • Corn husk filter tip
  • Bamboo packing stick
  • Humidity pack

Cherry & Vanilla XL Wraps

cherry vanilla xl wraps


  • Insanely good flavor
  • Optional use blueberry filter tip
  • High packing capacity


  • No pre-filled options

With each drag, these wraps combine cherry and vanilla flavors to achieve a fruity and creamy taste. Additionally, the flavor has sweet and tart undertones that give these wraps a pleasant bite.

An extra feature is a flavored blueberry squeeze and pop filter tip that lends an extra note of flavor to the sweet and tart cherries and vanilla.

Reasons to Buy

  • Slow burning and all-natural
  • Two wraps per package
  • Two blueberry squeeze and pop filter tips


King Palms has a store locator feature at the top right corner of their homepage.

They have no actual King Palms stores. Instead, they sell their products online or through third-party vendors.

Shipping and Returns

King Palms ships with USPS. USPS can take three to seven business days to deliver a product. International shipping can take even longer.

King Palms processes orders Monday through early Friday and stops processing orders in the afternoon. New orders will not be processed until next week.

Customers will get a tracking number sent to their email address if they request one.

Customers have 30 days to return a product, but it must be unused. If it arrives damaged, customer service will replace it but not refund it.

Where to Buy

King Palm leaf wraps can be bought in stores throughout the United States. To find a store, use the store locator application on their website and type in your zip code. The app will display all the stores in the area.

However, it might be more convenient to use their website. To do that, go to King Palm’s product page, click on one of their items, and buy it.


King Palm wraps are not covered by warranty. Consumable products typically are not covered by such protections. However, if a package arrives with damaged goods, their customer service team will replace them.

Customer Service Rating

Their customer service is top-notch because their phone number and email address are posted on their contact page. They also have a contact form where customers can message the customer support team. Someone will answer if contacted.

However, it would be nice if they also posted their physical address because it adds a degree of transparency.


King Palm vs. Backwoods Cigars

backwoods cigars brand review

These are both excellent companies to shop with, but they are entirely different from one another.

King Palm sells empty rolls and pre-rolls, while Backwoods Cigars sells whole cigars.

Backwoods Cigars is still worth a try. They have a variety of flavored cigars, including honey bourbon, dark stout, and Russian cream. They also have a phone number with live customer service.

King Palm vs. Rawthentic

rawthentic brand review

Rawthentic has excellent rolling papers with no GMOs, bleach, or chalk, and their papers are vegan-friendly. But they sell rolling papers, not palm leaves.

Both companies focus on selling wraps and accessories for them, but a King Palm blunt has flavored filter tips. They also have dry herb grinders.

But Rawthentic has rolling machines that make rolling blunts easier than doing them by hand.

The only problem with Rawthentic is that they do not have live customer service.

In short, both companies are outstanding, but King Palm has a slight edge because of the novelty of their palm rolls and live customer service.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is King Palms a Good Shop?

    Yes, because this shop sells outstanding pre-rolled wraps that do not contain GMOs, bleach, chalk, or other additives usually found in rolling papers.

  • How Long Do King Palms Pre-Rolled Leaf Wraps Last?

    It is impossible to give a precise estimate, but considering one blunt can be shared by over ten people, it can last one person a considerable amount of time. With a humidity pack, one wrap can last several weeks to several months if the pack remains closed.

  • Do King Palms Have Chemicals?

    No, their products contain zero chemicals. They are 100 percent natural.

  • Do King Palms Use Real Palm Leaves?

    Yes, they use real palm leaves, which sets them apart from competitors.


The Positives

  • Palm leaf pre-rolls - not paper!
  • All-natural and no additives
  • Reasonably priced
  • Live customer service
  • Flavored filter tips

The Negatives

  • No pre-rolled blunts, cigarettes, or cigars

Final Thoughts King Palm’s Hand Rolled Leaf Wraps

Anyone who wants to know what it was like to smoke a cheroot or cigar over a century ago should buy one of these wraps and try them out. They have them in two per pack options, so it will not be a waste of money or time.

But smokers who try these palm leaves will be hooked. They have a natural taste that companies like Rawthentic cannot match, and they do not have any of the additives found in many rolling papers.

The only thing King Palm could do to improve their business would be to start selling some pre-filled rolls with cannabis. Even rolls containing cigar tobacco would be excellent.

If you have tried these palm leaf wraps, we want to know. Please leave a comment below telling us about your customer experience.

Published: September 25, 2022

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