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Omicron Vaporizer91100

omicron vape pen review

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Vape Pen

The Omicron Vaporizer Pen is a great option if you want a pen that can work really well with concentrates. When it comes to wax and oil, the Omicron is the champion.

Omicron Vaporizer Pen Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Omicron Vaporizer Pen followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Wax/Oil Vapor Quality – 98%
  • Size & Portability – 90%
  • Build Quality/Sturdiness – 87%
  • Price – 90%
  • Overall Rating: 91%

The best vape pen when it comes to concentrates. If you like wax and oils, this pen is fantastic.

The Omicron is an oil vaporizer, so you can’t use it with any dry herbs. You can only use it with concentrates like waxes and oils. But does offering something a little different mean that this pen vape has to make concessions?

How It’s Built

Omicron Vape Pen Kit

This very discreet dab pen can easily fit into your pocket. It’s no larger than a regular marker and just about as inconspicuous. To the casual observer, it looks like some sort of pocket tool, and its silver coloring is attractive without being is available a few other colors, however.

As an oil vape, it doesn’t have to be very large to be able to pull off some decent functionality. Oils just don’t need as much room to be able to give you as many draws as a dry herb pen would. So this vape is very thin and compact. The oil tray only holds around a gram of oil. That may not seem like much, but it turns out that is plenty once you start using it.

How To Use The Omicron Vaporizer Pen

If you are new to oil pens, you might have some trouble using the Omicron at first. You can’t just fill them like you would a typical herb vaporizer.

With this vape, you start by opening it up and fitting the filling tool on top of the cartridge. The tool just slides into place, and you can put in your oil on top of it. You will need the heat the oil to get it to go where it should and to fall down on top of the cartridge. You do this by heating up the bottom of the cartridge.

Once your oil is set, close back up the unit and turn it on. You’ll need to click the power button five times to turn it on. The light will flash blue letting you know that it is turned on. Then when you are ready to vape, you just hold down the power button for about 4 seconds. This heats up the oils right away and provides you with instant vapor.

Once you are done with your vaping session, just turn off the device by pressing the power button five times. The blue light will flash again to let you know that it is off.

All of this may seem really complex for people who have used portable vapes or desktop vapes, but once you do it a few times, it will become natural.

The Omicron Vaping Session

The Omicron comes with its own charging station. The device has detachable batteries. It only takes one to power it, and it comes with two. So you can have one charging while you are using the other one, but the powering station is big enough for two batteries to charge at the same time.

It takes a few hours for the batteries to charge. And once they are fully powered, you can get as much as 200 draws from your pen with them. That means you will be able to vape through an entire tray of oil in one charge.

Once you get a vapor going on this thing, it produces some of the biggest, clearest hits you will experience with any vapor pen. We’ve tried herb vapes and oil vapes, and we have to say few of them can match up to what the Omicron offers. It’s simply incredible.

What worried us initially about the pen was that it wasn’t made in the USA or Europe as many of these things are. This one comes from China, which is often a sign that the parts or craftsmanship are going to be shoddy. Not so with this unit. We poked and prodded and tested out all the components and they all seem solid.

It’s well-built and appears to be very durable. We don’t foresee any quality issues with the Omicron, and it really looks like a lot of care was put into its design and manufacturing. It helps that it is a very compact, simple unit. There aren’t a lot of parts that can malfunction or break down on you.

This also means that the unit is easy to clean. The entire thing can be taken apart quite easily. And if you have any experience with oil vapes, you know they can get a bit messy. But because this vape is so easy to clean, we didn’t have any problems keeping out gunk free and in perfect working order.

We mentioned earlier that you could just put this in your pocket and take it wherever you want to go. And while it is certainly portable, it is also an oil vaporizer. This means that there is some chance that your oil will become runny and leak out. Now it comes with a carrying case, which takes care of this potential problem, but you do want to be careful and try to keep it right side up if you are carrying it without the case.

The Final Analysis

In our experience, there is no better oil vape on the market today than the Omicron. This sweet little vaporizer works perfectly and produces some truly impressive vapors. Everything about it is a testament to its great quality.

It may not be the most welcoming vape for newbies, but oil vapes and pen vapes rarely are. Still, it’s not so difficult to use that anyone is going to have a lot of trouble with it.

Now some vaporizers are going to take a little time to heat up and reach their target temperature. That’s not the case with the Omicron. Because it is so compact and the heat source is close to the oils, and because it uses oils instead of herbs it is able to heat up right away. That makes it perfect for taking with you, pulling out wherever you want, and taking a few quick draws before tucking it back away.


  • Great quality item- works perfectly every time and is of exceptional craftsmanship
  • Easy to take apart and clean
  • Produces superb vapor
  • Heats up instantly


  • Possibility of leakage
  • Slight learning curve
Published: October 12, 2017 Updated: March 26, 2019



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