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Ex-smokers who go into vaping have one goal. To quit smoking entirely. However, since quitting cold turkey proves difficult, smokers ease their transition through vaping using e-liquids that have a high nicotine content. The reason is not just for the head rush, but also for the throat hit, which simulates the harsh feel of cigarette smoke.

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Eventually, vapers lower their nicotine content. Many users can easily vape low nicotine e-liquid, provided it gives a good enough throat hit. This is why many ex-smokers find it difficult to use zero nicotine e-juice. Not because of the lack of head rush, but because of the missing throat hit.

So the question is, are there zero nicotine e-juices with throat hit?

Zero Nicotine E-Juices: The Bad News

 Nicotine irritates the throat, much like how cigarette smoke does. To remove nicotine altogether would mean losing throat hit. So to answer the question, “If there is a zero nicotine e-liquid with throat hit?” Unfortunately, there is none.

If there were one, many ex-smokers would shift to zero nic e-juices instantly. It would be a hit, a game-changer, that will cause a paradigm shift in the world of vaping. Many have tried adding pepper sauce or increasing the VG for denser vapor, but still, it seems nothing could beat nicotine when it comes to a proper throat hit.

But not all is lost.

Zero Nicotine E-Juices: The Good News

 Because of the determination of various vapers and ex-smokers intent on looking for a way to simulate throat hit with zero mic e-juices, a few options have been discovered that might do the trick.

First is the addition of menthol. An entirely mentholated e-liquid flavor will deliver a gentle kick in the throat. It is a different kind of kick, but it is worth trying. However, the downside is, if one does not like the taste of menthol, this replacement will not work. Aside from menthol, peppermint is said to give a nice kick as well. However, as with menthol, the kick is not the same.

PG Blend

Another option is to use dominantly PG blend e-juices. Again, the harshness of PG is not the same, but it still gives a tickle in the throat that might work. The downside to this is that some users are allergic to PG, so this may not be an option at all.

 One trick many users find effective is adding a small amount of vodka to the e-liquid. Not much, about five drops per 10ml is strong enough. Those who worry about the alcohol content need not worry, however. Since to get a buzz from this trick would mean having to vape 1000mls worth of e-liquid. One doesn’t need to use top-shelf vodka too. The cheap ones found in gasoline stores work just as well.

Users can try the above, or combine it all, and see what they can come up with that works. However, even the most ardent followers of the above tricks admit that throat hit from nicotine is better.

The Holy Grail?

 If one browses the various vaping forums, one will find numerous topics about getting throat hit from zero nicotine e-juices. The tricks above are all mentioned, as well as some unorthodox methods – like adding capsaicin, or the compound that makes chili peppers hot.

However, is there a “holy grail” ingredient that adds throat hit to nicotine-less e-juice? There may be.

Flavour Art UK has designed an additive that users can put in their zero nicotine e-juices to get that elusive throat hit. It is called BiteXtra, a flavorless e-liquid created specifically for zero-nic users who crave for more throat hit.

BiteXtra has no nicotine, and it is added to either ready-made e-juice or DIY blends much like how one blends PG and VG. The manufacturer suggests adding about 20% of the additive to one’s e-liquid; though some experimentation should be done first to find the proper mix that’s right for you.

It may seem too good to be true, but many users swear by it. BiteXtra is priced at around $13 per 100ml, which is cheap enough to try.

What Now?

 Finding the right mix of tricks or additives to add to zero nicotine e-liquid for a proper throat hit can be a laborious process. Much testing, experimentation, and trial and error is needed. However, users who are determined to find the right mix will be rewarded in the end.

After all, the purpose of vaping is to quit smoking. Part of that process is weaning oneself from nicotine. By using zero-nic e-juices, one will slowly get free from nicotine urges, and in time, quit inhaling anything at all. If to quit completely requires some experimentation, so be it.

But if one cannot swear off nicotine completely, it does not mean one is living an unhealthy lifestyle. Remember, the effects of nicotine are similar to that of caffeine. You don’t see coffee drinkers getting strokes or lung cancer, right?

In the end, what matters is your health, and to quit smoking for good. Whether that means vaping with nicotine or none at all, it doesn’t really matter.  As long as you are free from cigarettes, you are doing it right.

Published: August 21, 2015 Updated: September 10, 2021



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