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XEO is a Germany-based manufacturer that offers a wide variety of vaping gear including disposable e-cigarettes, starter kits, e-liquids and cartridges, and more. Although a new entrant, XEO seems to be on the right track and has a quickly growing customer base, mainly because they offer only high-quality products.

They don’t have a huge range of e-liquids, but unique and intense flavoring make their e-juices a stand-out choice for vapers. We really liked their colorful packing and their e-juice bottles come with a child-proof, dripper-tip cap for clean, hassle-free refilling.

We’re rather disappointed to see that they currently only offer 10ml bottles with just one nicotine strength i.e. 16mg. Also, not only their e-juices are pricey, as each 10ml pack costs about $6.75 (€5.95), but also their shipping prices are extremely steep. What’s more, XEO doesn’t clearly mention the VG/PG blend used in their e-liquids. While we totally loved almost all the flavors we tried, we hope to see bigger, more affordable e-juices from them in future.

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XEO E-Liquid Flavors:

As we mentioned earlier, XEO offers six different, extremely delicious flavors with 16mg nicotine strength, making them an ideal choice for ex-smokers who want to start a smoke-free life. Here’s our experience with each of the flavors.

XEO Rich Tobacco

What really makes the XEO-Rich Tobacco a standout choice is the fact that instead of the harsh flavor that’s usually associated with tobacco, it offers a mild flavor that you can vape all day without being over-powered. The only thing we think the XEO Rich Tobacco e-juice lacks is a little tinge of sweetness, but that really helps it offer an extremely similar experience as smoking the real tobacco cigarette.

XEO Fresh Menthol

If I had to pick the best of the XEO e-juices, it will be the XEO fresh menthol that offers fresh, the icy chill of menthol and gives a smooth, delicious, and fulfilling vaping experience. The vapor development of this particular e-juice is simply amazing. If you are not used to menthol flavors, the Fresh Menthol might be a little too minty for you at first, but soon you’ll start loving the rich flavor and mild throat hit.

XEO Sweet Cherry

If you like fruity e-juices, you’ll simply get hooked to the Sweet Cherry. The e-juice not only tastes sweet but also perfectly replicates the taste of ripened, exotic cherries. With the mild throat hit and extremely thick vapor, plus a tinge of sweetness, we assume this is a high VG juice. The manufacturer claims that a 10ml bottle of their e-juice corresponds the smoke of 350 cigarettes. This claim, however, seems a little too ambitious, as in our experience one bottle can translate to an equal of 100-170 cigarettes, which is still great value for money.

XEO Juicy Melon

The only flavor by XEO that seems a little off was the Juicy Melon. By no means we say that it didn’t taste good, but it tastes more like a synthetic flavor instead of natural melon.

XEO Strawberry Menthol

Unlike the Fresh Menthol, Strawberry Menthol offers a mildly minty, strawberry-like taste and is one of the best e-liquid flavors by XEO. For those who don’t like harsh flavors or intense throat hits, the Strawberry Menthol offers an ideal choice.

XEO Rich Vanilla

Rich vanilla truly deserves to be called the queen of flavoring. The noble taste, royal design of the Rich Vanilla e-liquid by XEO, in my personal experience, is many times better than vanilla flavor by most competitors.


Remember, when it comes to taste, everyone has their own favorites, so you might like ejuices other than the ones we liked. XEO’s range of flavors might not be the biggest, yet it has almost all sorts of different flavors. High-quality ingredients and good flavors mean that you will like most of their flavors, if not all. The one thing that we didn’t like about their ejuices is the guesswork as they don’t clearly mention the VG/PG ratio in their juices. Also, we’d like to see their prices and shipping costs going down. Maybe they should also allow you the freedom to mix more than one flavor to create a custom blend like most other top-notch e-juice manufacturers. But if you live in Germany or in the neighboring countries, it’s hard to find a better solution than the XEO e-liquids.

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  • Larry

    November 8, 2018 at 8:17 am

    Does anyone know what the XEO Red Tobacco PG/VG ratio is? You can’t even buy XEO in the U.S. anymore since V2 in Miami shut down.