Strix Elixirs E-Liquid Review – Some Special Flavors


Strix Elixirs is the new company from former Vape Dudes partners. This company has only been in business since late 2013, but they have already made waves in the e-liquid industry. When we heard about their great pricing and unique flavors, we had to give them a try for ourselves. Read on to find out what we thought.

The Flavors

Before you can determine if an e-liquid company is worth your time, you have to find out what they are offering and if it appeals to you. We’ve compiled a list of their flavors below:

The Bogart

Vanilla Bogart

Vanilla Ice Cream

Butter Shot


Blue Honey

Banana Slam



Espresso Dream



Frozen Tundra

Pixie Dust

Black Honey Cream


All in all, there are 19 flavors to choose from, with new ones being added from time to time. The company started with 13 flavors and has every intention of adding more. You can get some idea of what many of these flavors are offering just from the name, but you might be surprised at how they actually taste when you get to try them out.

For example, some of us don’t really like most vanilla e-juices. They just don’t offer the same kind of flavor that you would expect from vanilla foods. But we were pleasantly surprised by how Strix Elixirs’ version of vanilla tasted. It was pleasant and creamy and just like we believe vanilla should taste.

The Black Honey Cream on the other hand sounds like it would be a delicious dessert flavor. But it ends up having an almost cough syrup feel to it. It’s thick and sticky and not something we want to try again.

frozen tundraWe went through quite a few of these flavors, and we enjoyed our time with most of them. The Banana Slam, for instance, is definitely going into our rotation. It’s not as in-your-face flavorful as the name suggests, but instead it is reminiscent of banana cream pie. The Eggnog is one of the limited flavors whose stock life we are uncertain of. It is likely to be replaced by something more seasonally appropriate in a few months, so it is worth checking out if you are fan of holiday drink.

The vape juices come pre-steeped, which means they are ready to go as soon as you get them. Different flavors and juices require different maturation periods, so they are prepared ahead of time so you can enjoy them as soon as they arrive.

The Bottles

These come in very convenient bottles that are made to be used with clearomizers, tanks and cartomizers. The bottles all have needle tips that allow you to fill bottles fast and easily. In our tests, we were able to fill tanks in less than 5 seconds, and we didn’t end up making a mess either. The juice comes out easily but not so fast that you spill juice everywhere.

The bottles come in a two different sizes- 10ml and 30 ml. For our uses, the 10ml is a little too small and the 30 ml is a bit too big. We’d like something somewhere in between. The small one seems better suited to samples while the big one is a little too big for just trying out a new flavor.

Is It Worth Your Money?

The Strix Elixirs are priced very reasonably. The 10ml costs $5 and the 30ml will run you $14. That puts them in about the mid to low range for e-liquid pricing. And the liquids themselves are quite tasty. We sampled most of the flavors and found plenty of ones to love.

The liquids come with a 60/40 mix of propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin. In our experience, this offers the best throat hit and the most pleasing flavor. We found that different flavors would result in varying amounts of vapor, but the vapor production for the entire line is pretty good.


  • Great price for a quality product
  • A nice variety of flavors, which includes something for anyone to enjoy
  • Well-made bottles make for easy filling and use
  • Pre-steeped liquids lets you enjoy right from the package, no waiting involved


  • Not every flavor is a winner
  • More variety in bottle sizes would be appreciated

Overall, we love these e-liquids. There is a lot of variety and choice here, and most anyone will be able to find a great flavor to add to their rotation.

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  • Peita

    September 15, 2018 at 6:07 am

    I’m from Australia and I placed an order with Strix back in November 2017. Its now September 2018 and after many emails between myself and Jen, I have still NOT received my order or a refund. BUYER BEWARE!