180 Smoke E-juice Review – Fruity Flavors to Fall in Love With

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Known for their Eleaf iStick Pico 25, 180 Smoke – one of the prominent Canadian vape brands – has a delicious range of e-liquids available mostly in fruity flavors. Their premium e-juices come in special glass bottles that have an elegant foggy look. We received several of their e-juices, let’s take a quick look at them and see which ones are worth your money.

180 Smoke E-juice


It is a simple, straight up apple e-juice, that can be an all-day e-juice. It is a 70VG/30PG e-juice, available in a wide variety of nicotine strengths, from 0 to 18 mg per ml. The clouds are big, and it has the sweet, fruity flavor. While the e-juice is an ideal combination of sourness and sweetness, with a little bit of tang, however, this is not a unique flavor that you will yearn for, as several other brands also offer similar and equally good flavors.

Berry Blast

Berry is yet another common flavor, but 180 Smoke’s Berry Blast is a premium e-juice that stands out from the crowd. It claims to taste like strawberry and blueberry, with a hint of grape flavor and mint. I could not taste much of blueberry; the dominant flavors were mint and grape, and a little bit of strawberry on the exhale. Available in 50/50 blend, this is yet another smooth, all day vape and one of the best offerings by 180. If vaped with the right set up, it can produce humongous, dense cloud. If you like sweet, cool, and minty flavors, you just can’t go wrong with it. The overall flavor seems authentic, unlike most other berry flavors out there.

Blue Star Tobacco

Not being a big fan of tobacco flavors, I might be a little biased against the Blue Star Tobacco by 180. It is a double RY4 tobacco mix – which is pretty strong. However, what makes it different from hundreds of other tobacco flavors is the hints of graham cracker and caramel. Well, there is a lot of caramel flavor and a little of graham cracker. Available in 70VG/30PG, and 0-18 mg/ml strengths of nicotine, this is an intense flavor, ideal for ex-smokers mainly.

Island Breeze

180 Smoke hits it out of the park with the Island Breeze. While it might not be exactly a “refreshing mix of exotic dragon fruit, fresh strawberry, and vanilla ice cream with a slight hint of pear” as claimed by the manufacturer, but it definitely is one of their very best flavors and one of my personal favorites. It is an ideal mix of fruity, sweet, and exotic flavors. Also, this is one of those complex, and hard to explain flavors that are original and rare. With 70VG/30PG and 0-18 ml/mg nicotine, the e-juice is flavor rich, yet smooth and not overwhelming. If I had to pick just one e-juice by 180 Smoke, Island Breeze would be it.

Sex on the Peach

Despite not being a big fan of the raunchy name, I loved this unique, premium peach flavor. The only thing I wish was if the e-juice had a little more VG and less PG, as it misses that extra sweetness, but that is my personal preference. Peach and Colada are the two dominant flavors, and you get a cool finish – which I really like because it is not minty. It did remind me of the sweet tarts candy. Being a comparatively high PG e-juice, it does have some added throat hit, and your lungs will also feel it. It offers an overall satisfying experience and an amazing flavor, being a close second favorite of mine. Everything about Sex on the Peach is just about perfect, and it is worth a look.

Published: August 2, 2017 Updated: July 26, 2021



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