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There are companies that try to be something they are not and likely might never become, and then there are those who know exactly who they are, that to me is Crystal Canyon Vapes or CCVapes if so inclined.


Made with all American ingredients Crystal Canyon hails from Arizona and is family owned and operated. One of the better if not one of the best vape juice manufacturers out there, CCVapes sells fresh e-liquids as well as a few devices and accessories.


CCVapes makes a fine juice. Let’s just put that out there. You will not find a selection of 100’s of flavors on their website, but what you will find is a selection that makes sense. Each flavor category has anywhere from 5 to 9 or so flavors to choose from. You can also select from 5ml bottles to 60 ml bottles with nicotine amounts of anywhere from 0 to 24mg.

So what is it that sets them apart from the rest? They do not have an extremely large operation. They have also yet to do what others in their relative position have done and that is to expand into retail outlets or a distribution license of sorts. CCVapes seems to be at a point where they can handle the operational workload and still provide a product that meets their high standards.

What does that mean for you, the consumer? It means simply this, that you will continue to get a consistent flavored e-juice that will remain a high quality product for a long time. They found a sweet spot for running their operations and they are happy there, and it is translating to what they produce. They have always had a good reputation and it looks as though that will not change anytime soon.

Attracting New Customers

Pricing is always a concern when people are trying out new places. I have often said that people should try different companies as often as possible. When the prices are within normal averages that makes this a much easier thing to do.  Finding places that sell sample packs can be a big help and the sample packs offered by Crystal Canyon come in a variety of different setups and all the prices are what you would expect.

I might like to see them offer a rewards or point program in the future. Something to bring their customers a bit closer to the company. I always hear great things about CCVapes but the one thing I do not hear much of is people talking about how they only shop at CCVapes. Maybe what they need is some way to help customers relate to the product more. Right now you can shop for your favorite juices but the experience stops there.

They do have a good selection of sample packs. But, out of all the various sample packages the best in my opinion is the Vapor Plus Pack. The Vapor Plus Pack comes with a 15ml glass bottle and two 5 ml plastic bottles. The small bottles are great for trying flavors, but if you are trying CCVapes for the first time let me suggest a tobacco flavor such as 3:10 to Yuma or a Turkish blend for the large 15ml bottle and two flavors of your choice for the shorties.

Here’s why. If you really want to see how good a company is at making e-liquids you should try their tobacco flavor first. Anybody can put some vegetable glycerin in a bottle and add some strawberry flavor. But getting the tobacco flavor just right is much harder, especially since most of us have smoked tobacco for multiple years and know the flavor well.

 The Future is Bright

Crystal Canyon does not have a retail walk-up operation as yet but that may be in theplans for the future. Even so, I could be perfectly happy if they stayed right where they are. Regardless of what they do in the future I have a feeling it will be successful and their juices will remain top-notch. One thing that I would like to see is for their hardware and device selection to expand a bit. It would make a great compliment to their already excellent juices.

Published: October 16, 2017


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One comment on “Crystal Canyon Vapes Review – Straight From Arizona

  • john

    September 22, 2018 at 11:57 am

    This is a great review about an amazing company. I’ve ordered from them several times now and due to the quality and flavor of their juices i’ve given all my other juices away. I have made crystal canyon vapes my only ejuice vendor. It really is that good, especially their tobacco’s which are hard to find great ones from any company.