Smok Scar P3 and P5 review: Tiny Monsters for Cloud Enthusiasts


by Jeffrey Buckley

Updated: July 9, 2021

Scar P3 80w Pod Review

Review Score: 87/100

Price Range:
$19.20 - $25.99
Battery Capacity:
Wattage Range:
5W - 80W
Black, Fluid Black Grey, Fluid Red, Fluid Blue, Fluid Green, Red
Works with:
  • Eliquids icon


  • Fill port on top of the mod
  • RPM and RPM2 mesh coils
  • Amazingly high levels of vapor and great flavor


  • Not a vape for mouth-to-lung vapers

The Scar P3 from Smok is a pod mod kit that is well worth the money. Powered by the IQ 80 chipset, the P3 offers fast response time, high vapor production, and a warm and flavorful vaping experience.

The P3 also has high juice capacity, portability, and a design that makes it resistant to the elements and impacts. It is fair to say that this pod mod kit is for people who want a vape that is durable, portable, and high-performing.

Smok Scar P3 Vaping Experience Review

The Smok Scar P3 kit is a perfect device to vape.

  1. First, it has a very comfortable mouthpiece that ensures the hot vapor never burns the lips. That is one of the first things the user will notice on his or her first vape session.
  2. This vape kit also has an excellent dual airflow system that is ideal for direct-to-lung hits. It has a dual-channel direct airflow system, allowing the air to hit the coil from several directions. The result is excellent flavor and vapor production. Unfortunately, it is not a good mouth-to-lung vape kit because the product is made for deep draws and cloud production.
  3. Finally, the P3 provides a very warm and comfortable vape and fast firing time thanks to the IQ 80 chipset. The best setting is between 40 and 50 watts with the 0.16 ohm RPM coil, but the P3 has a total range of five to 80 watts.

Scar P3 80w Pod Colors

Vapor Production

It is hard to believe that a vape so small can produce cumulus-like clouds, but it does. This is one of the best mods out there for vapor production.

One drag using the 0.16 ohm RPM coil can fill an entire room with vapor. In five minutes, the room will be hazy.

Power Modes

There are not a lot of modes on the Smok Scar mod. But it has an 80 watt range and two Smok Scar coils that allow for some variety.

Starter Kit Safety Features

  • Intelligent Atomizer Recognition
  • Puff Monitoring System
  • Eight Second Cut-Off
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overheating Protection
  • Low Battery Warning


The screen is one of the best features of this vape. It is a simple screen that is easy to read and uncluttered. The wattage is displayed in the center, and the battery life is in the top left and right corners. The voltage, resistance, and puff counter are beneath the wattage indicator.

Smok Scar P3 Starter Kit

The P3 comes with:

  • The vape
  • Two pods,each with coils inside,
  • A type-c cable
  • A user manual

Scar P3 80w Pod Starter KIt

Smok Scar P3 vs. P5: The Differences

While similar, there are several critical differences between these mods.

  • First off, the P3 has a built-in battery, and the Smok Scar P5 uses a single 18650 battery. Another difference is that the P3 uses a type-c cable, and the P5 does not.
  • This has caused some consternation in the vaping community because people think both vapes should have type-c connections.
  • As for the pods, the P3 pods have slightly more juice capacity at 5.5 ml, whereas the P5 pods hold 5.0 ml.
  • Finally, the P3 is somewhat smaller and more comfortable to use.

Scar P5 80w Pod Colors

Overall, though, they are both excellent mods, and one cannot go wrong choosing one or the other. They both use the same coils and produce extraordinary levels of flavor and vapor as a result. However, the P3 has a slight edge due to its higher liquid capacity and type-c connection.

Internal Build Quality and Design

The quality of the design and build is another thing people will like.

  1. It has a soft grip, and the casing around the screen has a rubbery coating that is not a fingerprint magnet.
  2. Secondly, it is waterproof between 15 cm and a meter for 30 minutes, and it is also dustproof and shockproof.
  3. Most importantly, the vape kits are comfortable and ergonomic, making it easy to vape and transport.

Smok Scar Battery Performance

The P3 kit uses a 2,000 mah battery that can last most of the day if used moderately. As with every battery, the more it is used, the less time it lasts. The advantage of this battery is that it has type-c charging, meaning it can charge quickly.

Battery Level Indicator

Battery life is shown at the top of the screen. A bar on the top left corner displays the battery life, as does a percentage in the right top corner. This is a good display.

Cell phone screens have similar presentations because it allows the user to get a more accurate picture of the battery life. Great feature, hands down.

The Smok Scar P3 Pod

The pods are very well constructed and are made from PCTG plastic. The plastic is clear, making it easy to monitor juice levels. As said earlier, it has a comfortable drip tip that can handle a lot of airflow, but it cannot be removed.

The pod uses a plug-and-play system, and the coils are easy to get in and out of the pod. O-rings provide a tight seal around the coils, which prevents leaking.

Best of all, the pods hold 5.5 ml of liquid, which is more than enough to get through the day. Many high-powered pod mods out there contain under 3.5 ml, and that does not cut it. At a minimum, high wattage pod mods should hold at least 4.0 ml of liquid. It is refreshing to see a new mod with high juice capacity.


The pod is very easy to fill thanks to the top filling system. There is a small tab adjacent to the drip tip. The advantage is that the pod does not have to be taken off to be refilled like one would have to with a bottom-filled pod.


The pods use 0.4 ohm RPM mesh coils and 0.16 ohm RPM 2 mesh coils, and each coil has its own respective pod. These are great coils that are leak-resistant and put out exceptional flavor and vapor.

Scar 80w Pod Coil

Does This Vape Leak?

Occasionally, there is a small amount of condensation at the base of coils, but not much. The weather most likely causes this, and this can happen to any coil. It is doubtful that this is nicotine liquid seeping out of the vape.

As a rule of thumb, always take the pods off the battery when not using them. This will prevent the connection from corroding or experiencing any other problems.

How to Use the Smok Scar P3 Vape Kit

The P3 is easy to use. No one should have trouble figuring it out.

  1. First, prime the coil and put it in the pod.
  2. Next, fill the pod with liquid and let it sit for five to ten minutes.
  3. Letting it sit gives the coil time to absorb the liquid and reduces the chances of burnt and dry hits.
  4. Remember that the refiling port is on top, and the pod can be refilled without taking it off. Put the pod on the vape when the coil absorbs the liquid.
  5. Turn the mod on and vape.

Step-by-Step Use Guide

  1. Five clicks turns it on and off
  2. Three clicks locks and unlocks it
  3. Press the up and down buttons simultaneously to lock in the wattage
  4. Press the firing and down button to clear the puff counter
  5. Press the fire and up button to change the screen’s colors

Competing Vape Kit Products

Smok Scar P3 vs. RPM80 Kit

Smok RPM80 Colors

Each of these mods from Smok have their respective advantages.

  • They are 80 watt vapes, use the IQ80 chipset, and deliver amazing flavor and vapor levels.
  • The advantages of buying the RPM80 are that it has a more powerful battery and it is slightly smaller.
  • However, the P3 has lower resistance coils, higher juice capacity, and despite being larger, it has a better form factor.
  • Overall, these are excellent mods that are available for around the same price.

Smok Scar P3 vs. RPM 2 Kit

Smok RPM 2 Starter Kit

Overall, the Smok RPM 2 kit is a better mod for several reasons.

  • First off, the RPM 2 has a massive 7 ml juice capacity, and it has a large 1.14-inch screen that clearly displays all the information the user needs to know.
  • Also, the RPM 2 kits are more ergonomic and portable than the P3.
  • However, this does not mean that the P3 is a bad mod. It is less expensive than the RPM 2, and it delivers a similar vaping experience in terms of cloud and flavor production.

Smok Scar P3 & P5 vs. Smok Scar 18 Kit

The Scar 18 kit is a box mod, and the P3 and P5 are pod mods. This difference alone sets the Scar 18 above these two vape mods.

  • The Scar 18 has a larger liquid capacity, many vaping modes, and higher wattage output (230 watts).
  • It also is smaller and more portable than the P3 and P5.
  • The problem with the Scar 18’s screen is that it is too cluttered, making it very difficult for some people to read.
  • However, the P3 and P5 have much better screens.

Smok Scar P3 & P5 Specifications

Dimensions: 110 x 32.3 x 27 mm
Battery Capacity: 2,000 mAh
Wattage Range: 5W to 80W
Tank Capacity: 5.5mL
Voltage Range: 0.5 to 4 Volts: 0.5V to 4V
Resistance Range: 0.2 to 2.5 ohm
Colors: Black, Fluid Black Grey, Fluid Red, Fluid Blue, Fluid Green, Red, Prism Rainbow, and Fluid 7-Color

Pros & Cons


  • Amazingly high levels of vapor and great flavor
  • Low price
  • Fill port on top of the mod
  • Charges quickly
  • High juice capacity
  • RPM and RPM2 mesh coils


  • Not a vape for mouth-to-lung vapers
  • Not adjustable airflow

Closing Thoughts About the Smok Scar P3 Starter Kit

The Scar P3 is one of the best vape mods made by Smok. People are going to like that it is a high-level cloud producer and no slouch on flavor.

Secondly, the pods are well made and have large juice capacity. It should be a day or two before the user has to refill again. This, of course, depends on how often it is vaped, but someone who vapes moderately can spend a lot of time between refills.

There are also the facts that it has a great screen, impressive build quality, and ample airflow. This new mod from Smok is great for all kinds of vapers and is well worth the money.

Please let us know what you think about this vape mod kit and how it compares with other vapes. We want to read what you have to say about this review, so please share your thoughts.

Published: July 9, 2021

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