Burst Vape B12 Review: Best Vitamin Diffuser in 2023


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Updated: March 23, 2023

burst vape b12 review

Review Score: 77/100

Nicotine Strength:
Works with:
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  • It will boost energy reserves
  • It will reduce overall stress levels
  • It’s portable and flexible to use


  • Not suitable for everyone

If you’re interested in a high-quality vitamin vape, look no further than the Burst Vape B12. This vape is a disposable device with a unique selling point. Unlike other CBD or nicotine products, this vape device contains zero nicotine and is designed only to deliver a dose of vitamin B12.

The Burst Vape is what many would refer to as a healthy vape product. This comprehensive review will explore the features of the Burst disposable vape.

What is Burst Disposable Vape Pen?

burst vape b12 review

The healthy vape’s unique category is the first thing to notice. This device is nicotine free and contains no CBD or THC. Instead, this product is designed to deliver shots of vitamin B12. This product is efficient and eliminates the drawbacks of B12 pills and injections.

Is has a standout appearance and build — a pink, slim portable body. Because of its size, it can easily fit into any pocket. The Burst aromatherapy diffuser is free from tobacco and nicotine and 100% vegan. This product was designed as an innovative solution for B12-deficient people. Each B12 vaporizer contains fourteen B12 shots. 10 – 20 puffs equal the equivalent amount of B12 in a shot.

What are the Ingredients?

The zero nicotine Burst Vape B12 is the healthiest vape on the market. It contains the following ingredients:

  • Vegetable Glycerin USP
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Distilled Water
  • Organic Fruit Flavor Extracts (Water, Organic Ethyl Alcohol, and Natural Flavors)
  • Ethyl Maltol
  • Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin)

Benefits of Burst Vape

This BurstBar Aromatherapy Diffuser benefits are the same as B12 supplement pills or injections.

Easy to Use

it is relatively easy to use. You’ll enjoy it, even if you struggle to take pills or injections. There’s no learning curve. Put your lips on the mouthpiece and take a hit. Vitamin B12 will be absorbed quickly through the body.

Better Metabolism and Boosted Energy

It will increase the body’s energy reserves. With more energy, you’ll be able to perform more activities. This device will allow you to ingest this essential vitamin into the body quickly.

Reduced Stress Levels

Many users consider this product an effective way to reduce stress. With each puff, you’ll feel relaxed. Each vaporizer contains 100 puffs of vitamin B12. There’s no nicotine, sugar crash, calories, and vitamin E acetate. All the energy is generated from vitamin B12 ingestion.

Boosted Memory Capacity

Vitamin B12 is one of those minerals that boost memory and mental capacity. Its presence in this vape bar means users will enjoy these benefits too.


It is the same size as a pencil. Therefore, it can easily fit into pockets and perfect for is vaping on the go.

Internal Building Quality and Design

burst vape b12 kit

The device comes with a ceramic coil. This material enhances the flavor of the e-liquid. It also boost vapor production. You’re unlikely to have any dry hits from this disposable vape. It’s designed for an optimal vaping experience.

The body of the device is made from high-quality materials. These enhance its durability and toughness. Manufacturers have installed a smart airflow system. It keeps the airflow consistent during each puff.

Battery Life

When this battery is fully depleted, the pen stops working. This device lasts 300-400 puffs. So it is recommended by the manufacturer to use it 3-10 times per day.

Led Lights

Ther disposable features three LED lights – green, white and red light. They are located below the mouthpiece, and each means something different.

  • The green light indicates the device is fully charged.
  • The white light indicates the device is in use.
  • And the red light indicates a low battery.

When you take a puff, the rights will blink in an order – green, white and red. If it blinks in the correct order, the device is functioning properly.

There are items on the device’s LED screen. They offer information on barter life, coil resistance, and a number of puffs.

How to Use a Vape

One of the unique features of the BurstBar is its ease of use. As stated earlier, there’s no learning curve for this product. All you need to do is put this on your lips. The disposable vape is ignited automatically.

Competitors on The Market

Burst Vape vs. BOOST B12

boost b12 review

Boost B12 is a mint-flavored disposable vape device. It was designed to deliver puffs of vitamin B12. It contains no nicotine or harmful ingredients. The Boost-B12 is also vegan-friendly.

Burst Vape vs Vitamin B12 Vaporizer

vitamin b12 vaporizer review

Like the BurstBar, Vitamin Vaporizer is not a medical solution. But it’s an innovative way to deliver vitamin B12 into the human body. There’s a constant amount of this essential macronutrient in each puff.


  • How long does each Burst last?

    Each pen has enough power to last you between 300 – 400 puffs. The amount of puffs will depend on the user.

  • What does Burst Vape taste like?

    It is free from artificial additives, but thanks to Ethyl maltol, the Cotton candy device has a light caramel flavor and sweet taste.

  • Is Vitamin BurstBar good for you?

    This device has what you need if you want a great vitamin B12 to to boost energy, improve focus, or enhance mood. It’s also ideal for those dealing with nicotine or tobacco addiction.

  • Does Burst Vape contain nicotine?

    The Burst Vape contains 0% nicotine and tobacco and is 100% vegan.

  • How much is Burst Vape?

    It costs $20 per device.

  • Is Vaping Vitamins Safe?

    Vaping essential vitamins, such as B12, efficiently delivers them into the human body. There is currently limited research on the safety of vaping vitamins, and the long-term effects are not yet known. Inhaling vitamins through a vaporizer can pose several risks if you already have health problems. Additionally, such vapes are not regulated by the FDA, so their safety and efficacy cannot be assured.

The Burst Vape B12 Specifications

Dimensions: 15.24 x 3.81 x 1.52 cm
Weight: 23g
Nicotine Strength: 0%
Puffs: 300-400
Manufacturer: BurstBar


The Positives

  • It will boost energy reserves
  • It’s a simple and efficient way to deliver vitamin B12 into the body
  • It will reduce overall stress levels
  • It boosts memory capacity and retention
  • It’s free from nicotine, making it difficult to get addicted
  • It’s portable and flexible to use

The Negatives

  • Not suitable for everyone


Vitamin B12 is an essential macronutrient in the body. It’s useful for memory retention and boosting energy levels. Many people cannot get the necessary dosage of vitamin B12 from diet. Insufficient Vitamin B12 in the blood can make you feel exhausted. That’s why you need to take vitamin B12 supplements seriously. The Burst Vape B12 is an innovative alternative to give your body the nutrient it deserves.

This aromatherapy diffuser is recommended for people with B12 deficiencies. You can also use it to maintain great levels of this nutrient in your body. Why don’t you give it a try today? Let’s know what you feel in the comments.

Published: March 23, 2023

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