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Bedford Slims E-Cigs Speed Review

We know not everybody has time to read our full reviews. So here is a quick category by category breakdown of the Bedford Slims E-Cigs followed by a quick synopsis.

  • Choice: 60%
  • Build Quality/Sturdiness: 74%
  • Price: 70%
  • Vapor Quality: 72%
  • Overall Rating: 71%

Bedford Slims has been making a name for itself with its unique, mostly white product and packaging design and its incorporation of artistic flair. But do these disguise a “me-too” product or are they really offering something worth your time and money?

We have given them a test drive to find out what they are offering. Read our full review below to find out.

What You Get In The Kit

bedford-slims-ecigarette-small-imageThe first thing you will notice about Bedford Slims e-cigs is their packaging and product design. It is almost all entirely white, and pretty much everything is adorned with their little handlebar mustache logo. This gives them an instantly unique look, and it makes their brandings very recognizable. But branding does not a good e-cigarette make.

The liquids they offer are all blended here in the US, but the cigarettes are made and shipped in from China, still, a lot of the money you would pay to them stays right here in the US, so that’s definitely a plus. It may just be the tipping point for people who are wary of the relatively high price for a standard kit. Honestly, the increased price is probably due to the higher production costs necessary for making the liquids right here rather than shipping in cheap, and possibly inferior, liquids from China or somewhere else. And many of the other e-cigarette companies are doing just that- importing their liquids from elsewhere.

If that’s a selling point for you, then you should know that Bedford is pretty unique in that regard, and you aren’t going to find a lot of other companies that take that extra care to support local workers.

Bedford offers a few different kits, with the basic starter kit only costing $12. That seems like a great price at first, until you realize that the basic kit is missing any kind of charger. You essentially just get the cigarette and some e-liquid. And your cigarette becomes pretty disposable without a charger. You can order a USB charger for only $10, but that will bring up your initial purchase price to $22, so don’t be fooled by the low price they are displaying for the starter kit. We don’t believe they are trying to rick anyone with this packaging and pricing scheme, but consumers should be aware of what they are paying for and what the real costs are.

If you want a starter kit that comes with a battery, you will have to go with a $36 Vapourette Starter System. This one comes with two kinds of chargers, a carrying case and five flavor cartridges to make the price difference worthwhile.

If you need even more than that, the $45 two battery starter system adds another rechargeable battery to the mix. It’s a good idea if you are going to be out and about and won’t necessarily be near an outlet or USB port.

The Quality of the Products

One of the things we really like about Bedford Slims is that even though they do a lot to stand out, they also conform in all the right ways to industry standards. For example, their cartridge threading is of the KR-808 variety, which is what most electronic cigarettes use. That means you can change out their cartridges for just about anyone else’s, which is ideal if you found some different e-liquids that you really love.

The batteries are all meticulously crafted and designed. And Bedford hires artists in and around New York to design its batteries, giving them a unique and artistic flair. They offer a very bold color that might not appeal to everyone, but there are also more muted battery styles available as well.

Where they really stand out as far as quality though is in their cartridge flavors. They offer eight unique ones mostly geared toward tobacco flavorings, but with a menthol and coffee flavor thrown in there as well. All their flavors are pretty great, and they really know how to mix a tobacco liquid just right. But they come up short where variety is concerned. They started with just five flavors though, and they are slowly growing their selection, so maybe we will see more new flavors in time. Right not they seem more concerned with offering quality over quantity.

With each cartridge, you should get about 300 puffs before needing to replace it.

The cigarettes themselves are pretty standard. They are reasonably durable and the batteries last for 2-3 hours. They take about two hours to fully recharge, so you will want to keep that in mind when you are thinking about draining your battery completely before recharging.

Is It Worth Your Money?

Bedford Slims really outdoes themselves and their competition on the packaging and presentation of their products. The uniform line and the artistic motifs make for a truly appealing package. But it is still the same e-cigarettes everyone else is producing in a prettier package. That said, their cartridge flavors are top notch, and it is worth giving them a look just for those.

It’s a great alternative to traditional cigarettes because you still get that intense flavor, and you don’t feel like you are sacrificing anything just by using e-cigs. For people who are having trouble making the switch, Bedford Slims may be able to tip the scales and cause them to use electronic cigarettes full time. Their flavors are just that good.


  • Great cartridge flavors
  • Industry standard threading makes mixing and matching easy
  • Quality presentation and packaging
  • Supports local artists and manufacturers
  • Competitive pricing, for the most part


  • Not much selection to speak of
  • Basic starter kit is priced a bit high for what it has

In the end, we highly recommend Bedford Slims. You can find better selection, but you won’t find much better quality. And the price is right for most of what they are offering, making them the perfect introduction to people who are trying to transition over from conventional cigarettes.


Published: October 17, 2017


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