//Dr. Dabber Aurora Review: The Full Kit For Sufficient Dab Vaping
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Dr. Dabber Aurora Review: The Full Kit For Sufficient Dab Vaping

dr dabber aurora review

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True to the slogan, Dr. Dabber’s Aurora is indeed a high class and low profile wax pen. The Aurora is a real head-turner compared to other dabbing pens – even considering it looks more like something you’d buy as a father’s day gift. The ceramic interior makes for a good quality vapor production and all the components just snap into place. Perfect for the dabber who likes to keep it simple. Costing 99.95, the price of the kit is on the higher side, but it is worth. Click here to get the pen directly from Dr. Dabber’s website.

Let’s quickly weigh the pros vs. cons to see if it fits your bill or not.


  • Magnets keep the pen together, so there’s no threading to slow you down
  • It comes with three different atomizers: Crystal Quartz Atomizer, Donut Ceramic Atomizer, Dual-Ceramic Rod Atomizer
  • Adjustable Temperature Controls
  • Stylish design
  • Looks like a fancy writing pen that you can keep in your shirt pocket at a board meeting

  • Overheats on big draws
  • Low vapor production
  • Entry-level wax pen
  • Pricey

Vapor Quality vs. Vapor Quantity is an Issue

3 atomizers included in the kit

The vapor quality is excellent in part because you have the choice of three atomizers. When you pick the perfect atomizer for your needs, you will have aromatic vapor and subtle flavors that are satisfying and rich.

If you use waxes, the Ceramic Halo Atomizer does not use wicks so it gives a nice, slow, even draw. Vapers will enjoy the Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer because of its ability to decrease the residual bitter taste of the blending substances. It gives an even and consistent draw also. We also recommend checking out our best dab pens section to see other good vape pens for your concentrates. 

The last atomizer is the Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizer, designed for low viscosity waxes. It is just as reliable as the other atomizers for producing thick, substantial vapor. This is a slow draw vaporizing pen, needing 10 seconds of draw to get the full effect and taste. It does not produce large clouds of vapor, so don’t expect them.

Unboxing the Dr. Dabber Aurora

The unit is unobtrusive at first glance – a sleek vape stick perhaps with a handsome satin finish.

Included in the box is:

  • Variable-Voltage Battery unit
  • Dual Quartz Rod Atomizer
  • Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizer
  • Ceramic Disk Atomizer
  • Shotgun-style mouthpiece

  • Ceramic contoured mouthpiece
  • Dab tool
  • Dr. Dabber keychain
  • USB Charger
  • Shatterproof storage container (for transporting your dabs)

The simplicity of design is striking – even the battery connects to its docking bay magnetically. Everything just pops into place. The only section that doesn’t connect with a magnet is the mouthpiece-to-heating chamber, which comes with the regular o-ring that you find in every other wax pen.

The Dr. Dabber Aurora features:

  • SnapTech Magnetic Technology
  • Multiple Advanced Atomizers
  • Ceramic Mouthpiece

  • Variable Voltage Battery (3 heat settings)
  • Matte finish

Versatility with 3 Atomizers to Choose From

dr dabber aurora reviewThis wax pen is a great one to start with – super easy to use; you just snap all three pieces right onto each other.

The design of the Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizing Pen is brilliant. It looks sleek with a stylish but discreet outer flat black shell. The LED lights are a slick touch, fun but not too flashy. The Snaptech magnets are the best feature, so easy to use and without any mess or leaks. The magnets are very easy to clean because of the flat surfaces, and they don’t need anything other than the usual cleaning materials.

Each of the chambers is fully lined with quartz, which heats the pen evenly and produces a consistent quality and intensity of vape. You should know this is a long-draw pen, so expect to toke for around 6-10 seconds on each draw as produces lower heating than most other pens. The Dr. Dabber Aurora comes with the three types of atomizers that or most popular: Dual Quartz Rods, Dual Ceramic Rods, and a Ceramic Disk Atomizer.

The Dual Quartz Rod Quartz Atomizer is our go-to option as this produces the largest volume of vapor. At the bottom of the chamber are two quartz crystals wrapped in titanium coil. Titanium is inherently stable and doesn’t react with oils or dabs. You’ll want to take fast, long draws here as this one can get hot. Slow draws kill off the taste of the concentrate.

The Dual Ceramic Rod Atomizer is a nice variation as it sits within a quartz heating chamber. Therefore, it distributes the heat very evenly and produces a steady, even flows at a lower temperature. Fast hits also work better for this one as it heats up quickly.

Be careful when scooping your wax onto the atomizers though, as the coils are exposed, and you can damage it by pressing too hard against it with the dabbing spoon. Just scoop up the wax against the side of the chamber and avoid touching the coils at all to be safe.

The Ceramic Disk / Ceramic Halo Atomizer has an internal heating element, which keeps temperatures lower than with the two previous atomizers. The lower heat preserves the flavor of the concentrate, but the amount of vapor is low compared to the Dual Quartz Rod and Dual Ceramic Rod atomizers.

Turning up the temperature on this one can cause the oil to bubble which is not what you want as it could cause a spill.

First Use

This wax pen takes the thinking out of setting it up. All we had to do was:

  1. Charge the battery
  2. Pop one of the three heating components onto the battery
  3. Load the concentrate or wax into the chamber (with the dabbing tool that came in the box)
  4. Snap the mouthpiece onto the heating chamber
  5. Press the button on the vaporizer five times to switch the device on

Fire it up for 1-2 seconds to check that the coils are working, then use the dab tool to put some oil or wax onto the atomizer – about the size of a grain of rice to a BB bullet at the most. Don’t overfill it though as that will void the warranty.

When switching the pen on, the button startup-routine cycles through the LED’s and won’t heat up accidentally. Three clicks will set the heat from low (green LED) to medium (blue LED) to high (pink LED).

Does the Dr. Dabber Aurora Make the Cut?

Easy to Clean

Keep the connections clean by wiping the pen with ISO (91% alcohol or higher) now and then (swabs sold on the Dr. Dabbers website).


The vaporizer comes with a relatively light-weight battery when compared to other dabbing pens. 2 Hours in the docking bay will fully charge the battery which makes it perfect for the light to medium smoker.


The unit sells for $99 on the manufacturer’s website, which puts it at the higher end of the price range.


The pen has an elegant design, and the magnetic links make for much quicker assembly/disassembly than other wax pens. The ease of use is unparalleled, and we enjoyed handling the unit.

Vape Quality vs. Quantity

The Dr. Dabber Aurora produces substantially less vapor than the other top-end brands, barely more than a wisp unless you toke for longer 6 or 7 seconds. Discreet smokers will welcome the lack of visible smoke/vapor. The Aurora delivers on flavor what it lacks in volume though.

What Makes It So Special?

Dr. Dabber has pulled off a groundbreaking innovation for vaporizing pens. The Dr. Dabber Aurora Vaporizing Pen Kit delivers a superb, customizable pen that can be adjusted for three kinds of waxes and oils, with three heat settings and two mouthpieces. The variations can make vaping a smooth, delicious event for relaxed enjoyment. The superior ability to create a setting for every situation in a portable pen is a bonus for your vaping experience.

Dr. Dabber doesn’t reinvent the wheel with Aurora’s design in popular vape culture, but we did enjoy Aurora’s stylish finish, ease of handling and overall suave feel. If the price isn’t a worry, this wax pen is at the top end of easy-to-use and low key dabbing.

To source the Dr. Dabber Aurora at the best price, click here to have the Dr. Dabber delivered discreetly to your doorstep.

Dr. Dabber Aurora
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