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Best Dry Herb Atomizers Of 2019

Dry herb atomizers vape botanical materials using a conduction heating-style. This means that materials come in direct contact with a heating element, usually ceramic or stainless steel.

Atomizers do not use convection, which blows hot air through dry herbs to create vapor. The atomizers here all have 510-threading so they can attach to any 510-threaded mod. The mod powers the coils or heating element inside the atomizer, which then heats materials to create vapor.

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List of the Best Dry Herb Atomizers

Mig-Vapor’s-Sub-Herb-LIMITED-EDITION-MARS-1 image

#1 Mig Vapor’s Sub-Herb: LIMITED EDITION MARS 1

Mig Vapor is a brand that we love to recommend as they build all of their products of high-quality materials. This is the case with the Sub-Herb dry herb vape tank.

The build quality feels very durable and with proper use should last quite a long time. It is lightweight and easy to carry, even after being packed. The connection is a gold-plated, spring loaded 510 thread. Connections are highly conductive and will work on a variety of devices.

The aesthetics of the tank are a bit different than the typical vape tank as it is not see through. Made of stainless steel and colored a metallic red, it is limited edition.

They have also made this tank very easy to use. The plate to pack the weed is spring loaded so it will hold the herb in place not only while vaping, but also while carrying.

How does it vape?

Keeping the power at 25 Watts or below will produce wisps of warm vapor that keep all the delicate flavors of the herb intact. All the while providing a huge and satisfying hit. Cloud production is decent due to the airflow control of the tank.

Highly recommended and one of the best dry herb atomizers on the market. As a bonus, it also vapes wax concentrates.

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MigVapor-Sub-Herb-Dry-Herb-Vape-Tank image

#2 Mig Vapor Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank

Made of high-grade Pyrex and stainless steel, the Sub Herb is solidly built and vapes dry herb wonderfully. There is no plastic in the build which means it will last a long time.

There are no exposed coils, which make cleaning this tank a breeze. Not only that, but the ceramic dish heats the chamber evenly for a quality vape with no burnt flavors.

This ceramic chamber also makes for an efficient vape. The weed may only need to be tamped down once during a session in between puffs. And none of the herb is left at the end, all of it gets vaporized.

The Pyrex glass makes the tank look like any other traditional vape tank so it will fit the aesthetics of any device.

How does it vape?

Expect a hard-hitting vape that is full of flavor. Cloud production is also exellent, but a lack of airflow control would make for some better ones.

As usual, Mig Vapor thought through all the details on this sub-herb dry herb vape tank and elevates it from just good enough to excellent.

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Honey-Stick-Oz-Ohm-Ground-Material-Tank image

#3 Honey Stick Oz Ohm Ground Material Tank

Compatible with any battery size that has a 510 threaded connection, this dry herb tank is 22mm wide and made of tempered Pyrex. The body being made of glass keeps the vapor cool and pleasant.

Holding the herb is a ceramic cup at the bottom of the atomizer which keeps the weed separate from the heating element. This evenly heats the weed and extracts all the essential flavors without a burnt flavor. The mouthpiece also features a filter so the vapor is very smooth.

It hits hard, though, just without any harsh or burnt flavors. It works on a wattage between 7 and 27W.

How does it vape?

Besides the smoothness of the vape, it does produce some nice clouds. It heats up in seconds, but the low and slow atomizing makes for some decent clouds.

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G-Slim-Ground-Material-Dry-Herb-Tank image

#4 G Slim Ground Material Tank

As the name suggests, this is a very slim dry herb vape tank that will fit onto other vape pens to be able to vape weed.

Due to the small profile, it is best if used as an occasional puffer since it can only handle about .2 grams which is good for two to three puffs. Grenco, the manufacturer, says that the tank is meant to be used for about 6 to 8 weeks before needing to be replaced. Using it longer than that will result in diminishing flavors of the weed.

How does it vape?

The tank is made of a ceramic chamber with a small screen to protect the weed from the coils. Heating the weed takes just a few seconds and then it is ready to vape. Flavors are full and rich, with small wisps of vapor.

Vaping around 10 to 20 Watts will give best results without overheating the weed.

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Pulsar-APX-Smoker-Atomizer image

#5 Pulsar APX Smoker Atomizer

This dry vape atomizer is made for those that love the smoky taste of weed. Rather than atomizing the dry herb, it actually roasts it and produces light smoke.

Thanks to the ceramic power pad and the quartz heating chamber, it evenly heats and combusts the weed. Without any burnt flavor, the herb is gently roasted so all of the natural flavors shine through.

Heating quickly makes this ideal for those that are looking to vape weed on the go. Pulse heating works quickly and efficiently so the herb is totally smoked with little to nothing left. Ashes are easily dumped from the tank when finished.

This is for use as a replacement for the Pulsar APX battery when the tank is done.

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G-Pen-MicroG-Ground-Material-Tank image

#6 G Pen MicroG Ground Material Tank

The look and feel of this dry vape tank is that it is very well built. It is all metal and slightly industrial in its aesthetic.

It is coil heated and has some holes in the bottom side of the cylinder for airflow. This combusts rather than vapes the herb, so for those that like a strong hit with smoky flavors from the weed, this will satisfy.

This loads easy as the mouthpiece slides off exposing the inner chamber.

Since this fits on the G Pen, it is a handy and inexpensive way to add vaping dry herbs without needing an entirely new dry herb vape pen. The tank lasts around 6 to 8 weeks, generally.

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What is a Dry Herb Atomizer?

A dry herb atomizer is a vape tank that is specifically made to vape dry herbs, such as marijuana.

What makes it different is that it acts more like an oven than a typical coil that vaporizes e-liquid through means of a wick or cotton.

To vaporize a dry herb, it cannot be combusted otherwise it simply burns and the vaper is left with a harsh and burnt tasting herb. Atomizing it, instead, slowly heats the herb in the chamber and creates a vapor that is inhaled, rather than smoke.

To do this, a ceramic chamber is separate from the coil and the weed is placed there. In this way, there is no direct contact with the herb so it doesn’t burn it.

Dry Herb Vaporizer Tank Pricing

Tank: Price:
Mig Vapor’s Sub-Herb: LIMITED EDITION MARS 1 $44.95
Honey Stick Oz Ohm Ground Material Tank  


G Slim Ground Material Tank $9.95
Pulsar APX Smoker Atomizer $12.99
Sub-Herb Dry Herb Vape Tank $42.95
G Pen microG Ground Material Tank $9.95

Can You Put Weed in a Vape Tank?

If the vape tank in question is a traditional tank with a coil for e-liquid then the answer is a very loud No.
For this purpose vapers should use a special vape tank for weed — it is literally produced to vaporize dry herb. Putting weed in a regular vape tank will ruin the tank and waste the weed, not to mention the possibility of ruining the vaporizer.

How to Use a Dry Herb Tank

  1. The first thing to realize when using a dry herb vape tank is that the weed should be ground finely. Much more finely than many people are used to. This is to ensure an even roast that allows for all of the flavors to be extracted and to minimize the risk of burning it.
  2. When packing the tank, fill the chamber to the fill line and then using a screen, or tamper, press lightly to make a sort of disc with the herb. Not too tight or it won’t end up producing any vapor.
  3. The next most important thing is to do is to keep the power reasonably low. To avoid combusting the herb, it should be vaped between 10 and 25 Watts. To avoid the atomizer from overheating and burning the herb, short puffs should be taken.
  4. To vape dry herb it is not required to hold the fire button while drawing. A couple of quick pulses on the fire button will get the chamber hot and start the vapor from the herb.

Keeping the fire button pressed will overheat the chamber and burn the herb and can possibly crack the ceramic, making the atomizer useless.

Best Dry Herb Vape Tanks Verdict?

For the quality of the build to the great price, we believe that the top of the line for vaping dry herbs without buying a special herbal vape pen is to use special dry herb vaporizer tank.

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