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Dry Herb Atomizers and Tanks: A Guide To The Best Choice

Dry Herb Tanks is a type of vaping device that is making its way into the market. Dry herb tanks are a type of a vape tank, that is typically attached to box mod or a vape pen using 510-connection, that allows you to vape dry herbs, without purchasing a separate vaporizer for that.

On this page we review the  best dry herb vape tanks on the market. 

Dry Herb Atomizers and Tanks

General Info

First of all, let’s talk about dry herb vaping. Dry herb tanks are designed specifically for vaping dry herbs; which I am sure, you could already tell. The most standard tanks for dry herbs consist of a) 510-connector b) heating element inside of the chamber b) the mouthpiece.

Dry herbs take significantly more heat to vaporize than e-liquids, and it is important to ensure the dry herb is being heated just under the threshold of combustion, this is done to avoid the release of a long list of harmful chemicals as a result of combustion. Typically, dry herbs will start to combust at around 200 Celsius (400 Fahrenheit), so you can expect dry herb tanks to operate just below that. Usually, the manufacturer provides instructions on what Wattage settings you should use with the particular herbal atomizer.

The heating chamber of a dry herb vaporizer will normally be made out of ceramic, and this is proving to be the most efficient and cleanest way of vaping to date.

Top 4 Dry Herb Tanks

1. Sub Herb Black by MigVapor

Sub Herb Black by MigVapor

Sub Herb tank is by far the “stealthiest” dry herb tank on the market. Hosting a tinted all black design made fully out of stainless steel and pyrex glass, it is extremely durable and easy to use. Hosting a 510-threaded connection you can connect this tank to any mod within the 19-27W firing range.

The tank has a ceramic heating plate with no exposed coils, and the vapor production is smooth, clean and pure. The chamber size is moderate and extremely easy to access. Additionally, you have variable airflow control.

The Sub Herb Black has the best build quality and vapor production on the market,  which rightfully places it in the number 1 spot for dry herb tanks.  For best experience, use the tank in 20W – 30W power range.  

Price $42.95
Heating Element Ceramic
Adjustable Airflow Yes

2. Hunter Ceramic Donut Atomizer

Hunter Ceramic Donut Atomizer

Put on the market as the affordable dry herb tank for the average consumer, the hunter ceramic donut atomizer was one of the first to start offering a ceramic coil rather than metallic. The performance of the heating chamber results in a good amount of heat and reasonable taste for a tank this price.

The construct of the device is stainless steel and has quite a nice “stock” look to it. Additionally, having a much larger heat production takes effect on the batteries you use, this tank quite commonly drains any battery that it is used with far too quickly. Hosting a 510-threaded connection you can use any 510 mod.

Price $21.97
Heating Element Ceramic
Adjustable Airflow No

3. Seego Vhit Aqua Bubbler Atomizer

Seego Vhit Aqua Bubbler Atomizer for Herb and Wax

On first glance, the Seego Vhit looks like something that came from an alien spacecraft. The 360-degree rotatable mouthpiece on the top of the device is responsible for the weird look.

The mouthpiece offers a different experience for pulling vapor, working with the water filtration system this device is extremely effective and efficient. You can choose between traditional metallic coils or ceramic, adding even more to the list of diversity that this device has to offer.

If you’re looking for flavor and effeciency, we’d still recommend you to go with our #1 option.

Price $39.95
Heating Element Both
Adjustable Airflow Yes

4. DC True Dry Herb Ceramic Atomizer

1st Generation DC True Dry Herb Ceramic Atomizer

This is the first fully ceramic dry herb tank that I have seen. The DC has an extremely simplistic and clean design, which is actually, quite appealing.

Unfortunately, in our experience the vapor quality and production was average.

Price $19.20
Heating Element Ceramic
Adjustable Airflow Yes

What else should to consider when buying your dry herb tank.

In addition to the first section of this article, there are a couple of other features that you will want to look for and understand when getting your dry herb tank. These are not specifications therefore not all devices will offer or advertise the product with these features. However, taking full advantage of these will greatly increase your overall experience with your dry herb tank.

Chamber Size

Getting a dry herb tank with the correct chamber size can make a huge difference to you. Sometimes, looking for a larger heating chamber will allow a lot more dry herb to be vaped at any time reducing the amount you will have to stop, clean out and refill the chamber. Additionally, if you know you are a casual vapor going for a smaller heating chamber could save dry herb and power.

Cleaning Access

Cleaning your dry herb vaporizer is going to be one of the biggest pains of owning the device, most of the time this means taking your device apart and constantly pulling old bits of dry herb from the chamber. Finding a device with easy access can make a huge difference!

OLED Screen

As mentioned previously, most mods provide screens, these can be used to get additional information on your current temperature setting and other useful information about the device. This can be a nice feature to have to have more control over your device.

Final Words

Hopefully, after reading this article you will have a much greater understanding of dry herb atomizer and what to look for – the rest is up to you! The world of vaping is always changing, and new hardware is always just around the corner, don’t be afraid to mix things up a little and get involved with unfamiliar devices, who knows, you could find something you like!


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