The Amazing Discovery on Quit Smoking Medications

  1. How the latest research on quit smoking meds affects treatment of lung disease?

At the University of Edinburgh, researchers have made an amazing discovery. They found out that certain medications that help addicts quit smoking can have benefits for those with lung diseases as well. At first, doctors defended the opinion that these medications might cause heart diseases or depression.

Some of the further damages that scientists believed the drugs to cause were heart attack, self-harm, severe depression and suicide. However, the Center for Medical Informatics at the University of Edinburgh has provided the public with a different explanation.

There is no Evidence That Quit-smoking Medications are Damaging

After examining drugs like Varenicline, Champix and Chantix, scientists were able to provide reassurance that there is no reason for worry. The researchers conducted the study on 14,000 UK citizens. The subjects were suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). In the end, they found no evidence that these drugs may induce heart or mental illnesses related issues. In fact, the patients can use the drugs to slow the progression of their diseases.

Varenicline is a highly effective anti-smoking drug. Therefore, it is reassuring that our findings have confirmed that it is safe for use in patients with COPD.Professor Aziz Sheikh
 He was a member of the research team.

Thousands of Deaths Caused by Smoking

This, however, does not prevent the risk of COPD, in which the main source was smoking and intensive exposure to cigarette smoke. According to an announcement of the UK Government, currently, we can attribute about 25,000 deaths in the UK caused by COPD annually. It is alarming that the cause of 86% of these deaths is from smoking.

Sometimes, what starts as a loss of breath or a cough can soon develop into a highly deadly COPD. Authorities estimated that the cost of treating and fighting this severe condition will reach £2.5 billion by 2030.

Given this fact, is the short-term pleasure from lighting a cigarette worth your life?

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