Stars Chasing Clouds: Who are the celebrities that gave up smoking for vaping?

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Both setting and following trends, celebs impact our points of view vastly. Who are the stars that kicked off the smoking habit and switched to vaping? Moreover, how can vaping benefit from it?

Vaping goes pop

In 2013, rock and roll diva Courtney Love, rarely seen without a cigarette between her polished nails and intensively red lips, appeared in a commercial for an e-cig. Puffing a cloud before a high-end lady who is protesting this act by stating that smoking is not allowed, Courtney is standing before her, vaping. The rock diva was VAPING, not smoking, even though it visually appeared the same. As such, the manufacturer of the product aimed to use celebrity agenda to bring vaping to the forefront of public awareness. Not to mention the case of the Vaping Congressman.

According to the CDC survey, conducted a year after the commercial went worldwide, current cigarette smokers and former smokers who quit recently were more likely to use e-cigarettes than long-term former smokers and adults who had never smoked. Such findings mean that e-cigs are helping to transition people to a healthier lifestyle, while individuals who have never used them are less likely to do so. It is not a wonder then that celebs took this potential of vaping to their advantage.

Celebrities vaping

Vaping is a mass-market practice now; it has grown to the point of becoming trendy and even fashionable. These precise aspects triggered celebs to switch to vaping, and furthermore create a positive media image about it, besides omnipresent dramatic and negative posts on vaping.

One of the celebs who brought vaping to a positive media attention was Katherine Heigl. During her appearance on David Letterman’s show, Heigl demonstrated the use of a vaping device and even allowed Letterman to puff a cloud. Leonardo DiCaprio seems to be getting credit for popularizing vaping among celebs with his mod, especially at award-related events. Jack Nicholson and Simon Cowell switched to vaping soon after. Kate Moss and Cheryl Cole are said to have more energy for showbiz after switching to vapes, as smoking affects everyone.

It seems that the world of vaping has a new burning question: Who is a hotter vaper, Leo DiCaprio, or Tom Hardy?

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