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Mig Vapor H20 Splash Review: Making a Splash

I don’t usually have the chance to review Mig Vapor products, although the Mig Vapor Herb-E was one of the first dry herb vaporizers I ever tested. The Herb-E was the beginning, the La Queef 510 e-nail was the last, and today I have the Mig Vapor H20 Splash in front of me, an AIO, sub-ohm vape pen.

Mig Vapor has been a staple in the vaping world for some time now. They’ve put out everything from vape pens and mods to their own e-juices. I’ve never reviewed a vape pen of theirs, so this looks like it’ll be interesting.

Mig Vapor H20 Splash Review

Most of Mig Vapor’s vaporizers and vape pens, for either e-liquids or waxes and dry herbs, typically follow the standard elongated tube-form of vape pens everywhere, and the H20 Splash is no exception. It is an extended, slender device with one firing button, a detachable mouthpiece, and top cap, and a top fill clearomizer that can hold up to 2 ml of e-juice.

There are small view holes cut into each side of the vape pen so you can gauge and measure your e-juice levels. The entire body of the vape pen looks like it is covered in some rubber foam that might prove great for durability or might just be a cheap substitute for something a little sturdier.

A True AIO Kit

Here’s what you’ll receive in your Mig Vapor H20 Splash AIO kit:

  • One Mig Vapor H20 Splash battery
  • One pre-installed 0.6ohm coil
  • One extra 0.6ohm coil
  • One USB charging cable
  • One bag of spare parts
  • One user’s manual

A First Glance

When I was first looking over pictures of the Mig Vapor H20 Splash, I saw that it is covered in a material I couldn’t recognize. It seemed soft, almost rubbery and when I finally got my Mig Vapor H20 Splash, I saw that it is, in fact, a thin, coating of foam that covers the entirety of the device.

It is very thin (you could still feel the hardness underneath) and it gives the pen a unique feel and hold, which I liked. Mig Vapor is not known for their outlandish and wonky designs, and the H20 Splash doesn’t make any real attempt to attract the eye.

The mouthpiece is proprietary and cannot be swapped out for any other drip tip. You unscrew the mouthpiece from the top to fill the tank, which is made of plastic and has windows with two “maximum” marks to help you avoid overfilling your tanks.

Mig Vapor sells this vape pen as a leak-proof tank, although I could see problems emerging from the unsealed tank. There’s only one firing button on the front of the device, and a USB port for charging right at the bottom tip of the pen.

Unscrewing the entire top cap takes out the atomizer from the device. There is a Kanthal coil inside the atomizer, wicked with organic Japanese quality, so Mig Vapor did not skimp on using quality materials to make this pen.

The mouthpiece has a few airflow holes encircling the entire bottom threads. And there’s not much else to the H20 Splash. It’s a functional, utilitarian AIO mod that doesn’t need much assembly or tinkering.

My Experience With the Mig Vapor H20 Splash

The H20 Splash being an AIO, it is a breeze to get vaping. The mouthpiece unscrews from the top cap to reveal your fill holes. And you can watch as you fill your tank from the outside to see when you get to the maximum.

It was curious why they only set the “maximum” to the middle of the glass viewing port and not to the very top. I suppose they didn’t want to risk tanks overflowing or leaking since only the top cap seals in the tank.

But, either way, I soaked my coils, filled up the tank halfway, and then I screwed back on the mouthpiece. You turn on the H20 Splash just by clicking the firing button five times. There’s no OLED screen or any adjustable vape features on the kit so need to worry about that.

What About Vaporizing

There is a 1500mAh battery inside the Mig Vapor H20 Splash and the battery power combined with the sub-ohm coil inside made for some unusual cloud patterns. With devices that have no airflow control, you usually get very restricted draws, but that wasn’t the case with the H20 Splash. I pulled great direct-lung hits out of the wide-bore mouthpiece.

The vapor itself was quite warm, pleasing to taste and voluptuously formed. The 2 ml tank capacity was more than enough to get me through a two-hour session, with moderate vaping. I didn’t feel the device getting too hot, although I did register some warmth.

Comparison of the H20 Splash

Looking at the Mig Vapor H20 Splash, I realized that I couldn’t just compare it to a vape pen, or, at least, anything that is not a sub-ohm vape pen. So when I looked specifically for a “sub-ohm vape pen,” the first item that came up was the XEO Void vape pen that also has sub-ohm coils, a built-in tank, and a 1500mAh battery.

And right off the bat, you can tell how the two devices differ, mostly in the looks department. The XEO Void has more of a refined, classic metal look, with its metal mouthpiece, and long, black, silver or gunmetal body.

H20 Splash device

The XEO Void also features a built-in tank with viewing windows surrounding the coil and allowing you to gauge your e-juice levels. There’s only one button on the XEO Void, just like on the H20 Splash.

So the two devices have a lot in common. The two things that the XEO Void has that put it above the H20 Splash are the inclusion of a 1.0ohm coil in its kit, along with adjustable airflow valves at the bottom of the mouthpiece.

The H20 Splash also has two coils, but they are the same resistance, 0.6ohms, so any mouth-to-lung vaping is impossible. There’s also no adjustable airflow valves anywhere on the H20 Splash, so it loses to the much more superior XEO Void.

Thumbs Up


The H20 Splash did not seem awkward or cumbersome to hold for me. The soft outer layer covering the battery felt safe and didn’t betray a lack of trying on the part of Mig Vapor; this kind of material was an excellent choice to keep the battery safe and durable.


The H20 Splash is a dream to use. The top cap unscrews easily enough, along with all the other key parts of the pen. The button was responsive, and neither it or the internal battery inside didn’t rattle whatsoever.


The sub-ohm coils on the H20 Splash worked marvelously. I got big clouds and didn’t notice any diminished flavor.

Thumbs Down

Glass panels

Non-removable parts have always been a problem with AIO kits since if those parts break, there’s nothing you can do but get a new one. The H20 Splash has that unfortunate problem with the glass viewing windows.


The overall look of the Mig Vapor H20 Splash was underwhelming and off-putting. There was no extra effort or attempt to make the vape pen eye-splashing. With the water-themed title, I would have expected some nautical design or colors, but, nothing.

Wrapping It Up

The Mig Vapor H20 Splash didn’t blow my hair back. It is a practical device that would be a useful starter device for someone looking to get into vaping.

The addition of sub-ohm coils, however, made sure that even experienced tokers might not have a bad time taking a few puffs off of the H20 Splash. The H20 Splash, however, was not enough on its own.

With no extra features or add-ons, the H20 Splash did not have anything new to offer that a dozen other devices do offer. I thought the Minion was much sexier and performed much better than the dull, unappealing H20 Splash.

I like Mig Vapor products, but I didn’t see the reason behind the H20 Splash, it brought nothing new to the table.

I give the Mig Vapor H20 Splash a 6/10.

Mig Vapor H20 Splash
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