Atmos Optimus 510 Vaporizer Review: Vaping Herbal Oils Conspicuously


by Thanush Poulsen

Updated: August 30, 2022

atmos optimus 510 vaporizer review

Review Score: 90/100

Price Range:
$58.00 - $69.99
Battery Capacity:
650 mAh
Heat-up Time:
5 seconds
Black, White, Silver, Purple, Pink, Green, Orange, Blue
Works with:
  • Oil icon


  • Quick: the heating element offers a fast heating time
  • Compact and small, aesthetically pleasing perfect for vaping while you go


  • Overheating: the unit gets hot very soon
  • No additional cartridges in the kit

Priced under $60, the Atmos Optimus 510 is user-friendly and highly recommended for beginners, as it easily assembles and a user does not have to think about how to know when the device is out of oil. All parts attach easily to the transparent cartridge. On the average, you can get up to 8 good-sized rips from Atmos Optimus vaporizer pen before refilling the chamber. It has a high quality ceramic heating element, which heats up the device with little chance to spill the oil. During the tests, we did not see any signs of oil burning or odors arising from the heating oil. Atmos gets enough amount of heat to inhale active ingredients from a concentrate without the production of any impurities or discharge of harmful substances.

Quick Review

atmos optimus 510 vaporizer review

  • Easy to use. No leaks.
  • Compact and portable
  • Convenient measuring scale
  • Fast heating time
  • Amount of vapor = medium
  • Amount of flavor = medium
  • Available in black, white, silver, purple, pink, green, orange and blue colors

Accessories included in the box

  • Optimus Cartridge 1.6 ml + Measurement Scale
  • Atmos Carrying Case
  • Rubber Mouthpiece
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • User manual
  • USB Charger

First Impressions

Efficient Design from Atmos

Atmos Optimus 510 was created to produce a decent amount of vapor. This is possible due to exclusive components and overall shape of the heating coil. Atmos has a rather powerful 650 mAh battery, which can produce up to 650 hits of vapor before recharge (we tried to count but felt dizzy, honestly). One more thing to mention: Optimus 510 threading is used on the battery, so you can easily use the batteries and components from many other brands in order to customize the Optimus 510.

Multi-function flexibility

Atmos Optimus 510 brings the freedom to vape essential oil and oil liquids with one pen. One word… Satisfaction! You will need only one cartridge to use it as an oil vaporizer pen, which means that there is no need to buy extra parts. This multi-function enables you to easily get started with the Atmos Optimus 510 and try so many oils in one pen.

Cartomizer is designed to be easy to fill thanks to its clear construction and the markings on its outside. The vape pen’s cartridge is easy to monitor as it is transparent, so you can keep track of the amount of fluid that remains in the vape pen. It is ready to use in 5 seconds maximum, as the vaporizer pen has only one button to push. It’s also lightweight and stealthy so that you can take it anywhere around. By the way, it produces much less smell than a regular joint. Just saying.

Loading the Atmos Optimus 510 Vaporizer

atmos optimus 510 vaporizer

Simply load the liquid into the tank, screw it tightly to the battery, then unlock the battery by quickly pressing the button 5 times in a row. After unlocking the vaporizer, activate the heating element by holding the power button and gently inhaling the steam for 3-8 seconds, depending on the intensity of the steam that you want to get. The most optimal time for e-juices is 3-5 seconds and 5-8 seconds for essential oils.

Vaping Experience

The amount of vapor, produced by this rather inexpensive device is very impressive. The draw is easy and decent just a seconds away after turning the device on. However, thick oils can take more time to heat up, and it can be not too easy to rip. As for a standard device, it brings significantly dense clouds of vapor without overheating and burning your mouth or irritating your throat. The flavor is intense on the intake, with a decent throat hit (which also depends on what kind of liquid or oil you use). All in all, the amount of vapor and its quality are perfectly balanced. Clouds are smooth and good enough for those who just want to occasionally relax and have some herb oil, or for those who have been looking for an ideal vape pen for everyday use on the go. It’s better than a typical E-Cig, but if you want some strong and adjustable vapor, Atmos Optimus 510 might not reach your experience expectations.

Using the Vaporizer

Comparing with other Atmos devices (for instance, Atmos Optimus X), we think that Atmos Optimus 510 is one of the best vaporizers among the brand’s bestsellers. The quality is very high, and while testing it, we did not experience any problems with device transportation in the pocket. But we recommend using a special transportation case if you will carry it with you every day. With all this in mind, we think that Atmos Optimus 510 is a high-quality product that should be worth buying. If you vape a lot, the cartridge will be useless nearly in a week or so. Even though, it is super easy to just buy and screw on the new one without having to worry about the coil replacement and stuff like that. You can also use different cartridges with a 510 thread each time, depending which one you like the best and what kind of material you’ve packed inside of them. It does have an automatic shut-off in 10 seconds, so it’s better to vape it or to put it out, otherwise, you’ll have to turn it on and reheat each time.

Atmos Optimus 510 Specifications

Battery Capacity: 650 mAh
Oil Cartridge Capacity: 1.6 mL
Heat-up time: 5 seconds
Power source: Rechargeable battery
Delivery method: direct draw
Voltage: 110V
Size: 5.5 inches long
Colors: Black, White, Silver, Purple, Pink, Green, Orange, Blue


The Positives

  • Clear tank construction: transparent cartridge to monitor the amount of product remaining in the chamber
  • Quick: the heating element offers a fast heating time
  • Compact and small, aesthetically pleasing perfect for vaping while you go

The Negatives

  • No additional cartridges in the kit
  • Overheating: the unit gets hot very soon
  • No wall charger
  • No temperature control

Closing Thoughts

Atmos Optimus 510 pen is designed with a transparent cartridge to show you the remaining contents in its chamber. This way you clearly know how much oil or e-juice you have left and it gives you time to make sure you always have your pen ready when you want.

The safety of this pen is not an issue because it’s so stylish and comfy to keep it in a carrying case that is added in a kit. This vape pen does not allow to use waxes and dry herbs. Also, sometimes it gets very hot as it’s pretty close to the heating chamber. The tightest build ensures there’s no place for leaking no matter how it tosses and turns in your bag. As for other pros, we might add that you may choose one of the many available colors, thus having a unique Atmos Optimus 510 pen. At the same time, it is compatible with any other cartridge with 510 thread, so, again, ideal to be the all-in-one device.

Published: November 28, 2017Updated: August 30, 2022

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