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 A different approach to selling e-liquid, Vapor Liq is an online subscription service wherein subscribers get three 15ml bottles of e-liquid each month. What sets Vapor Liq apart from other similar services, however, is that users get a personalized batch of e-juice flavors based on preference.

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Who Are They?

Established in Los Angeles on October 2013, Vapor Liq was started by two friends who felt that the vaping world needs an e-liquid subscription service. Especially for those who do not have easy access to a broad range of brands and flavors. Since the area where Vapor Liq is located is teeming with e-juice start-ups, the two friends created the service to help vapers discover quality e-liquid from over thirty brands that they won’t usually have access to. Furthermore, Vapor Liq has its own sommeliers who curate and choose the flavors to send out based on each subscribers’ preferences.

How It Vapor Liq Subscription Works

When first signing up, users start by completing a Personal Flavor Profile that roughly takes five minutes to complete. Users are asked to select the type of equipment they use, whether it be cartomizers, genesis-style tanks, or rebuildables. Then users are then asked which flavors they prefer such as fruits, drinks, desserts, tobacco, candy, and whether they like menthol or not. OF course, nicotine levels are also chosen with 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, or 18mg options available.

Once that is done, users submit payment information and Vapor Liq will pick three e-liquid flavors based on your preferences. The only package so far is for three 15ml bottles at $29.95 a month. Shipping if free, which makes it a great deal. However, whether Vapor Liq adds more packages in the future remains to be seen.

Once payment information is received, users vape the flavors as normal then provide feedback to let the people at Vapor Liq know which ones you like. Your comments, combined with the Personal Flavor Profile, will further customize the e-liquid flavors you will receive each month.

What You Get

After filling out your Personal Flavor Profile and setting up payment, Vapor Liq sends out the first batch for the month within days. Users receive a sturdy box with the Vapor Liq brand. Inside, you get a welcome card, some stickers, and the packaging slip. The bottles are individually wrapped in paper and bubble wrap to ensure they do not get knocked around too much. A glass pipette is also included. Packaging straw further protects the contents from getting damaged in-transit.

E-liquids are usually chosen from the many brands the company has partnered with, so bottles may vary. Some may come in round glass bottles while other may arrive in squarish plastic ones. Whichever bottle a brand used, though, Vapor Liq ensures that each bottle reaches you safely.

Is It Worth It?

At $29.95, users get three 15ml bottles of e-liquid from only the finest brands. Vapor Liq prides itself on its strict quality control, so users are assured of only getting high quality and the best tasting e-juice available. The overall price makes each 15ml bottle roughly $10 each, which is an excellent deal. Whether the surprise one gets from the flavors that arrive is good or bad, though, depends on the user.

If you are the type who only wants specific flavors from specific brands, then Vapor Liq is not for you. However, if you are open to experimenting with various brands and flavors; and enjoy the convenience of having e-liquid delivered to your doorstep, then Vapor Liq is worth it.

Published: October 22, 2015


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