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Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil
Zilis CBD Ultra Cell
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  • Size: 30 mL
  • Total CBD: 500 mg
  • Serving Size: 16.7 mg

UltraCell is water-soluble and has up to 94 percent bioavailability. Also, one of the benefits is it is organically sourced and pet-frien...

Zilis UltraCBG
Zilis CBD UltraCBG
  • Size: 30 mL
  • Total CBG: 60 mg
  • Serving Size: 2 mg
Zilis CBD Hemp Oil UltraCell Topical
Zilis CBD Ultra Cell Topical
  • Size: 60 g
  • Increases Skin Elasticity
  • Organic and Safe

Their Products and Customer Benefits

zilis brand

This company is based out of Argyle, a small town located north of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Steven and Angie Thompson founded the company. Together, they have two decades of experience working in the wellness and direct sales industries. Their company sells CBD and CBD-free products. Their CBD products are oils, and topicals contain full-spectrum CBD. Also, their CBD-free options contain CBG and their proprietary formula Mimetix.

Zilis CBD uses multi-level marketing to get their wares out on the market. Entrepreneurs or people who want to make money on the side can become sales associates of this company by agreeing to market and sell their product. This company’s other benefits include quick processing of orders and efficient delivery. A good advantage is an access to live support via phone or email.

Top Zilis CBD Products

#1 Zilis Ultra Cell CBD Oil

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UltraCell is water-soluble and has up to 94 percent bioavailability. Also, one of the benefits is it is organically sourced and pet-friendly. The UltraCell oil is rich in full-spectrum CBD (500 mg) and phytocannabinoids. It has terpenes, flavonoids, and fatty acids. UltraCell CBD oil meets all federal guidelines for hemp, and it contains less than 0.3 percent THC. They are perfect help for those wanting to improve their overall health and well-being, alleviating symptoms of stress, anxiety, and other medical conditions and disorders.

UltraCell CBD oil is full-spectrum hemp oil that comes in three flavors:

  • Lemon
  • Berry
  • Raw

Use this full-spectrum hemp oil by placing it under the tongue and allow it to absorb for 60 seconds.

#2 Zilis UltraCBG

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CBG is the foundational compound for cannabinoids. It causes an entourage effect that provides several key health benefits:

  • Better endocannabinoid system health
  • Improved digestion
  • Increased circulation

Each bottle contains 60 mg of CBG and 150 mg of hemp oil. This full-spectrum oil is flavored with exotic hibiscus extract to increase its palatability. This oil is for people who want to improve their endocannabinoid, digestive, and circulatory health. Shake the bottle, and then place the oil under the tongue with a dropper and allow 60 seconds for it to absorb.

#3 Zilis CBD Hemp Oil UltraCell Topical

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They make topical hemp creams. They are useful for treating skin ailments like acne and eczema. It comes in mini and two-ounce jars that can last a long time if used correctly. Each jar contains a quality blend of full-spectrum hemp extract, black pepper, ginger root, and other essential oils. Apply a pea-sized amount of the ointment to the area needing attention and rub it in. Larger amounts can be used if the inflamed area is extensive.

#4 Zilis UltraBurn

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This is a unique weight-loss supplement. It contains fat-burning ingredients. They are phenylethylamine, green coffee extract, cinnamon, and their proprietary ingredient Mimetix. The oil also includes a blend of other naturally occurring herbs, oils, and extracts. This blend of ingredients helps to increase the body’s metabolism so it can:

  • Burn fat
  • Increase energy levels
  • Suppress appetite

This product is for those who live active lifestyles and want to maintain their waistline or burn excess pounds. Use this oil by first shaking the bottle and placing the drops beneath the tongue. Take it before breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

#5 Zilis Ultra Ice

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UltraIce is similar to UltraCell. It has a mix of curcumin and other anti-inflammatories. Of course, it includes their proprietary Mimetix formula. This combination helps to support and promote effective and balanced body systems. It also has high bioavailability, so that as much of it as possible can get into the body. This item:

  • Contains Mimetix
  • Is hemp free
  • Has tree-peak curcuminoids

Use this oil by placing the drops beneath the tongue. Allow 60 seconds for them to absorb before swallowing

#6 Zilis UltraEdge

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UltraEdge is a cognitive support oil. It can help to enhance mental productivity and physical productivity. It has a blend of nootropics, and it is infused with the company’s proprietary Mimetix formula. This oil is useful for improving:

  • Mental acuity
  • Performance
  • Cognition

Every milliliter of this oil contains all the necessary ingredients needed to excel at home, work, or anywhere else, for that matter. This product is for those who want to increase their mental potential and get the edge they need to get the most out of the day.

#7 Zilis UltraDream

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UltraDream contains a natural blend of sleep aids, including GABA, melatonin, and Mimetix. This synergistic combination of high-quality ingredients helps users get to sleep and stay asleep. UltraDream does not contain CBD. But it can be combined with UltraCell CBD oil to increase relaxation. This Ultra product is useful for people who have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep. Shake the bottle before using it, and then administer the oil before bedtime. It a great option if you need help to get sleep.

What Does it Take to Become a Zilis Ambassador?

Consumers cannot buy directly from Zilis Ultra company. Instead, all of their products are sold by independent members of their sales team. They call “ambassadors.” The company is entirely dependent on them to get their products to the public. Anyone can be part of their sales team. To become an ambassador, click the “join now” icon on their website. Also, be sure to mention how you found out about their site. Especially if another ambassador told you about them.

Zilis CBD Oil Delivery

Zilis ships all of its orders within three business days. If an item is not available, the customer or the ambassador will be notified. Items temporarily unavailable will be shipped as soon as possible, usually within ten days from when the order was placed. All orders are shipped via UPS or USPS.

Zilis CBD Oil Discount

Coupon Birds has a code on their website that allows the customer to save 20 percent off the purchase and get free shipping, too.

Potential ambassadors have to pay a $99 fee to enroll in the company’s training program. However, thanks to their Patriot Program, this enrollment fee is waived for veterans.

Zilis CBD Oil Lab Test Results and Consumer Experience

Zilis has lab results available that can be accessed by scanning the QR code on the product label. Scanning the code will send the customer a link. Click on the link, and the screen will show all of the information about the bottle.

Zilis has a profile with the Better Business Bureau, and they have received only four complaints regarding their service in the past 12 months. These complaints were about advertising and sales and problems with the product and the company’s service.

On the plus side, though, they post their address and phone number on their website. So customers and ambassadors can resolve their problems with the help of live support as quickly as possible.

The Competitors


kannaway brand

Kannaway was an early pioneer in the cannabis business. It was one of the first publicly traded cannabis companies. Kannaway has a long history of innovation, and its product line reflects that. It offers its customers an ample product line. It is filled with such things as CBD-infused shampoos, body lotions, salves, and edible products. The company also has a line on other nutrients and cannabinoids as it also markets several other important hemp extracts like CBN and CBG.


thecbdistillery brand

CBDistillery was one of the first cannabis companies to be established in the state of Colorado. It still has its home there, and it is a company dedicated to bringing CBD to the world. The company has an extensive product line. It includes such products as oils, softgel capsules, lotions, gummies, and pure CBD isolate for users to make their own CBD products at home. The brand offers fast shipping and great value and features many educational posts on its website.

Final Words about Zilis CBD Oil

Zilis CBD Oil has a fine line of products that perform functions like improving cognitive function, helping users get to sleep, burning fat, and improving overall health. Additionally, there are a lot of opportunities to be had from becoming an ambassador for the company. There is much to like about this company in terms of their inventory, but some areas need improvement.

To our knowledge, the website makes no mention of where they get their CBD, nor does it mention anything about the extraction methods they use. Also, while it is possible to look at the lab tests by scanning the label’s QR code, none of the lab tests are on the site itself. The customer or ambassador cannot see the lab tests before making a purchase. If Zilis put this information on their website, it would no doubt raise customer trust.


  • CBD and CBD-free products
  • Opportunities for becoming a company ambassador
  • Programs for veterans


  • The site needs more info about its products
Published: January 25, 2021 Updated: January 25, 2021

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