The Review of Seven Best RDA Vapes – Rebuildable Atomizers You’ll Love

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Are you searching for just maximum flavor or gargantuan clouds or maybe even for both? No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, this guide will provide you with the best possible list of RDA vapes.

What follows is a quick description of seven of the best RDA Atomizer selections currently on the market. You will also find their characteristics, easiness of use, and main functions. In short, if you’re seeking the best possible overall vaping experience should look no further.

What is an RDA?

A regular atomizer that has a reservoir for your e-juice that’s fed to the coil for vaporization. However, RDA vapes need you to drip e-juice continuously. This might sound a lot of unnecessary hassle to beginners, but many old vaping hands love them for their customizability.

RDA Ideal for Price
Geekvape Tsunami Cloud chasing/expert vapers $26.95
Mutation X V5 Convenient, hassle-free vaping $26.95
Goon by 528 Custom Intense flavor $55.95
Wotofo Troll V2 New vapers $24.95
Authentic Freakshow RDA Single coil builds $18.97
Mutation XS Mini Vaping on a budget $19.95
Kennedy 24mm High-end vaping $109.99

Seven Best RDA vapes

1. Geekvape Tsunami RDA vape

This RDA vape is all about exquisite flavor and massive clouds. The Geekvape Tsunami does an excellent job on what really matters when it comes to the vaping experience: Favor & Clouds. It keeps things simple for the user. It also provides a velocity-style deck making it extremely easy to build when you compare it to other atomizers.

There are those that prefer to paint their juice while others rather just drip their juice. The Geekvape Tsunami is customizable enough to cater to each class’s vaping needs. Apart from that, when closing out the airflow, it could get noisy at times. That is something you need to keep in mind.

The design offers different drip-tips, the fluent airflow system, the rectangular shaped holes. Its adaptability put it up there as one of the major colossal cloud producers on the market. It does this without losing its edge in the excellent flavor provided simultaneously. This combination makes it a one of a kind product and definitely worth consideration of a user’s purchase.

2. Mutation X V5 RDA

The Mutation X V5 is a high-end atomizer that distinguishes itself from the pack. It’s good when it comes to airflow holes. This RDA packs an amazing 20 air holes of dynamic sizing following specific design patterns. As a result, it generate one of the best air flow experiences on the market.

This unit has a large deck alongside a perfectly placed insulator that allows for the generation of profound juice flows. This creates one of the best flavor experiences anyone could live through via a vaporizer.

When using the Mutation X V5 most vapers tries to verify that there are no burs on the post holes. Furthermore, make sure that the black finish underneath the top of the seam is on point. It should show no sign of wear.

When it comes to compatibility, the Mutation X V5 is highly flexible in accepting single and dual coil builds. This allows for the perfect build to create mammoth clouds in a single use without sacrificing any flavor performance.

3. Goon RDA by 528 Custom RDA

The Goon RDA is an exclusive vape that strives for nothing less than greatness. It mainly tries to avoid leaks. It’s highly flexible when it comes to housing capacity. This is thanks to a revolutionizing and unique deck design. It goes all without sacrificing quality of service towards the vaping experience.

The highlight of this unit is to create juice flavors unrivaled by its competitors. It mainly focuses on creating a unique taste that just blows you away. Your sensitive taste buds will immediately recognize the awesome feeling of taste once you vape. This will just give you that right feeling of just wanting more and more. It truly is a special unit.

This RDA unit has many different parts and pieces to it when it comes to building it up. If you don’t do the build process correctly, it might lead to unwanted results. It’s one of the more complex builds to own, so not an ideal choice for beginners.

The unit allows you to vape with a sense of self-confidence. You do it knowing that this top-notch quality atomizer provides excellent airflow and precise diameter measurements. This emphatically avoids leaking, and high-end design for user comfort.

4. Wotofo Troll V2 RDA

They focus the Wotofo Troll V2 unit on applying technological advancements to its modern design from its predecessor. In fact, it carries not just one, but two individual and adjustable airflow. As a result, it helps to create a ridiculously adaptable vaping experience. This is also because the unit makes itself compatible with a high quantity of mods currently on the market.

This design also allows for multi airflow configurations so you won’t feel left out. This can be either vertical or horizontal strictly based on your preference.

Some people might see the fact that the unit does not have a single coil option as a downside. It might be somewhat limited in that sense but we think that for the most part, it’s fine. We think that because it offers dual coils, that makes it true to its design and overall performance.

What makes this unit unique is its highly customizable features. As a result, it’s one of the best possible vaping experiences that the market can currently offer. They do this at a considerably reasonable price for the quality of service.

5. Authentic Freakshow RDA

This is an RDA for those well-informed vapers. It also offers a highly competitive price on the market. Therefore, it is one of the most affordable vapes out there as we speak. It comes in multiple uniquely coated versions for all different likings. Additionally, it has a wide variety of characteristics and features that make it distinguish itself from the crowd.

The unit boasts an air flow control that redirects airflow from the bottom up. This is with regards to the deck as the access point. Then, it goes through the either single or dual coil builds to form ginormous yet flavor heavy clouds. The vaporizer design allows it to be a three ring piece deck. This is with the heatsink fins on the top cap for a top-of-the-line juice flavor creation.

Some users might prefer to drip the juice without lifting the top cap off and paint their juice. They may find themselves with the juice flowing down into the channels. This causes certain challenges. This unit isn’t made for the masses. At times it could sacrifice convenience and swap it for the quality of vaping. This means flavor but it does that so good that it makes up for the bad parts.

It’s sturdy and well-built, allowing you to feel its quality from the first touch. It is available in copper, black, and authentic stainless steel coated covers. The Freakshow RDA is a wonderfully priced vaporizer right around the corner. And it’s waiting for the right user to come and put it to proper use.

6. Mutation XS Mini RDA

This atomizer falls in just the right marketplace of the “mini” versions of quality vaporizers. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that the “mini” would take anything away from its performance.

It’s the other way around. The “mini” actually compliments its powerful features by maintaining the same level of quality vaping. It boasts a compact design for those looking for a highly portable version of vaporizers.

A feature to take note of is that the top cap slips off easily if not careful. When adjusting it, or lifting it for further use, it might feel like it could use more tension.

Otherwise, the single deck design, adjustable airflow, extra air holes, and stainless-steel finish makes this an awesome RDA. Do not hesitate in taking one of these for the ride of your life!

7. Kennedy RDA

They consider the Kennedy RDA vaporizer one of the most competitive atomizers on the scene. Competitive, how? Well, it features superior airflow that feeds itself from the bottom end of the bearing. It has top-notch vaping processing characteristics such as an extra bulky build deck. The unit is for those seeking for larger builds with the goal of enormous and extended cloud production.

This guy is robust, resilient, and made to last a lifetime. The design tries to keep it simple for the end user. It tries to avoid complications in what the vaping experience should really be. Also, you can’t forget about the juicy flavor that it delivers. As a result, it doesn’t slack in that department.

The only catch of this unit is not even flavor or cloud production related. It’s with regards to its pricing. This machine is so competitive that its price reflects the top-level quality offered by such a vaporizer. It’s one of the most expensive atomizers on the market. As a result, it may cause some interested buyers to hesitate.

In conclusion, this all-around RDA has plenty of benefits. It’s considerable in size allowing for excellent airflow distribution leading to the generation of enormous clouds. It has a deep juice well for less refills and for splendid flavor in taste. The unit also has a perfectly designed stainless steel exterior coat giving it startling optics.


Do you have the money and are in search of a high-level vaping experience? Make sure you look no further. I guarantee that you’ll find what you were looking for while exceeding your expectations.

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