UPENDs Breaks Through with the Stylish, Elegant UpBAR GT


by Christina Matthews

Updated: January 5, 2023


The UpBAR GT is a well-made, advanced technology vape that is also the introduction of the UPENDs brand to the global vaping market. UPENDs is a recognized vaping brand in China, based in the capital of vaping, Shenzhen, but it has not made any inroads into other markets until now. The UpBAR GT is a disposable vape that borrows heavily from futuristic automobile designs with its sharp lines, bright colors, and clean, buttonless exterior.

What is the UpBAR GT?

The UpBAR GT is a next-generation disposable, pod-based vape with draw activation, so it has a clean, smooth exterior. What sets it apart from other disposable vapes is the high-quality build materials, which are also sustainably sourced from recycled materials. The coil inside the pre-filled UpBAR GT uses an all-ceramic mesh coil with a resistance of 1.4 ohms.

The GT is draw-activated and designed to offer a pleasing mouth-to-lung experience. The internal pod can hold 2 ml of a nicotine salt solution, which also comes in a variety of thirty different flavors, ranging from traditional Tobacco and Ice Mint to more flavorful blends like White Peach Tea and Vanilla Custard Chocolate.

The one outstanding feature of the UpBAR GT is the revolutionary pod design. It boasts a leak-proof build and a next-generation design to decrease condensation to extend the pod’s life, which, as it stands, can last for up to 600 puffs. The pod is not refillable, but it has a transparent design to check your e-juice levels, even while it is installed.

How Will the UpBAR GT Affect the Market?

The UpBAR GT is a breakthrough in vaping technology since it takes the standard mesh coil design and takes it to the next level. The R&D department at UPENDs spent years perfecting the advanced design of the coil so it could:

  • Increase cloud production
  • Increase flavor
  • Increase energy efficiency

The next-generation pod design improves the vaping experience on all levels. Product engineers addressed all vapers’ complaints about pod devices, like burnt hits, low vapor production, and leaky pods. The pod uses a Tesla-based design for the bottom of the pod, which has two layers of silicone to prevent leaks.

The V-shaped grille interior of the pod also helps the cotton wick absorb more e-juice by funneling air away from the wick and providing better cloud production. The UpBAR GT has set a new bar for other pod manufacturers to reach since the new UPENDs device has changed the game for pod-based disposables.

Pre-filled pod devices are typically cheap and poorly made and last for only a few hundred puffs. The UpBAR GT uses a new pod design to solve all those problems and has a never-before-seen exterior design that takes inspiration from high-performance racing and sports cars.

What the Public Says

The UPENDs brand is already known in Europe and Asia but has yet to be known in the US and North America. The new UpBAR GT should change all that since it is a familiar design concept for North American vapers who want a high-quality, portable, lightweight vape that makes excellent vapor, has great flavor, and does not leak.

The reaction on social media has been intense. UPENDs has been teasing the release of the UpBAR GT since the end of 2022 on Instagram and holding giveaways for vapers to win various flavors of the device. The brand has over 11,000 thousand followers and continues building its social media presence to reach new users.

Published: January 6, 2023

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